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Wisdom Teachings

All Episodes 2013 - 2018

  • Returning Series
  • 2013-04-08T00:00:00Z
  • 35 mins
  • 6 days, 11 hours, 45 mins
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality, Special Interest, Talk Show
David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality.

270 episodes

1x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#1] Introduction to Source Field - Part 1

  • Series Premiere

    2013-04-08T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

In this inaugural episode, David Wilcock connects science and ancient teachings to explain how to be in oneness with living universe and our connection with the source field. When we coexist in a state of oneness with each other and the universal consciousness, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs manifest into real things. There are those who misuse this information for their own benefit and to the detriment of mankind. Discover how you can manifest the wisdom of these teachings to begin to transform your life and master any problems that come up in this unique presentation. Aired on GaiamTV

Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. As part of the living universe, everything you experience is alive, connected and thinking in the same source field. Learn how you can raise your own state of evolution to become one with the universal mind and participate in the solutions to the problems of the world in this unique presentation. - See more at: http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/2-introduction-source-field-part-2#play/30937

Everything is alive in the living universe and the galaxy is a powerfully energetic being. David Wilcock provides scientific evidence showing how you can align with the center of the galaxy in order to boost your own consciousness and psychic abilities. Just imagine how powerful your galactic alignment within the meditation effect would be with bringing light into the DNA of everyone on Earth. Discover how you can begin to heal yourself and radiate that healing light out to the world in this unique presentation. - See more at: http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/3-beyond-cosmic-consciousness-part-1#play/30938

We have previously learned the positive effect that light has on DNA. That concept is further explored as David Wilcock reveals the energetic secrets of the DNA molecule. David provides scientific evidence showing that DNA molecules harness a non-electrical energy source and that holographic information can be transmitted into DNA to promote and restore health. Discover how your DNA is written into the background of space-time, revealing that you are not just a part of the source field, you are the universe expressing itself as biological life in this unique presentation originally webcast April 15, 2013 on GaiamTV.

In this episode, David Wilcock focuses on how we can harness the universal energy that makes DNA and use it for healing. Highlighting the work of Dr. Peter Gariaev and A.B. Burlokov, David shows us how light not only heals, but how it can be used to harm as well. Discover how to protect yourself from the damaging negative thoughts of others and how to promote healing in yourself and the world in this unique presentation originally webcast April 22, 2013 on GaiamTV

David Wilcock further explores the energetic nature of the DNA molecule as a resonance of the living universe. Reincarnation and the spontaneous formation of life in extreme environments may be proof of that resonance. To further explain the energetic nature of life, David reveals the effect of positive and negative emotions projected upon fetal cells. This may be the root of the power elite controlling the people of the world. Find out how you can use this same information to protect yourself and help break the cycle of wars and atrocities in this unique presentation originally webcast April 22, 2013.

2x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#7] The 25,000-Year Cycle

  • Season Premiere

    2013-04-29T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

David Wilcock explains exactly what the Precession of the Equinoxes is and what it reveals about the nature of our solar system. The effects of this precession, on mankind, are profound. In order to convey this information, the ancient gods embedded it into the mythology of ancient cultures, worldwide. This message has been passed on in allegorical metaphor throughout the ages and some of the most important information has been greatly misunderstood. David reveals the real meaning of this message and what it means for us in this powerful presentation originally webcast April 29, 2013 on GaiamTV

David Wilcock reveals evidence that the founding fathers of the USA knew about the coming of a golden age of mankind. They hid this evidence, in plain sight, within the Great Seal of the United States and artwork depicting the ascension of George Washington. From the ancient Roman Sibylline books, ancient Tibetan teachings and famous works of art, the truth about the coming age of mankind is right before us, if only we know how to look. David shows us how and where to look, to see the truth, in this intriguing presentation originally webcast May 6, 2013 on GaiamTV

We have previously learned that the solar system is moving much faster through the source field as our sun gets closer to its sister star. This increasing speed is affecting the earth and the other planets in dramatic ways. David Wilcock takes us on a guided tour through the solar system, revealing NASA’s Hottest Secret: interplanetary climate change in this fascinating presentation originally webcast May 13, 2013 on GaiamTV

After World War II, the US government was just learning how to cover up UFO sightings. Reports of strange vehicles and even stranger pilots slipped through the grip of officials who were ordered to conceal the evidence. David Wilcock discloses information concerning UFOs in the 1940’s and reveals the extent of the initial cover-up operations in this gripping presentation originally webcast June 24, 2013 on GaiamTV

