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Valley of the Dinosaurs

All Episodes 1974

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  • Ended
  • CBS
  • 1974-09-07T14:00:00Z
  • 25 mins
  • 6 hours, 40 mins (16 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation
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During a rafting excursion of an uncharted river canyon, Professor John Butler, wife Kim, kids Katie and Greg and family dog Digger get caught up in a mysterious whirlpool and resurface in a world of prehistoric creatures. Now everyday is an exercise in survival for the adventurous Butler family. They befriend a helpful cave-dwelling family and together must contend with an angry brontosaurus and a dangerous sabertooth tiger - and don't forget the earthquakes and volcanoes!
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16 episodes

1x01 Forbidden Fruit

  • Series Premiere

    1974-09-07T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

The Butlers and Tana are gathering fruit that looks like an orange. Gorok and Lok come by and tell them to leave the fruit. It is reserved for a Brontosaurus. At that moment the Brontosaurus shows up hungry for the fruit. Everyone leaves the fruit except Greg. He sneaks it back with him to the cave. The Brontosaurus finishes all the fruit and even the leaves on the tree. He smells the fruit that Greg took and follows them back to their cave. The Brontosaurus causes a cave in while trying to get into the cave to get the last of the fruit. They are all trapped in the cave. The cave starts to fill with water from an underground river. Greg and Tana find a way out and scare the Brontosaurus away with a landslide of rocks. In the meantime, the others are siphoning the water out with a bamboo tube to buy some time. Greg drops a vine down through a hole in the ceiling and saves all of them.

1x02 What Goes Up

  • 1974-09-14T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

While digging for roots, the Butlers and the Cave Dwellers see a Tyrannosaurus Rex running from the only thing it is afraid of - fire ants! These hand-size ants are swarming toward the Butler's cave. Lok runs to the village to warn the tribe. The villagers try to get Lok to abandon his family while they run for the hills, but Lok runs back to his family instead. The village is surrounded by army ants. Gorak decides to hold the ants off by surrounding the cave with lit coal. The family digs for coal as fast as they can. Kim gets the idea of making a hot air balloon to take them to the top of the cliff where the ants won't come. They demonstrate the principle to the cave dwellers and they all start stitching hides together. Gorak goes to the cave of Giant Snakes to find enough snake skin to make a balloon. Lok and Katie go to the river to see if the fire ants have crossed the river. They watch the ants chew a tree down and cross the river on it. While John is figuring out how big the bal

1x03 A Turned Turtle

  • 1974-09-21T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

Kim, Katie, and Lok take a trip to see a hermit about a secret way out of the valley. The hermit tells them it is past the three giant volcano mountain peaks (˜Valley of the Three Giants'). At first Gorak refuses to lead them to the three giant peaks because a Tyrannosaurus lives in that valley (˜Valley of the Godon'). He reluctantly agrees to take them. A turtle shell is used as a boat to get to the three giant peaks. A dinosaur attacks them in the water. John, Gorak, and Lok stay in the boat to fight the creature while the others run to hide in the jungle. Two volcanoes explode causing a tidal wave. It carries the men away from the others. A new mountain peak is formed separating the men from the others. Gorak says they must rescue the others before nightfall because of the Tyrannosaurus. It hunts in the night. A tunnel that connects the two valleys is now underwater because of the volcano eruptions. John tells them they will use the turtle shell like a submarine to go through

1x04 The Volcano

  • 1974-09-28T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

Gorok, Lok and John are paddling down the river in their dugout canoe, through a thick fog. Gorok yells across to another dugout canoe to ask if the hunting was good. Another cave dwellers tells him that since Konga (Tyrannosaurus Rex) hunters there now, the hunting was bad. Gorok figures they can wait until Konga leaves. Back at the camp Greg and Tana are working on the paddle wheel of a boat John is building, while Katie, Kim and Gera are tying together vines. There is already a boat in the background. Katie asks when they are going to eat and Kim tells here they are waiting for the men to get back from hunting. Kim notices the men coming back now, but Katie notices they have no game. John and Katie explain that the boat can be peddled with their feet and therefore go up the river where the water is too fast for the dugout canoes. Later that night Digger wakes up Katie and Lok. Soon thereafter and earthquake rumbles through the camp and boulders fall down the cliff. Lok says the Vol

