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    Twin Perfect


    • YouTube
    • 10 mins
    • Comedy, Documentary, Talk Show

    Twin Perfect is a brand new source for the general craziness about video games, movies, and other pop-culture aspects. Join us as we review, analyze, and appreciate that which is known as entertainment.

    4 episodes

    Special 1 Samael

    • no air date — 10 mins

    Remember the debates since the day of whether or not Samael is the cult's demon "God"? No, no, no... coulnd't be, it's INCUBUS. That's what Konami and fans are calling it everywhere. Well, guess what? Samael is the cult's demon savior. And how do you explain what the cult worships in Silent Hill 3? Well we tell you, right here in this video. That's right. Think about it. And believe.

    So how do you explain the nonsensical craziness that is the common believe of Silent Hill's multiple dimensions? In a Johnny Cash style song! It's so complicated. We bring you several conclusions and ideas of where everyone in town went, but in Silent Hill this is left unexplained. How are we supposed to explain it other than using evidence within the games? Well we give you the options. It really can be ANYTHING, just not something as ridiculous as MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS. This isn't the TV show FRINGE.

    Special 3 Loose Ends

    • no air date — 10 mins

    This covers just about every other question or argument we have gotten since the release of the first video. Hope it helps bring light to the darkness of your minds and puts a possible end to the mess we see all over the internets.

    Special 4 HD Remake: RIP SH2/SH3

    • no air date — 10 mins

    This video was made before the actual release of the Silent Hill HD Collection and we go into very much detail on the situation with the new voice-overs.