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Whose Line is it Anyway?: Season 8

8x08 Brad Sherwood

  • 2006-03-22T02:00:00Z on ABC Family
  • 22 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Talk Show

Seating Order: Brad, Wayne, Colin, and Ryan.Daytime Talk Show: Bible, Bible, Everywhere profiles Noah's Ark. Participating are:
Host: Brad (Mass Confusion)
Guest #1: Wayne (Zebecadiah Jones, Noah's neighbor)
Guest #2: Ryan (Houston Pings, a meteorologist)
Audience Members: Colin (a man upset that the unicorns drowned, and a women disgusted with both the guests).
Sound Effects: Colin is Indiana Jones trying to find an ancient treasure in a booby-trapped cave.
Scene To Rap: All four rap a scene involving a train wreck.
Ice Skaters: Ryan and Colin are Olympic ice skaters doing their final routine, of which the subject is getting up in the morning.
Improbable Mission: Colin and Ryan are secret agents who must mow the lawn, per instructions on the tape given by Brad.
Dead Bodies: In a deleted scene from Titanic, Jack(Ryan) is drawing Rose(audience member Julie) in the nude when her fiance(Wayne) bursts in and announces they've just struck an iceberg. Ryan and Julie are dead, Wayne dies when he enters the scene, Colin takes their bodies and keeps the scene going.
Questions Only: Tension breaks out in the gangster world of 1930's Chicago; Drew replaces Brad.Winner: Brad
Credit Reading: None.