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The Strain: Season 2

2x07 The Born

Scenes with Zach annoying as usual, so were the scenes with Palmer and his secretary, introduction of that new hunter was rather good, although overly dramatic but the gore effects were nice.
The show offbetween master and him was awful and typically The Strain-absurd.
What the hell was the dynamite supposed to do? How did Fet know where the others would be that he knew where to put the dynamite? How to find them directly after the explosion?
Why did that hunter not jump over the little pile of ceiling after the explosion? Questions over questions.

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Another mediocre episode of a mediocre TV show, but for some reason I keep watching. Not much to like here - the hunter character was the only good thing about this episode.

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At every possible opportunity, everyone in this show makes the wrong decision. In every conceivable way, they are unthinking dicks. Fet and Goodweather are just no holds barred idiots. The kid is just a horrid little turd.

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The grossest thing on the show is this french woman. I mean seriously, ew.

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