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The Terror: Season 1

1x02 Gore

Very thrilling new episode. The show is setting up its mystery very well. Can't wait how it unfolds.

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This episode showed a vast improvement on the pacing front. Combined with the tangible introduction of a new danger and some growing familiarity with the main characters (and an increasing ability to tell them apart), the end result was that this episode was much more enjoyable than the pilot. Perhaps some higher-ups at AMC agreed with me and made the conscious decision to air these two episodes back-to-back for that reason. If so, it was a smart move.

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I enjoy keeping a journal about things I've watched or read. I've been leaving reviews for years on Letterboxd, which is largely for movies. That site has turned into just another snarky, quippy social media outlet so I'm looking at Trakt as a possible option.

What I'm finding is that with TV shows, it's really odd to try and comment about each episode. Most TV shows have continuing story arcs and it seems difficult to comment and rate each episode, perhaps because it may center around a specific character or story development that I may be more or less interested in.

If the show were an anthology like the Twilight Zone or even one with the occasional monster-of-the-week story (like the X-Files), comments or reviews of an episode would make much more sense. Commenting on a series with a long story arc seems like an invitation for either spoilers or vague descriptions. Perhaps a 1-to-10 rating for each episode is enough.

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The atmosphere is killing me...
Those poor men. It just get's worse and worse.

Now we have real Horror. Not just Ice.
Also a Monster. Creepy.
And the weather. Boy, they got lucky to not get hit.
This would kill you.

I wouldn't want to be out there...
So alone, sorounded by ice and... Nothing at all.

Seeing Crozier walk between those ships... ugh.
You must have nightmares after this!

The Lady has arrived...

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Things start to twist, things go slowly but surely, we will continue to see

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