1x05 Smoke Screen

  • 1974-10-05T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

Two bipedal baboon like creatures (called Geebos) are chasing a Compsagnathus into a tar pit. Meanwhile the John, Kim, Greg Butler and Tana family is gathering leaves and weaving vines into a snare trap. Digger is snapped at by a mole-like mammal that comes out a mound of dirt he is scratching at. They are building a trap to catch whatever has been stealing from their wooden cage-like fish trap they have on the edge of the lake. John Butler suspects it might be a Geebo. They head back to the village. At the village Lok tells a group of villages that a Geebo attacked him. Some villages are worried because the Geebos are becoming braver. One robbed a gave and have stolen Gorok's fish. One villager warns that a few losses are nothing compared to keeping the peace with the Geebos. They will go away eventually. Just then John Butler and the group approaches the villagers and assures them that they need not worry about the them anymore because they have set a trap. But Lok and Gorok warn tha

1x06 Pteranodon

  • 1974-10-12T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

Lori and Greg are being pulled in a dugout canoe by Kim. They are dragging nets through the water and catching many fish. We can see that Kim is tiring from the effort of dragging the canoe. Back at camp, Gorok, Lok, Gera, John and Tana are gathering coconuts next to the lake. Digger jumps into the lake to catch an errant coconut. At the river's edge, Kim collapses, letting go of the rope to the dugout. The dugout is caught in a current and Greg and Lori are swept away. Lok immediately jumps from his true into the river and swims after the boat. From the dugout canoe Katie throws Lok a rope and Lok swims back to the shore, where Gorok helps him. Gera and John try to diagnose Kim. John builds a travois to drag Kim back to the camp. Back at the cave, Greg and Tana and Digger are dumping coconuts. Greg is worried about his mother - she never gets sick - but Tana assures them back at camp that Gera will know what is wrong. When Kim is back at the cave and put to bed, she resists but Gera t

1x07 Sabertooth Kids

  • 1974-10-19T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

The Butlers and the Cave Dwellers are all picking fruit and taking off the husks to put the berries inside in baskets. The fruits contain vitamin C according to Kim. Greg asks Tana to play kickball with the fruit, but Tana tells him that they are supposed to be working. Greg ignores her and kicks the fruit away where Digger and Clump run after it. John yells at them not to run off. There are many dinosaurs that seem to be fleeing running from a Megalosaurus. Greg and Tana catch up to Digger and Glump and Greg grabs the fruit and throws it again, asking Tana get the ball before Digger gets it. Greg throws the fruit for Glump while Tana holds onto Digger. Glump chases the ball into a hole in the ground. Back at the grove, the sounds of the growling animals are heard. Gorok says they are Zondi and that they must get back to the cave. Gorok calls out to Tana and Greg to come back. Tana is worried about Glump being lost but everyone tells her that Glump can take care of himself, but Tana kn

1x08 After Shock

  • 1974-10-26T14:00:00Z — 25 mins

One morning Gorok felt strange as did many of the animals in the jungle. Soon after his strange feeling a large earthquake occured resulting in the keeper of the waters stone head falling off. Gorok informed the Butlers that until the stone head of the keeper was replaced the water would no longer be safe to drink and insisted that nobody or animal drink from the water. The Butlers assisted Gorok and helped him find a replacement stone from the quarry and lift it into place by the edge of the water.

1x10 S.O.S

  • 1974-11-09T15:00:00Z — 25 mins

1x11 Fire!

  • 1974-11-16T15:00:00Z — 25 mins

1x16 Torch

  • 1974-12-21T15:00:00Z — 25 mins

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