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Whose Line is it Anyway?: Season 8

8x15 Brad Sherwood & Patrick Bristow

  • 2006-11-10T02:00:00+00:00 on The CW
  • 21 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy

Seating Order: Brad, Patrick, Colin, and Ryan.Let's Make A Date: Patrick has to choose from:
Brad: a catty Vegas showgirl
Colin: Hannibal Lecter
Ryan: a boisterous drunk in a strip club.
Film, TV and Theatre Styles: Ryan and Colin are alligator hunters in the Everglades.
Styles: Elvis, horror movie, South Park, Star Trek, martial arts movie, and Lone Ranger.
Weird Newscasters: Reporting on The 11:30 News are:
Anchor: Brad(Oblong Monkeyplaster)
Co-Anchor: Ryan(Cheese Slices), a bad magician
Sports: Patrick(Turkey Baster), an emotional actor accepting an award
Weather: Colin(Relish Sandalstraps), desperate to go to the bathroom.
Secret: Ryan and Colin are Adam and Eve with the secret(an extra rib) under a fig leaf.
Newsflash: Colin reports from people playing and living underwater to Ryan, Patrick and Brad in the studio.
Scene To Rap: Brad and Patrick, joined later by Colin and Ryan, do a scene at a mini-mart.Winner: All four
Credit Reading: None.