After the dramatic encounters with UFOs in a post WWII world, the ETs attempted contact with the US government, again. This time an agreement was made for advanced technology that came with a hefty price for humanity. Plus, NASA has produced many photos of some very amazing things, including things you were not meant to see. David Wilcock reveals details of the Tau-9 Treaty and what it means for all of us as well as revealing some photographic evidence that NASA tried to hide in this original presentation originally webcast July 1, 2013 on GaiamTV

As NASA probes ventured to the moon, Mars and nearby asteroids the images they returned evoke a sense of wonder. Examining blurred-out sections of these photographs provoke us to wonder: why? Perhaps the answers we seek can be found in a more down-to-earth setting. David Wilcock offers an in-depth examination of several NASA photographs and provides corroborating evidence found in the tales and images from children’s pop-culture science fiction in this original presentation originally webcast July 8, 2013 on GaiamTV

Two of the least known forefathers of America are Francis Bacon and St. Germain. Historical documents suggest that these two played key roles in developing the principles of the new world government. David Wilcock explains who these two enigmatic figures were and their motivations to bring about the prophesized golden age. Plus, we learn of the AKRIJ contact that was publicized in an Italian magazine in this presentation originally webcast September 2, 2013 on GaiamTV

3x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials

  • Season Premiere

    2013-05-20T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Ancient civilizations may have had far more contact with extraterrestrial beings that we do in modern times and the bible may be the most extensive historical record of such activity. David Wilcock begins to unravel the secrets of angels and extraterrestrials as he reveals the meanings of common words found in the bible, such as angel and heaven. When we understand these words, various biblical passages very clearly describe prominent extraterrestrial activity. What we thought we knew about ancient civilizations and prophecies is about to change with this original presentation originally webcast May 20, 2013

In times immemorial the gods walked the earth, building empires and temples as they cultivated early cultures. Remnants of fantasy and folklore are all that remain of their grandeur. Still, their images persist! Carved in stone and cast through the ages, we still know the faces of these ancient gods. David Wilcock reveals the faces of the ancient gods found worldwide, all with startling similar features in this unique presentation originally webcast May 27, 2013.

We have seen images, carved by ancient cultures, of human like gods with elongated heads and large eyes. These images cannot be been passed off as mere fantasy when compared to skeletal remains with similar features. David Wilcock puts together the last of the pieces of this ancient mystery in this fascinating presentation originally webcast June 3, 2013 on GaiamTV

From medieval royal bloodlines to the Fatima prophecies, mankind may not have exclusive influence over its own destiny. David Wilcock presents images and skulls of a royal bloodline, in medieval Europe, with features similar to the ancient gods then gives an introduction to the events that produced the Fatima Prophecies in this informative presentation originally webcast June 10, 2013 on GaiamTV

What will it take for us to get the message and cease world-wide hostilities? The Fatima Prophecies during World War One and the battle of Los Angeles during World War Two may be profound examples where such messages were blatantly disregarded. David Wilcock walks us through the details of these phenomenal events and shares their profound messages in this riveting presentation originally webcast June 17, 2013 on GaiamTV

4x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#18] Ra and the Law of One

  • Season Premiere

    2013-07-15T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

n ancient Egypt, a singular host was found suitable to bring forth a grand message of unity and compassion. Almost immediately, this message was twisted, by the corrupt, and used to build the secret societies of the power holders. In 1982, the message resurfaced and is now conveyed without corruption. David Wilcock introduces us to Ra’s message of unity and compassion, known as The Law of One in this compelling presentation originally webcast July 15, 2013 on GaiamTV

From ancient Mithraism to the modern Olympic Games their symbols and rituals of the Illuminati are paraded right before us. These symbols, though largely unnoticed, are telltale signs of the subtle control exerted by the power keepers. To help break free from their control we must gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy that underlies the Wisdom Teachings. David Wilcock reveals the hidden meaning of Illuminati symbols and highlights three important teachings from the Law of One material in this presentation originally webcast July 22, 2013 on GaiamTV

The Law of One material is an integral part of the Wisdom teachings and, as we have seen in past episodes, mankind was not always ready to receive the information. Strange events in the 1950s began a process to help humankind reach a state of consciousness where we could make use the Law of One material for its original intended purpose. David Wilcock provides a timeline of these events, and shares his own personal journey of discovery in this presentation originally webcast July 29, 2013 on GaiamTV

