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W 2016

  • 2016-09-14T06:00:00-07:00
  • MBC
  • 2016-07-20T00:00:00-07:00
  • 60 mins
  • 16 hours, 0 mins
  • Korea, Republic of
  • Korean
  • Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense
Is it possible to live in the same place at the same time but in a completely different dimension? Oh Yeon Joo is a second-year cardiothoracic resident doctor. Her father, a famous comic book creator, suddenly disappears one day and then Yeon Joo herself is kidnapped by a strange man covered in blood and taken to a different dimension. Kang Chul is a former Olympic gold medalist in shooting and self-made millionaire. How will his world intertwine with Yeon Joo’s other-dimension universe? Is Kang Chul the only person who can help Yeon Joo escape from a parallel universe?

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This series has kept me on the edge of my seat with every single episode. W starts off as any Kdrama would, with the promise of an entertaining love story and a pretty second female lead, funny situations sprinkled here and there, delivered in a sci-fi package. I was really curious to find out how long Oh Yeon Joo could keep the truth hidden from Kang Cheol, who the real murderer of his Kang Cheol's family could be and how this information would influence the comic's storyline and its protagonists' actions.
W turned out to be surprisingly original in its plot twists and solutions. I am glad to see the series veered off the standard Kdrama course the way it did (yet kept the romance sizzling, which I did not mind at all ;-) Oh Yeon Joo x Kang Cheol <3).

If you enjoyed The Truman Show and Dramaworld, I am sure you will love W.

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Shout by weivibe
2016-09-17T08:35:14-07:00— updated 2016-09-23T18:42:01-07:00

"One of the best dramas ever made." — Humble Me, 2016.

It seems too perfect to be real... but it really is and delivers!
I came in expecting a standard romantic love story (nothing against standard romantic love stories, kyaaa~) with some suspense to keep me tied to a chair — korean dramas, I mean modern TV in general, often goes the safe way and tends to be rather predictive— and was thrown against a hard brick wall after the first few episodes, ready to be executed for my things-never-change-with-TV type of thinking. It is fresh and soo not predictible. After the first few episodes you come to realize it's predictibly unpredtictible! It's something new, at least to me (and many others).

I'm so confident with this one, I would feel absolutely no shame recommending W to my western friends. It's awesome!

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Just watched the first episode! Oh my... this drama is really promising, I love the concept!

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