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    The Story of The London Underground

    • 1 mins

    Practical, egalitarian, efficient, popular, logical, organised and yet infuriating, maddening, and confusing it stands for everything modern life does in this great World capital. For most Londoners we have taken the Tube for granted for decades, a huge resource that links us to our work, friends, entertainment and to every facet of life in this City. It s the place the American Werewolf romped unfettered, it s the station at midnight that Paul Weller immortalised, we are all in the army Gary Numan enlisted, we think of Gerry Rafferty as we rattle through Baker Street and we know those Sliding Doors. When you hear that distant rumble it really is London calling. The tube is the string that ties London and Londoners together. And I ve come to the very end of the line to illustrate what I mean, to show the importance of the Underground to our history, our lives and our culture. This is just a small example of the many ways the tube has played a really important part in the lives of Londoners. Historian and author Robin Bextor follows the story behind its construction on the way to becoming the first underground system on this planet. This film also questions why the Tube is the way it is, how it affects our lives and how it has changed over the years.

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