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This Old House

Season 8 1986 - 1987

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  • 1986-10-16T13:00:00Z on PBS
  • 30 mins
  • 13 hours, 0 mins (26 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary
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The Reading House; The Brimfield House; The Phoenix House

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26 episodes

8x01 The Reading House - 1

  • Season Premiere

    1986-10-16T13:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our host reviews last season's projects - including the popular ranch-home makeover - and introduces the new project: the renovation of a 40-year-old Cape-style home. Homeowners Claire and John tour the house and our master carpenter surveys the project.

8x02 The Reading House - 2

  • 1986-10-23T13:00:00Z — 30 mins

Architect Scott Finn goes over plans for renovating John and Claire's Cape-style home, and demolition and excavation begin. Richard Trethewey gives advice on plumbing and heating needs; and our host takes viewers on a tour of a 200-year-old Cape home.

8x03 The Reading House - 3

  • 1986-10-30T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

The mason arrives to work on the footings and foundation of John and Claire's Cape home. Our host then takes viewers to a high-tech concrete block factory. Our master carpenter starts framing the family room addition, and our host looks at the new windows the homeowners have selected. John and Claire start planning the interior design of the new addition, while the crew begins demolition of inside walls.

8x04 The Reading House - 4

  • 1986-11-06T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

The guys review progress on the Cape renovation, and then our master carpenter shows how to cut rafters and frame the roof, which is sheathhed with plywood.

8x05 The Reading House - 5

  • 1986-11-13T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our host reviews the progress to date on the renovation of John and Claire's Cape-style home. New windows are installed, and we turn our attention to the roof, where roofing paper, snow-and-ice shield, and shingles are applied.

8x06 The Reading House - 6

  • 1986-11-20T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Work on the Cape's mechanical systems begins, as rough plumbing, a central vacuuming system, and wiring for a new security system are installed. Our master carpenter starts the foundation for a new deck to be built at the back of the house, and the gas line is laid for the new heating system.

8x07 The Reading House - 7

  • 1986-11-27T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Homeowner John shows our host his expertise in the fine points of blueboard. Our master carpenter works on the foundation of the new desk, and the plumber pays a visit.

8x08 The Reading House - 8

  • 1986-12-04T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

We travel to the New Yankee Workshop to see work begin on custom cabinets for the Cape home, with assistance from a expert woodworker. Our host takes a side trip to admire old-fashioned kitchen cabinets in an antique home, and homeowner John demonstrates his plastering technique.

8x09 The Reading House - 9

  • 1986-12-11T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Custom-made kitchen cabinets are installed in John and Claire's home, and Claire turns her attention to the new bathroom, where she installs tiles. Our master carpenter works on interior trim.

8x10 The Reading House - 10

  • 1986-12-18T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our host takes a trip to see how the synthetic marble material for the new kitchen countertops is made. Plumbing fixtures are installed in the new bathroom; a lighting consultant pays a visit; and an energy-efficient hot water heater is installed. John and Claire visit a lighting supply store.

8x11 The Reading House - 11

  • 1986-12-25T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

The Cape receives new flooring and our host visits Sweeden to tour the factory where this do-it-yourself product is manufactured. The exterior of the house is stained.

8x12 The Reading House - 12

  • 1987-01-01T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Work on John and Claire's Cape home is completed. Interior designer Bette Rosenberg leads a tour the house, with its new kitchen featuring high-tech appliances, family room, upstairs bedrooms and bath.

8x13 The Brimfield House - 1

  • 1987-01-08T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

In search of inspiration for a vacation home, our host visits Hyannis on Cape Cod to tour a beach-front home, a luxury condominium and lakeside property. The season's second project gets underway as our host tours Bob Houde's mountainside land in Brimfield, Massachusetts, and they begin to plan the building of a vacation home.

8x14 The Brimfield House - 2

  • 1987-01-15T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

A dowster explains the art of finding water to our host and landover Bob Houde; a well is dug; and a surveyor goes over the fine points of a perc test. The importance of a water-quality test is explained, and our host looks at the special water pump.

8x15 The Brimfield House - 3

  • 1987-01-22T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

We visit a vacation home similar to the one being built in Brimfield, and the homeowner meets with architect Jock Gifford. Later, the new vacation home begins to materialize as lumber arrives and the structure is raised.

8x16 The Brimfield House - 4

  • 1987-02-05T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our master carpenter shows us how to install double-hung windows, explains skylight installation and puts a sliding glass door in the vacation home.

8x17 The Brimfield House - 5

  • 1987-02-05T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Ricard Trethewey pays a visit to Brimfield to discuss the vacation home's heating needs with our host and the homeowner. An exhibition in Malmo, Sweeden, shows the latest designs in manufactured housing.

8x18 The Brimfield House - 6

  • 1987-02-12T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

The vacation home receives interior finishes such as decorative, low-maintenance plywood paneling. Viewers visit our master carpenter's workshop to watch as he builds screens for the veranda.

8x19 The Brimfield House - 7

  • 1987-02-19T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

An energy-efficient wood-burning stove is installed in the vacation home. Our host larns about the new water purifier. We then learn how to hang interior doors. Kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures installed.

8x20 The Brimfield House - 8

  • 1987-02-26T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our host takes viewers on a tour of the finished vacation home. A flooring expert shows how vinyl floors are installed and the vacation home receives various electrical finishing touches, such as smoke detectors, fans and a thermostat.

8x21 The Phoenix House - 1

  • 1987-03-05T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

This Old House visits Pioneer, Arizona, a typical ""Wild West"" town, and our host meets Phoenix homeowners Tom and Ellen to tour their adobe-style house. The homeowners meet with their architect and and contractor.

8x22 The Phoenix House - 2

  • 1987-03-12T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Our master carpenter pays a surprise visit to This Old House's Phoenix renovation project, and Tom and Ellen begin work on their Southwestern renovation project.

8x23 The Phoenix House - 3

  • 1987-03-19T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home receives exterior insulation and flashing, as well as a typical Southwestern viga and latilla ceiling in the master bedroom for added protection from the heat. The balcony piers and staircase are finished with adobe plastering, and viewers learn how to install flagstone paving. Our host pays a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's famed Talesin West.

8x24 The Phoenix House - 4

  • 1987-03-26T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

The flat roof of Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home is protected with cold membrane roofing, and tiles are laid on the balcony. Our host takes viewers on a tour of an unusual modern ""castle"" on Camelback.

8x25 The Phoenix House - 5

  • 1987-04-02T14:00:00Z — 30 mins

Fixtures are installed in the remodeled bathroom of Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home, and the house receives energy-efficient windows. Our host checks on the progress of the new reading nook, and takes viewers on a visit to the renowned Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

8x26 The Phoenix House - 6

  • 1987-04-09T13:00:00Z — 30 mins

Awnings and special sun-shade screening are used to protect Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home from the southwestern heat, and balcony doors are hung. The landscape designer puts the finishing touches on the backyard pool area of this Sunbelt renovation. Our host escorts viewers on a tour of the territorial-style home, and bids a fond farewell to the charms of Arizona as the eighth season of This Old House draws to a close.

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