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The Unexplained Files

All Episodes 2013 - 2014

  • Ended
  • Science Channel
  • 2013-08-28T00:00:00Z
  • 60 mins
  • 13 hours, 52 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Mystery, Documentary
Strange sightings in the sky, mysterious disappearances, strangely terrifying creatures and reports of real UFO encounters. The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world's most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown. All of these mysterious phenomena come from credible sources and are accompanied either with some form of primary evidence or multiple witnesses, whose trembling accounts take us on a mysterious journey that ends truly unexplained. In this bizarre, but factual world we discover that seeking explanations often leads to even more compelling questions.

19 episodes

1x01 Valentich & Texas Blue Dogs

  • Series Premiere

    2013-08-28T21:00:00Z — 41 mins

Valentich - In one of the great unexplained mysteries of aviation, pilot Fred Valentich and his light aircraft disappeared without a trace from the skies above southern Australia in 1978. His final words, describing his terrifying encounter: "it's above me and it's not an aircraft"; then a mysterious metallic sound. After this moment Valentich and his plane were never seen again. Is this evidence of UFO contact? In a TV first we hear the actual audio of Valentich's final moments. Texas Blue Dogs - Since 2004 bizarre, hairless, blue-eyed and hunch-backed creatures have invaded Texas, attacking and mutilating livestock. They've been caught on camera and turned up as road kill – and one is even stuffed and mounted. Now there is evidence they are breeding and their population is set to explode. Scientists are mystified, the authorities are in denial. What are they?

Livestock Mutilation - Around the world horses and cattle have been found dead, drained of blood, with organs surgically removed. An investigator studies the grisly phenomenon of recent mutilations in Colorado, examining increasingly extraordinary and extra-terrestrial suspects before coming up against evidence pointing to a disturbing government conspiracy. Curse of the Ice Mummy - Thirteen years after his discovery of a Neolithic mummy in the Alps the body of German hiker Helmut Simon is found after an extensive search - his body face down in a stream. Eerily, the position he is found in mirrors the exact position of the Mummy he found in the ice an unlucky thirteen years before. This is just the beginning - seven more premature and unexpected deaths of others physically connected to the mummy are soon discovered and the belief in the curse of the ice mummy takes hold.

1x03 Freaky Fires & Ghost Yacht

  • 2013-09-11T21:00:00Z — 42 mins

Freaky Fires - In 2004, in a small village in northern Sicily, ordinary household items like televisions, couches and wardrobes suddenly begin exploding and bursting into flames, seemingly at random. The Government investigates, and even the Pope intervenes. But with no official explanation for the damaging fires, locals are left wondering if their village could be under attack from extra-terrestrial warfare or from the Devil himself. Ghost Yacht - Three friends go sailing ... and vanish without trace - their catamaran left drifting like a ghost ship 88 miles off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The disappearance of the men defies rational explanation. Aboard the boat there are no apparent signs of struggle and items appear untouched- a full cup of coffee and an open running laptop are left undisturbed. Could a UFO seen nearby on that same day in 2007 have anything to do with it?

Argentina UFO - Joaquin V Gonzalez, a small town in Argentina seems to attract UFOs. A local mayor has recorded hundreds of UFOs over 20 years. In 1995 one crashes into a nearby mountain range- local pilot Tony Galvagno and his friends locate the crash site but are barred from investigating further. In 2009, 200 witnesses see a brilliant white shining craft in the sky. Some onlookers manage to take photos of it before the town is plunged into darkness. The power outage stretches over a 120-mile area and lasts for over 12 hours. Could alien visitors really be targeting the town? And if so, why? Mothman - In 2009 a strange creature is seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Witnesses describe it as 6-7 feet tall with red eyes and a giant wingspan. 50 years earlier over a hundred witnesses saw the creature in the town just before the collapse of the Silver River bridge over the Ohio - a tragedy resulting in the deaths of 46 people. Does the return of the "Mothman" mean another tragedy will beset the town? Morgellon's Disease - 15,000 people across the world suffer from a strange disease that officially does not even exist. Sufferers report horrific skin lesions, a sensation that insects are crawling under their skin, and unidentifiable multicolored fibers that sprout from their bodies. They call it Morgellon's Disease, but no one agrees what it is, where it came from and how to cure it.

