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The Red Green Show

Season 6 1996 - 1997

  • 1996-10-01T08:30:00+08:00 on CBC (CA)
  • 21 mins
  • 8 hours, 24 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Comedy

The Red Green Show is a Canadian television comedy that aired on various channels in Canada, with its ultimate home at CBC Television, and on PBS stations in the United States, from 1991 until the series finale April 7, 2006 on CBC. The Red Green Show is essentially a cross between a sitcom and a sketch comedy series, and is a parody of home improvement, do-it-yourself, fishing, and other outdoors shows (particularly The Red Fisher Show).

The show initially aired on CHCH Television in Hamilton, Ontario, before moving to CFPL-TV in London, Ontario for the third season. It then aired on the Global Television Network for three seasons before ending up at CBC for season seven onward.

24 episodes

6x01 The Science Fair

  • Season Premiere

    1996-10-01T08:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red Gives Harold unwanted help on his science project with disastrous results. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates how not to use a table saw. The Olympic Rings are featured on Adventures with Bill. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.

6x02 Sedgwick The Tenant

  • 1996-10-08T08:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Old Man Sedgwick moves into the Lodge causing Red and Harold considerable aggravation. Red turns a car into a fire truck. Bill does his circus Flying Walenda act. Albert Schultz guest stars.

6x03 The Driving Lesson

  • 1996-10-15T08:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Harold fails his driving test again and makes another wrong turn in getting help from Red. On Handyman Corner, Red makes an air hockey game out of 2 clothes dryers. Bill plays tennis.

6x04 The Tax Refund

  • 1996-10-22T08:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red's unexpected tax refund may be too good to be true. On Handyman Corner, a boat and trailer are converted into an amphibious car. Bill demonstrates his skills in the vineyard.

6x05 No Church

  • 1996-10-29T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

When the only Reverend leaves town, all church activities are transferred to the Lodge with disastrous results. On Handyman Corner, Red turns floor polishers into electric rollerblades. Bill takes Harold camping. Paul Gross guest stars as new Yuppie Lodge member, Kevin Black.

6x06 The Petting Zoo

  • 1996-11-05T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

An overpopulation of local forest animals leads Lodge Members to open a petting zoo, another hair brained idea. Red uses aquariums to put skylights into a van. Bill tries bungey jumping. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.

6x07 Good Government

  • 1996-11-12T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Lodge Members try to take advantage of their discovery that their political representative has been deceased for some time. Red uses steam to let out his pants. Bill tries his hand at darts. Paul Gross (Due South) guest stars.

6x08 The Poker Game

  • 1996-11-19T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red loses in the weekly poker game and develops tactics to get even. On Handyman Corner, Red builds a personal jetpack. Bill takes Harold apple picking. Albert Schultz guest stars as Arnie Dogan, local roofer and CW songwriter.

6x09 The Drill

  • 1996-11-26T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

The purchase of a cordless drill turns into a major shopping expedition. On Handyman Corner, Red converts a front wheel drive car into rear powered. Bill tires pole vaulting. On Men's Anonymous, Dalton brags about throwing something out.

6x10 Maxi Golf

  • 1996-12-03T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Lodge Members, banned from the local golf course, develop creative ways to play their favorite game. Red refinishes furniture on Handyman Corner. Bill demonstrates glass blowing.

6x11 Bernice's Birthday

  • 1996-12-10T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red has problems coming up with a last minute birthday present for the wife. The Possum van is in for a paint job on Handyman corner. Bill tires cooking over a campfire. Paul Gross and Gordon Pinsent guest star.

6x12 The Church Casino

  • 1996-12-17T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Lodge Members sneak off to the charity casino and have to find ways to hide all their winnings. Red converts a toolbox into a cooker. Bill takes Harold canoeing. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.

6x13 The House Raising

  • 1996-12-24T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Buster Hadfield's house burns down and Lodge Members try to raise a new one. Red ties to hang a door on Handyman corner. Bill shows off his high wire act.

6x14 The Love Boat

  • 1996-12-31T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Junior Singleton's love interest affects his participation in lodge activities. Red strips lawn furniture on Handyman Corner. Bill takes Harold backpacking. Winston gets lost and calls Possum 911 for help.

6x15 The Girlfriend

  • 1997-01-07T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Harold goes overboard after meeting his first girlfriend It's the Armchair Fisherman on Handyman Corner. Bill does his Tarzan act with hilarious results.

6x16 The New Lease

  • 1997-01-14T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red has to make a government presentation to renew the lodge lease. Beermaking is featured on Handyman Corner. Bill tries water-skiing. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.

6x17 The Baseball Tryouts

  • 1997-01-21T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red is upset when Harold beats him for a spot on the team. New uses for old record albums are demonstrated on Handyman Corner. Bill goes Go Karting. Albert Schultz guest stars.

6x18 30 Minutes Or Free

  • 1997-01-28T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red comes up with a low cost plan to cater the hockey banquet. On Handyman Corner, Red tries to install a winch on the front of the van. Bill and Harold assemble a log cabin.

6x19 Fund Raiser

  • 1997-02-04T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Lodge Members stage a fundraising fair to save the community center with the usual unexpected results. On Handyman Corner, Red invents a macrowave oven. Bill does some canning. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.

6x20 Real Estate

  • 1997-02-11T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Moose hires Red as his real estate agent. On Handyman Corner, Red uses a lawn mower to make a batting machine. Bill plays ping-pong with Harold.

6x21 The Stag Party

  • 1997-02-18T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

The lodge members hold a stag for Junior Singleton and nobody can find him on the wedding day. Red explains the merits of turning a freezer into a hot tub. Bill goes Hawaiian.

6x22 The Suits

  • 1997-02-25T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Harold sues Junior for hitting his bike and sets off a chain of litigation involving everyone at Possum Lake. Red demonstrates tire-retreading techniques. Bill flies model planes with Harold.

6x23 The High School Reunion

  • 1997-03-04T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red has a do-it-yourself makeover for the high school reunion. On Handyman Corner, Red shows us how to improve gas mileage. Bill pumps some iron.

6x24 Harold's Wheels

  • 1997-03-11T09:30:00+08:00 — 21 mins

Red gives Harold a car, which turns out to be more trouble than it is worth. On Handyman Corner, Red attempts to construct a mobile sports bar.