An important message, for all of mankind, has been sent to us through various methods. Though these communications have been largely ignored, the reality of the message is about to be realized. David Wilcock recounts the various methods used to bring forth this message, as well as its immediate and lasting consequences for all of humanity in this presentation originally webcast August 5, 2013 on GaiamTV

4x05 Wisdom Teachings: [#22] The Fifth Kind

  • 2013-08-12T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

In the early 1950s, a woman named Frances Swan began receiving messages, via automatic writing, from an entity named AFFA. These communications contained information about extraterrestrials and their missions on Earth. While the information and its source may seem far-fetched, reports from the National Press Club in 2010 confirm many key points. In this revealing presentation, David Wilcock exposes details from redacted FBI documents on the AFFA communications in this captivating presentation originally webcast August 12, 2013 on GaiamTV

In 1958 George van Tassel produced a compilation of communications describing a reality that many of us are not familiar with. Much of the information is complex and was not easily understood. The subject matters include the cycling of twelve densities, the progressed evolution of planets, and the connection between gravity and electricity. David Wilcock walks us through some of the details of The Council of Seven Lights book as he begins a series of talks on the strangeness of our reality in this presentation originally webcast August 19, 2013 on GaiamTV

5x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#24] The Science of Time

  • Season Premiere

    2013-08-26T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

To our perception, time moves steadily in one direction. This perception may be inaccurate as scientific studies reveal that time is not absolute. From celestial movements to the gravitational furnace of atoms, time is a complex concept. In this in depth presentation, David Wilcock reveals the intricate connection between time and gravity which enables advanced beings to manipulate our future in this in-depth presentation originally webcast August 26, 2013 on GaiamTV

Questions from two viewers prompt a discussion about the nature of time. We may experience just one dimension of time, but our reality is connected to a parallel reality that has three dimensions of time. David Wilcock succinctly explains the workings of three-dimensional time as a launching point for explaining the strange physics that underlie our reality in this presentation originally webcast September 9, 2013 on GaiamTV

As we have seen in past episodes, the physics that underlie our reality are very different from what we think we know. Expanding upon this, we gain a glimpse into the role of the observer co-creating the four densities of our reality. Many of the scientists who have gotten close to understanding these strange physics have met with dire consequences and have had their experiments shut down. David Wilcock explains just what it is that the cabals don’t want you to know, yet are powerless to fully repress in this presentation originally webcast September 16, 2013 on GaiamTV

The quantum realm is a very strange place where the laws of physics, as we know, no longer apply. The work of scientist, such as, Dr. Olaf Nairz, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev and Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg, shows how the strangeness of the quantum reality affects our macroscopic reality. David Wilcock reveals that these findings prove time travel, teleportation and dematerialization are all scientifically possible in this presentation originally webcast September 23, 2013 on GaiamTV

Our exploration into strange physics culminates with the use of gravity fluctuations to create a vortex into the parallel reality where matter begins to dematerialize. David Wilcock explains how the connection between gravity and time can be used for time travel, dematerialization and teleportation in this presentation originally webcast September 30, 2013 on GaiamTV

Geometry may be the secret to understanding the nature of our reality. Ancient religions knew of the power of geometry and it still remains one of the greatest Masonic secrets. David Wilcock explores how sacred geometry defines the flow of the fluid-like energy from the source field as it creates gravity and physical matter in this presentation originally webcast October 7, 2013 on GaiamTV

We have learned that the source field is the origin of gravity and that the fluid-like dynamics of gravity are what creates the atom. What we have not yet seen are the structures that gravity takes as it becomes solid matter. David Wilcock reveals that the geometry of the field is the grand unified secret of quantum physics in this presentation originally webcast October 14, 2013 on GaiamTV

From the ancient Scots to the Roman Empire, some of the earliest cultures knew the exquisite harmony of certain geometric solids. What they may not have known, is that these same patterns can be found in subatomic particles, cymatics, and gravity waves. David Wilcock reveals that the harmonic geometry of the platonic solids is same as the gravity patterns which form atomic nuclei in this presentation originally webcast October 21, 2013 on GaiamTV

