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Tractor Tom

Season 1

  • CBBC
  • 11 mins
  • 11 mins
  • English
  • Animation

Tractor Tom has adventures on Fi's farm with his friends, Dusty, Matt, Buzz, Wheezy and others.

26 episodes

1x01 Ringtone

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 11 mins

Matt loses his new mobile phone so Tom helps him track it down.

1x02 Showtime Tom

  • no air date — 11 mins

Matt and Fi decide to put on their own entertainment show on the farm

1x03 Apple Squash

  • no air date — 11 mins

Apple harvest looks like it will cause problems for everyone but Tom has a great idea that will cheer them all up!

1x04 Baa Baa Tom Sheep

  • no air date — 11 mins

Tom turns white when he gets covered in flour - and a lost lamb thinks Tom is his mummy!

1x05 Football Crazy

  • no air date — 11 mins

Whilst clearing up the barn, Tom finds a football so all the team join in for a match.

1x06 Clean Machine

  • no air date — 11 mins

It is harvesting time on the farm and Wheezy is working very hard. However, thunder is coming and Rev and Tom are drafted into help get the job done before the rain.

1x07 Fly Away Buzz

  • no air date — 11 mins

It is very windy on the farm today. Buzz thinks he can fly and actually does for a little while, but then lands in the tree in Mo?s field!

1x08 Where's Wheezy?

  • no air date — 11 mins

Poor Wheezy is lacking energy and is upset as believes that Fi wants to take him to the scrap heap

1x09 Sports Day

  • no air date — 11 mins

Matt is entering the sports day and Tom is so inspired by his training that he starts lifting weights himself. It is not long before all the animals are joining in!

1x10 The Big Jump

  • no air date — 11 mins

Fi is concerned that Winnie is not getting enough exercise and decides to build some jumps for her.

1x11 A Job for Buzz

  • no air date — 11 mins

Buzz is angry as he hasn't been allowed to work on any big jobs on the farm so hatches a wicked plan to give himself more work.

1x12 Treasure Trail

  • no air date — 11 mins

As the farm prepares for the Bonfire Party, Fi finds a mysterious box. The only clue to its contents or its owner is a set of initials intertwined around the keyhole. If she finds the key, she finds out the secret contents so Tom steps in with another great idea.

1x13 Carnival for Fi

  • no air date — 11 mins

Matt plans a surprise carnival to take place on Springhill Farm, allocating different acts to different animals. Who will be crowned the King or Queen of the Carnival?

1x14 Musical Mayhem

  • 2009-06-03T11:12:00Z — 11 mins

Matt finds an old guitar from his days in a band and puts on a performance for the pals, inspiring them to form their own group

1x15 Mo's Low

  • no air date — 11 mins

Tom realises that Mo is missing and finds her in Fi's house feeling sad. Inspired by Fi's new bathroom mirror, Tom comes up with a great idea to cheer Mo up

1x16 The New Scarecrow

  • no air date — 11 mins

Fi's old scarecrow has seen better days, lucky that resourceful Tractor Tom is around to make a new one.

1x17 The Wheezy Files

  • no air date — 11 mins

The truth about Wheezy's night time activities is out there and Tractor Tom's the one to uncover it.

1x18 The Big Picnic

  • no air date — 11 mins

Buzz and Snicker are out to cause trouble at a picnic, but they haven't bargained on Tractor Tom!

1x19 Show and Tell

  • no air date — 11 mins

Show and Tell - It's a cold, wontry day on the farm, but Tractor Tom is a little ray of sunshine for Farmer Fi.

1x20 Flower Power

  • no air date — 11 mins

Fi is getting her garden ready for the annual Beckon Garden Contest, which inspires all the animals to do a spot of gardening too.

1x21 Anyone for Tennis?

  • no air date — 11 mins

When Matt and Fi get caught up in Wimbledon fever it's Tractor Tom who keeps the crowds entertained.

1x22 Haywire Hens

  • no air date — 11 mins

There's strange things going on at Springhill Farm when a mysterious creature starts to scare the animals, luckily Tom's around to track it down!

1x23 The Big Hole

  • no air date — 11 mins

Fi fancies a break and after a failed attempt to take her away from it all Tractor Tom brings the seaside to her door!

1x24 Surprise for Fi

  • no air date — 11 mins

After a worrying day Fi gets the best birthday surprise ever, and it's all thanks to Tom!

1x25 Tom's Busy Day

  • no air date — 11 mins

When Fi leaves Tom in charge for the day he gets more than he bargained for when he has to deal with some naughty mischief makers.

1x26 Rodeo

  • no air date — 11 mins

Matt dreams of Cowboys and Tom finds a way to bring the Wild West to Springhill!