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This Is Us: Season 1

1x09 The Trip

this show should come with a tissue warning! Another great episode, i honestly don't know how the writers can pull it off each week to have us laugh and almost into tears...and see all the sides of the story and struggling..really hope it can have a season 2

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Definitely one of the best episodes so far. So strong, heartbreaking but sweet at the same time.

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Great episode!
The scene of Jack doing the push-ups with Randall in his back was so beautiful!
And Randall can be upset, but I like that in the end he didn't just accuse his mother of ruining his life, he understood that she also suffered from the decision she made.

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youre lying if u say u didnt cry with this episode im so emotional. mandy moore was barely in this episode but she rocked it

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That scene with Rebecca and William broke my heart. The way he got so excited suddenly and wanted his son to visit him and have sleepovers... It hit me right in the heart. I had tears in my eyes when he put the letter and Randall's picture in his little book called "Poems for my son" ;__;

I completely understand Rebecca's feelings and how scared she must have been that Randall might get taken away, but Randall is 36 now and she still never told him. That's something I would have a hard time to forgive her for, too. She could've told him when he turned 18 or 21. It also makes me a bit upset that Kevin and Kate don't seem to see it as a big deal. I actually want Randall to be angry for a while because it is a huge deal.

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