We have explored ancient views on the harmony of geometric solids. Now, as we dig deeper into the science that confirms the geometric nature of our universe, we find that the most abundant elements have the most harmonious structures. David Wilcock explains the work of the scientists who have made these amazing discoveries in this presentation originally webcast October 28, 2013 on GaiamTV

As the energy of our universe flows, it resonates in complex geometric patterns. When you begin to understand this geometry, you begin to understand the underpinning of all reality. This is why many mystery schools try to keep this all a secret. David Wilcock reveals the complexities of geometric resonance as it forms vortexes, gravity waves, and the heavier elements in this presentation originally webcast November 4, 2013 on GaiamTV

As we have learned, the fluid-like energy of the universe, which we know as gravity, moves in geometric shapes giving form to energy waves and matter. The pervasive patterns of the Platonic solids gets even more perplexing as we explore a little known form of matter called microclusters. We can see these same harmonious structures in fractal patterns such as the Mandelbrot set in three dimensions. David Wilcock continues his exploration into the Platonic geometry of matter as it emerges from the microscopic realm in this presentation originally webcast November 11, 2013 on GaiamTV

In 1967, Roger Penrose put forth an idea that space and time do not exist because they are an emanation of a geometric unity. He called this radical notion, twistor theory. Since its inception, this theory has challenged the way physicists think about reality. David Wilcock explains how the complex intricacies of twistor theory suggest that the universe really is a geometric projection and that consciousness originates as a quantum process in this presentation originally webcast January 6, 2014 on GaiamTV

Of all of the advancements Penrose made to physics and mathematics, perhaps the most intriguing is Penrose tiling. Various shapes align so that strange and beautiful patterns emerge, which directly mimic the structures of quasicrystals and the geometry underlying our universe. This may be all the proof we need to show that the complexities of the universe are controlled by very simple forces. David Wilcock reveals how Penrose solved the universe with the geometry of multidimensional tiling patterns which form the structural patterns for microscopic and macroscopic reality in this presentation originally webcast January 13, 2104 on GaiamTV

Except for this exact moment, all of the past and the future exist in probable states. The choices we make not only create our future, but can retroactively recreate the past. This phenomenon is known as layered time and is a direct result of the geometric oneness of the universe. David Wilcock explains how we can use extraterrestrial science revealed in the 1950’s to consciously and intentionally affect the layers of time in this presentation originally webcast January 20, 2014 on GaiamTV

6x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#36] Our Holographic Universe

  • Season Premiere

    2013-11-18T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

The world in a grain of sand… Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. The words of William Blake ring true as we gain a deeper understanding of the geometry that underlies our reality. In order to understand this better, we must first take a look at what holograms are and their connection with fractals. Building on this, David Wilcock introduces us to the amplituhedron, a recently discovered geometric form that proves the holographic nature of our universe in this presentation originally webcast November 18, 2013 on GaiamTV

We can begin to understand how the universe arranges itself when we think of holograms as fractals in action. A deeper look at the amplituhedron brings together what we have learned about cymatics, close-packed spheres and platonic solids. David Wilcock explains how the amplituhedron was discovered and how it validates the geometric model of the nucleus of the atom in this presentation originally webcast November 25, 2013 on GaiamTV

Not only do we live in a holographic reality, we are also holograms of the universe. Everything that we are and all that we experience emanate from a single geometric form. To better understand this, we need to move away from the solid matter paradigm and realize that the universe is a conscious entity creating time and space as a vibration of itself. David Wilcock explains how our reality is a holographic projection and reveals the applied science that may prove this theory in this presentation originally webcast December 2, 2013 on GaiamTV

The universe is a source of limitless energy available all around us. It seems the science that could bring forth free energy technology is being repressed by those who stand to gain the most from our current energy technology. However, the truth cannot be hidden for long as more technological pioneers come forward to reveal their results. David Wilcock reveals the work of one such pioneer, John Hutchison and explains how the science of dematerialization can be used for the benefit or detriment of mankind in this presentation originally webcast December 9, 2013 on GaiamTV

One quality of living in a geometric universe is that we can find many different ways that it generates matter in harmonious geometric forms. This quality becomes apparent as we examine the natural formation of crystals. David Wilcock explains the role that universal geometry plays in the natural science of common crystal formations and introduces us to the extraterrestrial science of quasicrystals in this presentation originally webcast December 16, 2013 on GaiamTV