Alien Rain - Sri Lanka 2012. A fireball in the sky is followed days later by a mysterious downpour of red rain. During the search for a rational explanation investigators find evidence of strange living cells with no earthly comparison. Is this the evidence of alien life that the world has been waiting for? Carolina Beach Boom - May 2009 in Cape Fear, NC, Mike Hussey is disturbed by an earth-shattering sound that rumbles the ground around him. He rushes out into the street to find his neighbors scared and confused by the mysterious noise. But this is only the start - these strange booms are still heard in the town today. What's going on? Earthquakes? Secret military maneuvers? Or something even stranger? Locals speculate alien involvement. Voynich Manuscript - An ancient document hundreds of years old but discovered in a Jesuit library centuries later, it has been described as 'the world's most mysterious manuscript.' It iss written in an unknown language that remains undeciphered, adorned with drawings of bizarre plants that don't exist on earth, and stars and planets unlike anything in the night sky. Academics are baffled. What is this mysterious manuscript? Who wrote it and what secrets does it hide?

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Oklahoma, February 2013 - a man is reduced to a pile of ashes in his own home. Bizarrely, fire investigators find no fire damage around him. Is he the latest victim of spontaneous human combustion? While investigators tackle the question, Frank Baker, demands explanations for the horrifying phenomenon that has put him through the terror of catching fire three times without any known cause. Carlos de los Santos - Pilot Carlos de los Santos is en route to Mexico City Airport, when he is suddenly surrounded by three UFOs. Carlos is terrified as the silver discs seem to disable his aircraft, then raise it to a high altitude, threatening a fatal stall. Carlos regains control when the strange objects suddenly dart off to a volcano at inconceivably high speeds, completing aerial maneuvers that were unheard of at the time. Investigation proves that Carlos was neither drunk nor drugged – and the actual 18-minute recording of his desperate Mayday call to the airport attests to his genuine panic. But it is first time testimony from a radar operator that proves beyond a doubt Carlos' plane was being "buzzed" by UFOs...

2x01 The Real Exorcist and Elk Extinction

  • Season Premiere

    2014-07-29T21:00:00Z — 60 mins

A look into the experience that inspired the movie The Exorcist; more than 100 elk are found dead, but the cause is a mystery.

Alien Skull: In Peru a tiny skeleton resists medical explanation. Is it a missing link in human evolution? Or proof of extra-terrestrial contact? Baltic Sea Anomaly: Wreck detectives ind a huge disc twice the size of a football field on the seabed.

2x03 Paranormal Highway of America

  • 2014-08-12T21:00:00Z — 43 mins

Ex Deputy Sheriff Chuck Zukowski has been investigating phenomena across Middle America for 25 years. Now he spots a pattern: eye-witness reports of UFOs along the 37th degree parallel, the 3000 mile long line that runs through the heart of the U.S.

The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery - three lighthouse keepers all disappear. How can three people vanish from a tiny island without a trace? Aleshenka - A Russian Police Captain is shocked to be handed what looks like a mummified alien baby.

Adamski Alien Abduction - A dead body mysteriously appears as if it has fallen from the sky. Could this be Britain’s first case of alien abduction? Mexican Chupacabras - in Mexico, hundreds of vampire-like attacks leave livestock drained of their blood.

Bosnian Pyramids - An amateur archaeologist, claims he has uncovered five gaint pyramids in Bosnia. Russian Serpent - For centuries, strange reports of a large, underwater creature have come from people living near the remote Lake Labynkyr in Siberia.

Are UFOs targeting sensitive nuclear weapons sites? If so, why? Across the globe senior military personnel witness UFOs above nuclear weapons bases, and in some cases UFOs are reported to shut down nuclear missiles.

Lost Giants: In Borjami Valley a team of experts uncover bones they believe belong to a human over 9 feet tall. Bridge of Death: The 19th century gothic Overtoun Bridge in Scotland appears to be haunted, causing dogs to jump to their death.

2x09 Mysteries at 30,000 Feet

  • 2014-09-23T21:00:00Z — 43 mins

Alleged encounters between UFOs and airplanes are examined.

Possible zombies in Haiti are examined; patients report strange experiences after receiving life-saving transplants.

A reform school allegedly haunted by shadow people is examined. Also: reports of miracles at Medjugorje.

From dragons to the Loch Ness Monster, mythical beasts have infiltrated many cultures. Is global warming creating conditions to help sea creatures breed?