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Wisdom Teachings

Season 5 2013 - 2014

  • 2013-08-26T04:00:00Z
  • 35 mins
  • 8 hours, 10 mins
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality, Special Interest, Talk Show

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality.

14 episodes

5x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#24] The Science of Time

  • Season Premiere

    2013-08-26T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

To our perception, time moves steadily in one direction. This perception may be inaccurate as scientific studies reveal that time is not absolute. From celestial movements to the gravitational furnace of atoms, time is a complex concept. In this in depth presentation, David Wilcock reveals the intricate connection between time and gravity which enables advanced beings to manipulate our future in this in-depth presentation originally webcast August 26, 2013 on GaiamTV

Questions from two viewers prompt a discussion about the nature of time. We may experience just one dimension of time, but our reality is connected to a parallel reality that has three dimensions of time. David Wilcock succinctly explains the workings of three-dimensional time as a launching point for explaining the strange physics that underlie our reality in this presentation originally webcast September 9, 2013 on GaiamTV

As we have seen in past episodes, the physics that underlie our reality are very different from what we think we know. Expanding upon this, we gain a glimpse into the role of the observer co-creating the four densities of our reality. Many of the scientists who have gotten close to understanding these strange physics have met with dire consequences and have had their experiments shut down. David Wilcock explains just what it is that the cabals don’t want you to know, yet are powerless to fully repress in this presentation originally webcast September 16, 2013 on GaiamTV

The quantum realm is a very strange place where the laws of physics, as we know, no longer apply. The work of scientist, such as, Dr. Olaf Nairz, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev and Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg, shows how the strangeness of the quantum reality affects our macroscopic reality. David Wilcock reveals that these findings prove time travel, teleportation and dematerialization are all scientifically possible in this presentation originally webcast September 23, 2013 on GaiamTV

Our exploration into strange physics culminates with the use of gravity fluctuations to create a vortex into the parallel reality where matter begins to dematerialize. David Wilcock explains how the connection between gravity and time can be used for time travel, dematerialization and teleportation in this presentation originally webcast September 30, 2013 on GaiamTV

Geometry may be the secret to understanding the nature of our reality. Ancient religions knew of the power of geometry and it still remains one of the greatest Masonic secrets. David Wilcock explores how sacred geometry defines the flow of the fluid-like energy from the source field as it creates gravity and physical matter in this presentation originally webcast October 7, 2013 on GaiamTV

We have learned that the source field is the origin of gravity and that the fluid-like dynamics of gravity are what creates the atom. What we have not yet seen are the structures that gravity takes as it becomes solid matter. David Wilcock reveals that the geometry of the field is the grand unified secret of quantum physics in this presentation originally webcast October 14, 2013 on GaiamTV

From the ancient Scots to the Roman Empire, some of the earliest cultures knew the exquisite harmony of certain geometric solids. What they may not have known, is that these same patterns can be found in subatomic particles, cymatics, and gravity waves. David Wilcock reveals that the harmonic geometry of the platonic solids is same as the gravity patterns which form atomic nuclei in this presentation originally webcast October 21, 2013 on GaiamTV

We have explored ancient views on the harmony of geometric solids. Now, as we dig deeper into the science that confirms the geometric nature of our universe, we find that the most abundant elements have the most harmonious structures. David Wilcock explains the work of the scientists who have made these amazing discoveries in this presentation originally webcast October 28, 2013 on GaiamTV

As the energy of our universe flows, it resonates in complex geometric patterns. When you begin to understand this geometry, you begin to understand the underpinning of all reality. This is why many mystery schools try to keep this all a secret. David Wilcock reveals the complexities of geometric resonance as it forms vortexes, gravity waves, and the heavier elements in this presentation originally webcast November 4, 2013 on GaiamTV

As we have learned, the fluid-like energy of the universe, which we know as gravity, moves in geometric shapes giving form to energy waves and matter. The pervasive patterns of the Platonic solids gets even more perplexing as we explore a little known form of matter called microclusters. We can see these same harmonious structures in fractal patterns such as the Mandelbrot set in three dimensions. David Wilcock continues his exploration into the Platonic geometry of matter as it emerges from the microscopic realm in this presentation originally webcast November 11, 2013 on GaiamTV

In 1967, Roger Penrose put forth an idea that space and time do not exist because they are an emanation of a geometric unity. He called this radical notion, twistor theory. Since its inception, this theory has challenged the way physicists think about reality. David Wilcock explains how the complex intricacies of twistor theory suggest that the universe really is a geometric projection and that consciousness originates as a quantum process in this presentation originally webcast January 6, 2014 on GaiamTV

Of all of the advancements Penrose made to physics and mathematics, perhaps the most intriguing is Penrose tiling. Various shapes align so that strange and beautiful patterns emerge, which directly mimic the structures of quasicrystals and the geometry underlying our universe. This may be all the proof we need to show that the complexities of the universe are controlled by very simple forces. David Wilcock reveals how Penrose solved the universe with the geometry of multidimensional tiling patterns which form the structural patterns for microscopic and macroscopic reality in this presentation originally webcast January 13, 2104 on GaiamTV

Except for this exact moment, all of the past and the future exist in probable states. The choices we make not only create our future, but can retroactively recreate the past. This phenomenon is known as layered time and is a direct result of the geometric oneness of the universe. David Wilcock explains how we can use extraterrestrial science revealed in the 1950’s to consciously and intentionally affect the layers of time in this presentation originally webcast January 20, 2014 on GaiamTV