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  • 2010-01-08T12:30:00Z on PBS
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The "VISITING" series takes us to the many diverse neighborhoods of Southern California, and introduces us to the people who live there. "VISITING" has captured the spirit of the Southland with episodes ranging from a look at how menudo is made to the celebration surrounding the rededication of Angeles Flight.

LA Times critic Howard Rosenberg calls Huell's style, "Intimate,magnificently unslick, utterly charming, and absolutely irresistible." Viewers agree, and VISITING With HUELL HOWSER continues to be one of the most popular programs on KCET - PBS Los Angeles.

18 episodes

18x01 Westways

  • Season Premiere

    2010-01-08T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell spends the day at the headquarters of the Automobile Club of Southern California to get a behind the scenes look at the history of Westways Magazine. It was originally published under the name Touring Topics and its earliest issues focused on touring destinations, advances in automotive technology and efforts to bring modern roads to Southern California. The Westways name was placed on the mast in 1934. Many famous writers and artist have contributed over the last 100 years and Huell gets to see many of the original works.

18x02 Champion Turf

  • 2010-01-25T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell learns the truth about what is in this nondescript industrial building -- and don't let the name fool you; this is not a story about a lawn company! Nestled in the industrial section of downtown Los Angeles, this 45-year-old company is one of the finest saddle and tack manufacturers in the world.

18x03 Russak's Meat

  • 2010-02-08T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Join Huell for another downtown hidden gem, the Russak family has been producing the most delicious and succulent meats and cold cuts for over 50 years. Now run by the second generation, Russak’s Meats produce everything from corned beef, pastrami and roast beef to jerky and chili con carne.

18x04 Culver City

  • 2010-02-25T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell travels to the small city with a big history. Did you know that all the little people who portrayed the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz stayed at the Culver Hotel? Huell also visits the Culver City Historical Society Archives and Resource Center, which includes two MGM Costumes cases. We’ll also get a special tour of an historic “tower” that is something to see.

18x05 Musicians Institute

  • 2010-03-08T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell gets a behind the scenes tour of this very special school which is nestled in the heart of Hollywood. The Guitar Institute of Technology opened its doors to full-time students in February of 1977, laying the foundation for the Musicians Institute. This world-class college has state of the art facilities and offers everything you need to succeed in the music industry.

18x06 Lemon Lily Festival

  • 2010-03-25T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Idyllwild Lemon Lily Festival highlights the uniqueness and rarity of one of Idyllwild's most precious native flowers. This beautiful lily that grows only above 4000 feet is a true gem. Join Huell and the good people of Idyllwild as they spend the day celebrating the Lemon Lily, there’s even a Lemon Lily song!

18x07 LAPD Motors

  • 2010-04-08T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell spends the day learning about the rich history of the LAPD Motor Officers who hop on a motorcycle to “protect and serve”. It’s hard to believe that this has been going on in Los Angeles for over a hundred years.

18x08 Cow Tongue

  • 2010-04-25T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell's adventure all started because of his recent disparaging on-air remarks about what he quickly discovered is a culinary delicacy for many people. This episode features a visit to Langer's Deli and a taco stand near USC for some first-hand tongue tasting and also an appearance by our editor Michael Garber who is quite the tongue aficionado!

18x09 Pastrami

  • 2010-05-08T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell stops in at Langer's Deli on Alvarado Street which has been slicing up pastrami sandwiches since 1947. The he visits Johnnie's, a Culver City landmark since 1952 famous for their hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, their pastrami!

18x10 Epilepsy

  • 2010-05-25T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell learns all about epilepsy in a visit to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angels. Included is a short filmmade by Nathan Jones which shows the viewer what it is like to actually have an epileptic seizure.

18x11 Big Nugget

  • 2010-06-08T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell attends the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo where a recently-discovered 100-ounce gold nugget is on public display. The "Washington Nugget" is the largest verifiable California gold nugget in existence. We also meet with the colorfuldealers and collectors who make this expo so unique.

18x12 Starr Ranch

  • 2010-06-25T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell travels to Orange County to the Starr Ranch Sanctuary, owned by the California Audubon Society. He gets a special tour of the facility and takes a close look at their "Owl Cam" which is amazing.

18x13 Press Photographers

  • 2010-07-08T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell meets the photographers behind some of the most memorable and historical images of the 20th Century as he attends the opening of the 75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

18x14 Quilt Show

  • 2010-07-25T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Join Huell at the Glendale Quilt Show where he meets some quilters and sees some amazing quilts.

18x15 Donuts

  • 2010-08-14T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell wants to find out why ever since 1938, Americans have been celebrating National Doughnut Day every first Friday in June. It was started by the Salvation Army to honor the women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. In this special, Huell pays homage to the venerable doughnut. From a visit to the Salvation Army to get a history lesson to an Indian restaurant and finally the El Mercado in East Los Angeles, it's a day spent celebrating deep fried dough.

18x16 Crossroads of the World

  • 2010-09-19T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell visits the iconic Crossroads of the World on Sunset Blvd. With it’s beautiful globe topped tower, Crossroads was designed originally as an international shopping center, and was Los Angeles' first outdoor shopping mall. Now used as office space, this is one Los Angeles gem that is still alive and well. As a bonus, Huell spends the last ten minutes of the show learning about the history of the “landscaped” billboards on Wilshire Blvd.

18x17 Glendora Castle

  • 2010-11-03T11:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell has produced thousands of shows over the last 25 years and there have been many fan favorites. One of the all time greats has to be the old Videolog, “Rubel’s Castle”. Michael Rubel took Huell on the grand tour of his hand made home and charmed us all. Michael has since passed away and the Castle is now managed by the Glendora Historical Society with the help of Michael’s nephew Scott. Huell gets an update tour of this iconic location.

18x18 Doughnut History

  • 2010-12-08T12:30:00Z — 30 mins

Huell visits the Salvation Army for a lesson in donut history, which begins on the battlefields of World War I. Then it’s off to Stan’s Donuts in Westwood, where Stan cooks up his “peanut butter pockets,” a high-calorie confection which has been officially renamed “The Huell”.