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Wisdom Teachings

Season 26 2017

  • 2017-05-08T05:00:00+01:00
  • 35 mins
  • 5 hours, 15 mins
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality, Special Interest, Talk Show

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality.

9 episodes

26x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#216] The Acceleration of Time

  • Season Premiere

    2017-05-08T05:00:00+01:00 — 35 mins

David Wilcock begins exploring the measurable effects of our solar system as it crosses energetic galactic domain walls. Our examination of the geometry at the infinitesimal and galactical levels of existence begins to pay off as we start to see how this energetic geometry affects the planets encircling the sun. More than just physical changes, we are beginning to see our measurement of time changing. Once we fully traverse this energetic shift, the timespace we occupy will be forever altered. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 8, 2017.

David Wilcock ties together planetary sacred geometry, crop circles and fluid dynamics to give us a detailed picture of the interplanetary climate change that is currently upon us. At the heart of this sacred geometry we find the angle of 19.5 degrees, which holds a prominent place on many of our planets. It is also a key aspect in many crop circles alerting us to the coming changes. If we interpret these strange images with an understanding of fluid dynamics, we can better understand how the energy of our planets are interacting with the coming wave of galactic energy. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 15, 2017.

David Wilcock explains the multidimensional, tetrahedral geometry that is the heart of interplanetary climate change. Looking at energetic phenomena emanating from Saturn and Jupiter, we will see counter rotational geometries causing vertices to intersect and collide. The intensity of these interactions are increasing as the heliosphere surrounding our solar system gets an intense charge up from colliding with a galactic domain wall. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 22, 2017.

David Wilcock continues his comprehensive investigation into interplanetary climate change by examining data collected by scientists like Dr. Mark Comings, Dr. Aleksy Dmitriev and Dr. Marev Opher. What they have found is that our solar system is colliding with a highly charged energy cloud. This cloud is supercharging the heliosphere, which is causing accelerated pole shift, redistribution of ozone and catastrophic climate change on Earth. Something similar happened 10,000 years ago when such energetic changes caused a total revision of life on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 29, 2017.

David Wilcock shows us that a collision of a comet with Jupiter provides evidence that our solar system is becoming super-charged. In July 1994 comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 blazed a trail through our solar system and plummeted deep into the clouds of Jupiter. The fiery plasma emanating from the cometary fragments and the excessive energy expelled from their impacts lends evidence to the planetary climate change that our solar system is currently experiencing. Plus, we explore the possibility that this impact was intentionally set-up by a group intending to jumpstart disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast June 5, 2017.

David Wilcock delves even deeper into the notion that interplanetary climate change is having dramatic effects on Earth’s Atmosphere. Our tiny planet is enshrouded by the energy radiating out from the sun, which we call the solar wind. As the heliosphere collides with an interstellar cloud of highly charged gas, this solar wind becomes super-charged. We see the effects of this as new energy is appearing in the van Allen belts surrounding the Earth, which in turn, is causing a dramatic transformation of our atmosphere. Earth is not the only planet affected by this, as strange things are happening to the atmosphere of Mars. This presentation was originally webcast June 12, 2017.

David Wilcock continues his exploration into the transformation of Earth’s atmosphere by highlighting the increase in strange planetwide electrical phenomena. As the Earth’s van Allen belt becomes charged by a new wave of energy coursing through our solar system, we see strange plasma balls illuminating the night sky. The work of Dr. Dmitriev shows us that these strange plasma balls are the intersection of hyper-dimensional energy which can have a dramatic effect upon seismic activity. He suggests that this activity is a sign of our emotional interaction with the planet, and this is how the Earth dispels the negative energy that we are generating. This presentation was originally webcast June 19, 2017.

Climate change is afoot and David Wilcock describes it as the result of changes in the energy level of our solar system. This is the finding of Dr. Dmitriev who explored the electrogravidynamic effects of tornadoes and other extreme atmospheric phenomena. Due to the super-charging of our solar system we are a being subjected to a transformation of the very physics which have defined our reality. From accelerated time to antigravity, he claims that these marvels stem from explosive energetic hyper-dimensional interactions that we see as plasma balls. This presentation was originally webcast June 26, 2017.

David Wilcock explains that the increase in self-luminous electrical phenomena are harbingers of transformation for our planet and humanity. We start to see that these strange electrical spectacles bombarding our atmosphere have a unified explanation. They are high levels of hyper-dimensional energy downshifting into our reality. As our Earth continues to charge up from the energy of the heliosphere, our planet is undergoing a process of dramatic transformation. As part of the ascension of humanity, the Earth functions as a conscious being which is co-creating strange effects, including the ascension of the planet. This presentation was originally webcast July 3, 2017.