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Season Premiere

The Tribe: Season 5

5x01 Episode 1

  • 2003-03-14T11:00:00Z on Channel 5 (UK)
  • 30 mins
  • New Zealand
  • English
  • Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction

The Mall Rats celebrate their victory over the Technos, as Ram worries about what will happen to him after being left at a trash dump. Ebony goes hysterical as the image of Zoot continues haunting her. Mega and Java agree that their plans are going along as they planned. Two Technos, Wizard and Stats, escape from custody and decide to kidnap Salene so they could trade her for Ram. A man named Slade finds Ram and drives away with his body. Sammy continues using Paradise. The Mall Rats realize that Salene, Dee, Patch and Tai-San are missing. Siva is worried about Lex's interest in Tai-San. Lex wants info on Tai-San from Java, but doesn't get an answer he was looking for. The power goes out in the city, as a raging Mega realizes that Ram set up a password he doesn't know. He goes to find Ram, only to learn that he is no longer where he left him. Ebony is shaken up, thinking that the worse is yet to come. Trudy comforts Ebony as she explains that she had seen Zoot. May returns to the Mall and informs her friends about Salene's kidnapping.