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Tropical Cop Tales

Season 1 2019

  • 2019-02-01T23:00:00-06:00 on Adult Swim
  • 11 mins
  • 1 hour, 50 mins (10 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy

Two burned-out city cops - Keymarion "Primetime" Weeyums and Demetrius "Meechie" Franks - relocate to a tropical paradise for a relaxing twilight to their careers. It ends up being the most vicious, menacing place on earth, not even slightly relaxing.

10 episodes

1x01 The How to Be a Tropical Cop Episode

  • Series Premiere

    2019-02-01T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

In this episode we flash back to see sandpaper-voiced Captain Solomon showing the Tropical Cops how to become Tropical Cops. Bring your earplugs.

1x02 The Scalp Collector

  • 2019-02-01T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

A mad cannibal is tearing scalps from the island's skulls. And deep-frying them. And serving them as delicious crudités. He. Must. Be. Stopped.

1x03 The Shrimp Gang Are Back

  • 2019-02-08T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

The Shrimp Gang are back on the island. Will they give birth and shoot back guns that fire bullets the wrong way round? What do you think?

1x04 The Big Night In

  • 2019-02-08T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

Dame Edith Ezold hosts the Big Night In, the one night off of the year for the Tropical Cops. But is Dame Edith Ezold really the real Dame Edith Ezold? And what makes her Hibiscus Chicken Kebabs so deelushus?

1x05 The Terror That Is Cabbage Fizzog

  • 2019-02-15T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

Cabbage Fizzog turns the faces of the islanders green with his infernally dangerous cabbage fog; cabbage must be defeated with cabbage.

1x06 The Dawning of King Skull

  • 2019-02-15T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

The monstrously evil King Skull plans to make a massive, evil pronouncement; he also plays the flute.

1x07 The Hand Gobbler

  • 2019-02-22T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

The Hand Gobbler, also dubbed Gecko, gobbles hands left and right, and sometimes even center.

1x08 The Night of the Fang

  • 2019-02-22T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

A very hairy individual is imprisoned in Big Danny's Pet Store.

1x09 The Many Frostings of Ronald the Ringman

  • 2019-03-01T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

Doughnut baron Ronald the Ringman's patience is tested by a psychedelically annoying and indecisive tourist dubbed Nattanyell.

1x10 The Sports Day

  • 2019-03-01T23:00:00-06:00 — 11 mins

During Sports Day on the island, everyone has fun competing in sports events before going to Nightballers to celebrate with a bottle of delicious Scrumpy Cider.