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Trial & Error 2017

Cute so far. It does have the Parks and Rec/Office mocumentary style, lighthearted comedy, and Jim-esque looks to the camera. The main character is a pretty good middle ground between Leslie Knope and Jim Halpert (the obvious foreparents to Josh, our main character). The only question is whether this has enough uniqueness to pave its own ground outside its Parks and Rec shell.

So far, I love the character work here of John Lithgow and Sherri Shepherd the most! I predict that this will be a show that slumps in the middle of season one, but builds to a delightful second season. And I will keep tuning in because I'm so invested in seeing what new "beautiful" silly artwork Anne will faint at next (cat food commercial? child's chalk drawing? her own doodles?!) or if Dwayne ever visits his namesake shop Duane Reed.

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