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  • 1998-01-11T06:30:00-06:00 on PBS
  • 30 mins
  • 13 hours, 30 mins
  • United States
  • Documentary

The "VISITING" series takes us to the many diverse neighborhoods of Southern California, and introduces us to the people who live there. "VISITING" has captured the spirit of the Southland with episodes ranging from a look at how menudo is made to the celebration surrounding the rededication of Angeles Flight.

LA Times critic Howard Rosenberg calls Huell's style, "Intimate,magnificently unslick, utterly charming, and absolutely irresistible." Viewers agree, and VISITING With HUELL HOWSER continues to be one of the most popular programs on KCET - PBS Los Angeles.

27 episodes

6x01 Zamboni

  • Season Premiere

    1998-01-11T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell learns about the machines that clean the ice at ice rinks and professional hockey events. The machine is called a Zamboni and was invented right here in California. Huell meets the son of the inventor and visits the factory where they were invented. Huell tops off the day with a trip to the Anaheim Pond, home of the Mighty Ducks to see the Zamboni in action at a professional hockey game.

6x02 Santa Monica Seafood

  • 1998-01-21T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell visits the Santa Monica Seafood Co. in Santa Monica a family owned and operated business for 50 years. The Cigliano family gives Huell a special tour of the facilities and teaches him about the bounty they harvest from the sea.

6x03 Metrolink

  • 1998-02-02T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell ran into a very nice lady in a camera store who told him how much she enjoyed riding the Metrolink every day and invited him to come along. Huell and Luis ride from Montclair to L.A. and meet some wonderful people along the way.

6x04 100 Year Old Lady

  • 1998-02-11T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell sits a spell with 100 year-old Joyce Cockrell, a former dress designer and musician. She speaks her mind, tickles the keys, and touches her toes all to the amusement of her two friendly neighbors.

6x05 Lincoln Tribute

  • 1998-02-18T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Join Huell at an annual reading of Lincoln's Gettsburg Address at the Veterans Cemetery. This year Charelton Heston reads, in honor of Lincoln's birthday, but also to promote reading awareness.

Step back in time with Huell as he re-shows a collection of his all time favorite VIDEOLOGS. these include: The Elephant Man, The Yogurt Man, Peach Cobbler, and his first visit with the Del Rubbio Triplets.

6x07 Glass Garden

  • 1998-03-04T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Spring is in the air, and gardens are bloomin', but this time Huell takes us to a very special place indeed. It's the home of Echo Park residents Andy Cao and Stephen Jerrome who have covered their yard with over 45 tons of cobalt blue, green, brown and white glass to re-create landmarks from Andy's memories of his Vietnamese homeland.

6x08 Hidden Museums

  • 1998-03-20T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Join Huell as he finds some of LA's best-hidden museums. First we stop at the William Andrew Clark Memorial Library, a rare book research library associated with UCLA, then its onto the Hancock Library at USC.

6x09 Teardrop Trailers

  • 1998-04-06T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Step back in time with Huell as he visits a weekend gathering of these classic trailers. They sleep two, and have a built-in kitchen on the back all in a teardrop shaped trailer a little over 8ft long. Some were built by various manufacturers, but many were lovingly built/restored by hand from plans in a Popular Science magazine.

6x10 Wind

  • 1998-04-15T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

You've seen the giant windmills alongside the road to Palm Springs. Well now you can learn all about them with Huell as he gets a special "Wind Farm Tour" in an electric cart. One of only 6 wind farms in the world, this is a great place to learn about one of mankind's earliest forms of energy.

6x11 Harley Girls

  • 1998-04-22T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Put on your leather jacket and strap on your helmet for a two-wheeled adventure that's sure to get your heart racing. Huell goes for a weekend ride with the "Harley Girls" and their Harley Davidson motorcycles. Huell and the ladies take a spin and stop for lunch where Huell meets some other interesting weekend rebels.

6x12 Family Business

  • 1998-05-08T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Join Huell on this yummy adventure to three fine examples of family run business's. First Huell goes to Broguiere's Dairy and gets a behind the scenes look at how we get our milk. Next it's off to Apffels coffee which has been a California company since 1914. We finish the adventure at Otsuka farms to tastes the best strawberries around.

