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  • 2017-04-20T20:00:00Z on RTP1
  • 60 mins
  • Portugal
  • Portuguese
  • Drama, Mystery, Romance, Suspense

Pedro, dressed as an employee of the Vidago Palace, enters Carlota's room at night. The two have many explanations to ask each other. But Livia's arrival prevented them from speaking. They agreed to meet at the cabin the next day.
On leaving, Pedro crosses with the Perliquitete sisters, who recognize him and are scandalized, because they knew about Pedro and Carlota's relationship. The sisters are in fleas to tell the Countess what happened.
The next day Carlota and Pedro meet in the hut. The two are hurt with each other.
Carlota, because when she had to return to Lisbon, she wrote a passionate letter to Pedro, of which she had no answer, and when she returned to Vidago she learned only that Pedro had gone to fight for Spain.
Pedro, because when he read the letter, Carlota told him that everything had been a mistake and put an end to his novel.
As they talk to each other about it, they realize that the letter Carlota wrote and the letter Pedro received aren't the same. What has happened, then? Carlota finally realizes everything. It was her mother who changed the letters.
When the sisters Perliquitetes are almost telling the Countess that they saw Peter the night before, Carlota arrives and confronts her mother by showing her the fake letter. Lívia and Carlota argue. Carlota tells her mother that she is not going to marry César Augusto. Lívia tries as she can, to hide the situation.
But Carlota is determined. That night she goes with Pedro with the popular party of Vidago. She feels free. The problem is that César Augusto is there and he sees Carlota and Pedro kissing. César Augusto loses his temper...