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Wisdom Teachings

Season 12 2014

  • 2014-10-06T06:00:00+02:00 on Gaiam TV
  • 35 mins
  • 4 hours, 40 mins
  • United States
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality, Special Interest, Talk Show

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality.

8 episodes

12x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#82] Prelude to Disclosure

  • Season Premiere

    2014-10-06T06:00:00+02:00 — 35 mins

We live in an era where the speed of technological advancements exceeds our ability to adapt to the changes. A prime example is the proliferation of nuclear technology that perpetuates an ever-looming threat of nuclear war. It seems our world’s governments are unwilling, or incapable of eliminating such a threat. If we cannot save ourselves from ourselves, then who will? In this prelude to disclosure, David Wilcock exposes the forces competing for humanity’s ultimate demise or its potential salvation in this presentation originally webcast October 6, 2014 Aired on GaiamTV

The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown. As the cabal strives for total domination of the world, extraterrestrial forces work to eradicate the threat of nuclear devastation. All the while, both sides vie to stay hidden from public view. However, all of their clandestine machinations are about to be revealed. David Wilcock explains how this disclosure war is reaching critical mass because its most influential players are also the most well-known in this presentation originally webcast October 13, 2014 on GaiamTV

News this big cannot be contained for long and the power elite know it all too well. Within their vast media manipulation toolbox, they have the means to present the truth to the public in a way that no one will ever believe it. Embedded within their false revelations are threats to those who hold their secrets. David Wilcock details the lengths that the cabal will go to obscure the truth as the disclosure war goes worldwide in this presentation originally webcast October 20, 2014 on GaiamTV

What if the world’s governments were offered the secret to free energy technology? And what if those secrets came with a stern warning to implement this technology immediately or suffer great calamities? This outlandish scenario seemed to have happened in October 2010 when a group of Chinese diplomats reportedly delivered such packages to world leaders. David Wilcock details what happened when the world’s governments ignored an offer they should not have refused in this presentation originally webcast October 27, 2014 on GaiamTV

Despite subtle threats from a fracturing cabal, the war on disclosure is taking a major turn. We currently stand upon the precipice of a mass information disclosure that would bring about the most profound change in human history. This revelation is so big, it could instantly advance our civilization into the space age - a time when humanity finally takes to the stars. David Wilcock reveals the signs that the disclosure endgame may be played out very soon, in this presentation originally webcast November 3rd, 2014 on GaiamTV

There can be little doubt that the secret governments are in a panic as full disclosure looms nigh. Soon, the world will know of their clandestine machinations and the full extent of extraterrestrial involvement in terrestrial affairs. But, before that can happen, the people of the world must be ready. David Wilcock lists the many mini-disclosures that have been taking place in new media that is preparing the world for what is soon to come in this presentation originally webcast November 10, 2014 on GaiamTV

If we are to beat the cabal at their own game, the time has come to move aggressively and push for full disclosure. Warring factions within the secret governments weaken their grasp upon the world. Now, once tightly-held information is slipping through the slack between their fingers. David Wilcock reveals the evidence, being prominently displayed in news media, that the disclosure war is coming to a head, in this presentation originally webcast November 17, 2014 on GaiamTV

Perhaps the most despicable use of Kozyrev’s research is the transmission of viral infections via biocommunication. However, this technology also has the potential to be the saving grace for the evolution of human consciousness. David Wilcock explains that the battle between the BRICS alliance and the Cabal is heating up by revealing what may be the most powerful secret weapon used by both sides in this presentation originally webcast November 24, 2014 on GaiamTV