The discovery of quasicrystals in 1986 challenged what scientists thought they knew about matter and redefined crystal science. Decades earlier, a select few scientists may have encountered them first, as they were investigating otherworldly technology. David Wilcock explains the extraterrestrial science of quasicrystals and how our understanding of solid matter is constantly changing in this presentation originally webcast December 23, 2013 on GaiamTV

The discovery of quasicrystals has challenged what science knew about crystals and solid matter. In the past 14 years of research, various types of quasicrystals have shown usefulness with energy storage and memory metals. Even stranger, information leaked from Area 51 reveals that quasicrystals have been used for antigravity and propulsion. David Wilcock delves deeper into the science of quasicrsystals by comparing laboratory discoveries with information leaked from Area 51 in this presentation originally webcast December 30, 2013 on GaiamTV

7x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#46] The Science of Ascension

  • Season Premiere

    2014-01-27T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

The science we are learning has always been available to humanity. Certain shadow groups have chosen to use this energy and information for their own purposes. Even though they are using this wisdom, that alone does not make it nefarious. If we can understand that the universe emanating from a geometric form, then we must understand that our own physical form is not the totality of what we are. All of the turmoil that is being created in the world is actually part of a global initiation and we are all being presented with a choice. David Wilcock reveals that you are now being presented with the opportunity to use these wisdom teachings of ascension and apply them to your life in this presentation originally webcast January 27, 2014 on GaiamTV

Now that we are gaining an understanding of the complexities of our holographic geometric universe, we can focus on why we’re all here: humanity is beginning to ascend from a third density form of life into the fourth density. Information vital to this transformation has always been available to us, but it has been secreted away by certain groups who use it for their own gains. From the Law of One teachings and other esoteric sources, David Wilcock brings to light this forbidden knowledge to prepare us as we approach a dimensional shift in human consciousness in this presentation originally webcast February 3, 2014. on GaiamTV

Does your life have a plan and do you know the reason you are here? We are now reaching the core of the Law of One teachings which is to help us make the energetic shift to become an ascended being. Before that can happen, one must learn to face the great illusion and discover your purpose. David Wilcock explains how you can break free from the great illusion by understanding multi-layered time, chakras and the secret teachings of Jesus in this original presentation originally webcast February 10, 2014 on GaiamTV

We are moving into in a time of pivotal change where we are going to evolve into something beyond our imagination. But this ascension is not going to automatically happen. In order to harness the lessons needed to make that ascension, we need to understand why the universe is here. David Wilcock explains how our living universe supports the journey of the fool’s ascension and the dangers of material pursuits in this original presentation originally webcast February 17, 2014 on GaiamTV

We live in a special time for humanity. Our ascension, beyond the physical realm, is becoming increasingly likely. But that great shift is not guaranteed for anyone. Ascension is the fulfillment of why we are here. We must learn what that purpose is and how we can best achieve it. To help us unveil these mysteries, David Wilcock lays the foundation for the ascension teachings for the coming golden age in this presentation originally webcast February 24, 2014 on GaiamTV

The ascension may be already starting for some, but there is still a lot of work to do. Even though we are all connected through an intelligent living universe, each of us faces our own challenges for overcoming inner pain and addictions. David Wilcock offers an understanding for the commonality of our deeper levels of pain and illuminates the way for self love and choosing happiness to heal the original wound in this presentation originally webcast March 3, 2014 on GaiamTV

The ascension is already happening for some, and it is not too late to catch the wave. Several different sources have explained what ascension means, what we can expect and when it will happen. Unfortunately, this has led to misconceptions, frustration and disappointment for many. David Wilcock explores the fantasies and realities of ascension and offers ways that we can work with the energetic heart of the planet for mutual healing in this presentation originally webcast March 10, 2014 on GaiamTV

In the 1950’s, a transitional period for the people of earth and the solar system we inhabit was foretold. Details of these prophesies were revealed in George Hunt Williamson’s book, Road in the Sky. As we are approaching this foretold age, we see many of these predictions coming true. David Wilcock recounts prophecies of the ascension as they correlate to Williamson’s writings, biblical passages and the Law of One material in this presentation originally webcast March 17, 2014 on GaiamTV

Ascension is an evolutionary leap in what it means to be human. But we are not alone in making this shift. Volunteers from ascended races are incarnating as human beings; risking their own evolution to assist ours. David Wilcock explains what the end of time prophecies really mean, how we can prepare, and the assistance we are receiving to fulfill those prophecies in this presentation originally webcast March 24, 2014 on GaiamTV

