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Undercover: Season 1

1x04 Legio Patria Nostra

Just when Bob and the brass are ready to pull the plug on the undercover job, Kim's lesbian rapport with Danielle makes her work on Ferry to invite them to move into a cabin on the camping ground. Bob even neglects his wife mourning her father as he also gets to offer over a Chinese dinner with the drug baron and the girls his 'shipping firm' services to a major transport, at last. It's for the new German bulk client Bastian Gerlach, who agrees to deal with them after having cutting out the Italian middleman, although that burnt sucker is his in-law. However Bob can't wriggle out of working blind, as the terms are changed last-minute due to Ferry's mole duly reigniting suspicion. Justice refuses to wait and uses Bob's first tip for a raid to major supplier Frank Goossens. Klutz Jurgen is assumed the only plausible rat and dealt with by his won father in law, John.