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1x07 Asylum


Shout by anthoney65
2018-11-24T16:07:51Z— updated 2018-11-25T21:54:10Z

This episode was awesome. Ignore the bad reviews you see here. This episode allowed each of the characters to shine. Raven uses her powers on purpose. Gar kicks ass in tiger form. Dick does a hallway fight outnumbered 8 to 1 while still being druged. Starfire gets a Khaleesi walks out of the fire scene.

Way to go Gar!

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I'd say this is the darkest episode of the show so far. And that's saying a lot if you've watched up to this point, which I'm sure you have. It was definitely the best episode for me so far as well, and Rachel being the MVP was certainly a surprise. I'm shocked that a few people who commented are saying this is the weakest episode.

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I had been liking Titans so far, but this episode was pretty bad. I am hoping it’s just a fluke.

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Everything was too convenient, because: plot. 5 mins of alarm and no one? Please. I guess, only 3 or 4 people works at the asylum if you don't count the security staff at the end.

Also I think the gore level of this show is excessive.

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Rachel Nichols as Rachel's mom? Nice! I haven't seen her since Continuum and I always had a thing for her :3

Sadly, this episode was the weakest, so far. Rachel freely roaming around the place after they noticed she had escaped was ludicrous. They would have put guards at the door of each of the rooms where the other Titans members were being held, immediately. Also, it's weird that a shady place like that wasn't packed with guards everywhere. Also also, it's even weirder how Dick shook off the drugs that quickly, when he was tripping big time just a few minutes earlier. Everything was just too convenient.

The acting and action scenes were on par with previous episodes, but the writing was dismal in this one.

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This episode was really really REALLY BAD! They got out so impossible easy that if this isn't a master plan from the enemy than the next episode will be the last that I'll watch.

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this episode was awesomeeeeeee! can't wait for the next!

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Worst episode by far. Complete mess, actually. It’s actually looks like Raven & Robin Show (and a little bit of Starfire and Beastboy).

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The story was absolutely meaningless and lacking value but it's the acting, the directing and the choice of music that made the episode great. As before on the show, the fights felt real and brutal - probably even better than those in The Punisher, the characters didn't shy away from cursing and properly emphasized each word, and the emotional scenes were believable.

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