6x13 Hidden Desert Garden

  • 1998-05-19T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell finds a very special garden hidden in the desert near 29 Palms. Ray Hartzell gives us the private tour of his magnificent "Hidden Garden".

6x14 Tacos Clarita

  • 1998-06-01T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Travel to East L.A. for another culinary extravaganza at Tacos Clarita. Huell visits this popular neighborhood hang out and samples some of their famous tacos.

6x15 Spring Burn

  • 1998-06-09T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell visits with the Los Angeles Fire Dept. as they train for fire season. Setting back-fires, clearing brush, working as a team, are all part of what it takes to be a LAFD volunteer.

Join Huell as we look back at his early VIDEOLOG series. Over 10 years old, these 2-10 minute segments are Huell's first shows for PBS. This episode includes: LINT ART, TALKING DOG, COUCH YARD, and ANT FARM.

Join Huell as we look back at his early VIDEOLOG series. Over 10 years old, these 2-10 minute segments are Huell's first shows for PBS. This episode includes: SUN CITY, PAPER DOG, FOSSELMANS, and VENTURA YARD.

Join Huell as we look back at his early VIDEOLOG series. Over 10 years old, these 2-10 minute segments are Huell's first shows for PBS. This episode includes: BEAUTY SHOP, CASTLE, CAT LITTER, and LITTLE VIOLINS.

Join Huell as we look back at his early VIDEOLOG series. Over 10 years old, these 2-10 minute segments are Huell's first shows for PBS. This episode includes: PONY RIDE, WINDMILL MAN, SUNSET PLAZA, and FARMER.

6x20 Tofu Festival

  • 1998-07-07T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Travel to the L.A. Tofu festival to learn everything you ever wanted to learn about Tofu and more! You'll be surprised at the many uses for this versatile food that gets its start from the humble Soy Bean.

6x21 Joshua Tree

  • 1998-07-13T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the worlds most beautiful and diverse places. In this one hour special, Huell looks at many of the different things that make this park such a special place. From the Desert Tortoise, to the Mexican Bat, this show is full of surprises.

6x22 Hot Dog on a Stick

  • 1998-07-26T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

It's off to Santa Monica Beach to the site of the very first Hot Dog on a Stick stand. It all started in 1946 when Dave Barham opened his first stand by Muscle Beach. The company has become a California tradition with Dave's daughter at the helm. We get a behind the scenes look at Hot Dog on a Stick.

6x23 Reunions

  • 1998-08-09T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

In this special 1 hour Visiting, Huell visits with two very special families. The Watson family has been an important part of Hollywood for many years. With nine siblings in various aspects of the film world, the Watsons have left an indelible mark. The Robinson family is best known for Jackie Robinson who was a pioneer for black athletes, but the family has many members who have made wonderful contributions in their own rite.

6x24 Malibu Beach

  • 1998-09-03T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Not only is Malibu Beach designated as a "surfing" beach, it's beautiful and historic as well. Huell spends time with the lifeguards who keep the beach safe for the thousands of people who enjoy it each year and takes a look at the historic Adamsom house which sits above the beach in all it's glory. Life's a beach in this adventure.

6x25 Biltmore

  • 1998-10-05T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell starts our day with a tour of the magnificent Regal Biltmore Hotel, which has been a part of Los Angeles since it opened in 1923. The Biltmore has housed numerous celebrities and every American President that has been in office since it opened. After our tour Huell attends the 75th anniversary gala that is an exact re-creation of opening night 1923.

6x26 UCLA Archive

  • 1998-10-19T05:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Huell spends the day on the campus of UCLA and gets a very special tour of the Film and Television Archives. UCLA houses one of the largest archives in the U.S. and we are treated to some of the gems that are hidden away in the massive vaults.

6x27 Bangladesh

  • 1998-11-15T06:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

When one of Huell's friends told him that he was from Bangladesh and that there was a large community of people from Bangladesh living in Los Angeles, Huell just had to take a look. They ended up at a restaurant call Jafran which is a hub for people to hang out, eat good food and even rent a movie from that country. Itâs a wonderful visit filled with exotic culinary goodies.