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    Tyrants and Dictators

    • 240 mins
    • Documentary

    They are the power-hungry men who maintained an iron-clad grip over the respective nations they ruled. Under their leadership thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives as a result of their murderous regimes. These are the world’s most notorious TYRANTS AND DICTATORS.

    The 20th century witnessed the tyranny of a collection of men who ruled over people living in a constant state of fear and terror. From Manuel Noriega, Panama's strongman and dictator for nearly a decade, who dangled the power of life and death over his fellow countrymen – a power which he wielded freely, torturing and murdering anyone that stood in his way – to Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania's Communist dictator for 24 years, who turned from loved and respected leader to hated and despised despot, BIOGRAPHY portrays the tyrants who showed a scant disregard for human life.

    1 season

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