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  • 2003-09-06T01:00:00Z on ABC Family
  • 22 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Talk Show

In "Let's Make A Date," Greg is the bachelor with Wayne as the Barry White of the rooster world surrounded by lady hens, Colin as a gawky teenager who meets an audience member and takes her on a date to the movies where he hopes to score, and Ryan as Colin's highly competitive uglier brother desperate to show that anything Colin does, he can do better. In "Hats," all four give examples of the world's worst dating agency video. In "Fashion Models," Greg is the announcer and Wayne, Colin, and Ryan are all football player models. In "Scenes From A Hat," the scenes are "if your thoughts were amplified on loud speakers" and "things you can say about your boat, but not your girlfriend." In "Newsflash," Colin is reporting back to Ryan and Greg in the studio in front of a Chippendale police officer.
Greg wins, so Wayne, Drew, Colin, and Ryan do the Rock Star Hoedown.