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  • 2003-06-28T01:00:00Z on ABC Family
  • 22 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Talk Show

Colin anchors "Weird Newscasters," with a goofy white guy desperately trying to act street (Greg), an aging female Broadway performer doing a big song and dance number whose extensive plastic surgery begins to collapse (Wayne), and a very strict father whose deadbeat sons are in the studio and has decided it's time for them to get real jobs (Ryan); "Scenes from a Hat" are "like Oklahoma, musicals about various U.S. states," "sumo wrestlers in other professions," and "anecdotes dogs would tell if they appeared on talk shows"; "Film Dub" sets Greg, Colin, and Ryan in one day in the doctor's lab; Greg hosts "Party Quirks," with Wayne having a series of stormy love affairs from beginning to end with each person at the party, Colin a serious scientist testing how much annoyance people can stand before cracking, and Ryan a rat traveling through a maze to reach the cameras where he's given either cheese or an electric shock; "Hats."
Greg wins, so the rest bumble through an abbreviated "Irish