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Vixen: Season 2

2x04 Episode 4

Doesn't this happen at the same time as other CW shows like Arrow and The Flash? How's Laurel alive and how is Raymond in Star City, with his suit?

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Shout by Thogek
2016-12-03T22:15:43-06:00— updated 2017-01-01T01:46:44-06:00

Liking this overall, but...
Was anyone else bothered a bit when Mari ordered the dogs to "sic 'em" at the police? Funny (and powers-appropriate) as that may have sounded at the time, that order's obvious results are that some police (who're just doing their jobs responding to a criminal-activity call) are going to get hurt and/or (more likely) the dogs are going to get shot. Mari seems like one who'd want to be less careless than that.

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