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This Is Us: Season 1

1x06 Career Days

I was cringing so much during Randall's song that I actually had to take off my earplugs

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The best relationship of this show is Jack and Randall's!!
It's going to be interesting seeing a meet between Kate and Rebecca.

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I got on tears when Randall told he doesn't what to vê different. He's so cute and special

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This episode got me in tears by when it ended

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Seriously going to have 22 episodes? I should have been about 15, to maintain quality.

Katy's brother sucks, he does not know what actor has to do lab and he can not even get a feeling in the lines of his play.

Is so much feeling <3

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Wow, that little kid who played Randall was fantastic! I teared up watching him trying so hard not to be different.
But the whole Olivia scenes were disappointing. It felt recycled to have this type of character, and it was especially weird and awkward to see them having sex at a wake and then use this as motivation for a grief scene. He's an actor and not being able to sleep with a woman anymore after one quickie is a really weird motivator for a grief scene. Him going to the wake and being reminded of his dad should've been good and sufficient enough. The sex seemed completed unnecessary.

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