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  • 2015-07-18T11:00:00+09:00 on Discovery
  • 43 mins
  • 4 hours, 16 mins
  • United States
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  • Documentary

First Seasons of the Show

6 episodes

1x01 What Lies Beneath

  • Series Premiere

    2015-07-18T11:00:00+09:00 — 43 mins

An elite team of treasure hunters search for clues to a vast fortune they believe is hidden on Brazil's deadly "Snake Island." But team tensions, mechanical problems and the threat of modern-day pirates could derail the expedition as it begins.

1x02 Into the Nightmare

  • 2015-07-25T11:00:00+09:00 — 43 mins

Promising clues off the coast motivate the team to gear up for their first venture onto the deadly Snake Island itself, where they'll face triple digit heat, cave-ins, and their first terrifying encounter with one of the world's deadliest vipers.

1x03 Strikes Back

  • 2015-08-01T11:00:00+09:00 — 42 mins

A jaw-dropping discovery on the island's perimeter fires up the team, but as excitement builds, so do tensions between team members. As caution gets thrown to the wind, a series of dangerous encounters threatens to end the mission.

1x04 Heart of Darkness

  • 2015-08-08T11:00:00+09:00 — 43 mins

As injuries pile up, Cork and his team push deeper into the deadly interior of Snake Island in search of the Treasure of the Trinity. A trail of clues gives them new hope, but also leads to an unexpected and dangerous confrontation on the island.

1x05 No Exit

  • 2015-08-15T11:00:00+09:00 — 43 mins

A dangerous run-in leads the team to an astounding new clue, but a communications breakdown leaves them in the dark about an approaching storm. Cappy fears he’ll have to strand the land team as their window to find the treasure is about to slam shut.

1x06 Fortune's Doorstep

  • 2015-08-22T11:00:00+09:00 — 42 mins

Looming storms & a leaky boat threaten to shut down the mission just as Cork closes in on the Treasure of the Trinity. The team pushes deeper into the island than ever, tempting fate with every step, & makes a discovery that will change their lives.