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The Rookie: Season 1

1x08 Time of Death

I like the idea of this episode. Even if I'd say the execution is overly dramatic and absurdly bureaucratic.
You should know taking a life as a cop is a likely possibility. Especially in the USA.
However, the "mistake" was cliché and predictable the moment Chen said "come with me".
It was unnecessary and just boring. Writing wise that is. Taking this down to a medicore episode and overall it's the worst of this season so far. I'd given this a 5 still but then we get this f**ked up cliffhanger until next episode in January.

It would have been good to end this episode the moment the brother takes Nolan out with the bat.
Bam. End of episode. Right there. That'd be great.

But this. This type of cliffhanger does not serve a purpose other than piss of the audience.
Breaking Bad all over again. Instant downvote for me.

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What happens when a police officer kills someone, I did not like the ending

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Unless this show has plans on being a one season thing, I think this forced situation at the end was a terrible choice.

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What the hell was that ending? It's obvious John will survive if he actually got shot, but I have a bad feeling that Lucy will get killed. She better not.

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