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Whiskey Cavalier: Season 1

1x01 Pilot

How can all these actors I like end up in a program I know I won't like. If this was a serious spy/thriller/hunter show I'd be more optimistic. The last time something like that worked was Chuck and I don't think this will be a Chuck.

The best part was when his goofy backstabbing friend got killed in front of cheating ex girlfriend.

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Shout by dewdropvelvet
2019-02-26T01:58:16Z— updated 2019-02-28T01:58:49Z

This feels like it's from the early 2000's, with landscapes that look straight out of Bourne, and cringy plotlines/dialogue that rely too heavily on spy cliches. Makes me miss Leverage, Nikita and even Dirty Sexy Money (the last one was a slightly better version of the Catch.)

I think they're aiming for a mix between Covert Affairs and Mr. and Mrs. Smith with some Castle humor. But they're off by a few important margin points. I'll watch again next week, but I don't know if this will stay in my watchlist. Also neither main actors feel up to the task here of incorporating the kind of multifacetedness that I like to see from my leads (Ray Donovan, Annalise Keating, Olivia Pope, even Jack Bauer.)

I also need overarching mythologies. This show is simple with no overarching mythologies; unless it turns out that the dirty agent was involved in some b613-ish level conspiracy.

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Cliche but fun with a good cast.

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well... lot of negative words about this but I seen worst shows with more seasons. i sure had fun with this.

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That was a fun pilot.

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I am still intrigued by this show, but I am not fond of pilots and this pilot seemed to take the slow, boring route to revealing things. It seemed to hit its stride as the episode ended (for me), so I'll wait and decide after the next episode whether or not I'll become a regular viewer of this show.

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It seems like writers and actors didn't know wether this should be a serious or satiric show.
At least they don't act like they knew.

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When I thought that this was going to be a spy show on network television, I had no interest in it whatsoever. But I watched the trailer and was instantly hooked by the charm and the casting, and realized that the spy stuff wasn't meant to be on the level of Le Carre or Silva. Instead, it seems to be much more of a fun charm-fest with some generic and almost Disney-esque (if not for the killing) spy components to it along the lines of early CHUCK. As such, anyone critiquing the spy stuff is missing the point. If I was approaching it from that angle, I could spend an hour dissecting all of the major and minor problems with the plot, but then I, too, would be missing the point. Instead, I'll just say that I loved the dialogue and the instant chemistry between the three who were on the roadtrip together. Lots of good stuff there, and I'll be back for more.

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Good start. But what about Will's friend? Is he dead or not?

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