Many religions believe that souls can return from the afterlife to take on new identities in the physical reality. Sometimes those souls return to right their wrongs, learn new lessons, or repeat past lessons. What evidence do we have to show that there is any truth behind such notions? David Wilcock offers proof of reincarnation and explains how it is an important part of our ascension in this presentation originally webcast March 31, 2014 on GaiamTV

Part of reincarnation is learning to accept and forgive your situation. After all, each lifetime is an opportunity to learn new lessons. As we move further along in the ascension, a greater number of advanced beings are being born into human bodies. They are called wanderers and you may be one of them. David Wilcock explains why the wanderers are reincarnating on Earth and introduces the Wanderer Questionnaire in this presentation originally webcast April 7, 2014 on GaiamTV

Despite best efforts, the original plan of our ascension had to be scrapped and a new one formed. Now the 25,000 year ascension process must be completed within 11,000 years, before the cycle repeats. Thus, 16 advanced races have chosen to reincarnate on Earth and accelerate human ascension. David Wilcock completes the Wanderer Questionnaire to identify the traits of those who have come to assist in the dawn of a planetary awakening in this presentation originally webcast April 14, 2014 on GaiamTV

Different religions and spiritual paths claim to have the only answers to ascension. Despite their best intentions, they may be compounding the problems we face rather than solving them. The truth is there are simple things that you can do, no matter who you are, to promote your progress. As we move toward the end of this cycle in the third density, we must be more focused on loving people instead of manipulating and controlling them. David Wilcock reveals how you can ensure that you are not caught in another 25,000-year cycle of life, trapped in third density reality in this presentation originally webcast April 21, 2014 on GaiamTV

We are beginning to experience a shift in physical matter that will bring us in alignment with higher levels of existence. With this shift comes an increase in UFO sightings and telepathic connections with higher life forms. To better facilitate this process, we must become aware of our energetic distortions and work to alleviate them. This includes transcending hope and fear. David Wilcock explains how we can analyze, accept and understand our experiences in order to clear energetic distortions and free ourselves from the wheel of karma in this presentation originally webcast April 28, 2014 on GaiamTV

9x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#60] The Gateway of True Freedom

  • Season Premiere

    2014-05-05T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

We are all part of a perfect cosmic plan where everyone’s life has a purpose. You are a being of infinite worth and each one of us is a micro-cosmos with all of the information and energy needed to recreate the entire universe. In order to fully realize this, you must embrace true freedom and allow yourself to become your own person. David Wilcock reveals how true freedom awakens your heart to your own unique path toward ascension in this presentation originally webcast May 5, 2014

As you engage in the practice of true will, you will encounter thoughts, feelings, and situations that will try to pull you away from your path of ascension. You will always have the freedom of choice to follow the influences that pull you away from your path of ascension. Or, you can choose to perceive these forces as your greatest allies. It all comes down to how you assert yourself in the face of adversary. David Wilcock explains how you can protect your free will in such a way that creates the positive growth needed to help other people ascend in this presentation originally webcast May 12, 2014 on GaiamTV

Even though we all have free will, the universe allows the incursions into our minds that we invite through our actions. Everything that we do and think is reflected back to us through the reality in which we live. These thoughts and actions can be telepathically influenced by others, and there is evidence to prove it. David Wilcock examines the work of Dr. William Braud to explain not only how telepathy works, but how large groups of people can have a powerful impact on the psyche in this presentation originally webcast May 19, 2014 on GaiamTV

We delve deeper into our exploration of the telepathic effects that we all encounter as we go through an evolutionary curve. Both negative and positive entities stand to gain from swaying our minds to their favor. However, choosing a positive path will have a profound influence on the lives of many other people. To show how this works, David Wilcock expands upon the body of evidence proving telepathic influence by exploring the works of three scientists in this presentation originally webcast May 26, 2014 on GaiamTV

The holographic universe is a participatory environment where we are all co-creating our shared reality. Our beliefs literally mold reality so that we can either perceive extraterrestrials and spirits or keep them hidden away from our awareness. As we look t the work Dr. Rene Peoc’h, we will understand just how this works. David Wilcock explains how influences from the positive and negative greetings, according to the Law of One philosophy, actively shape the reality that we are a part of in this presentation originally webcast June 2, 2014 on GaiamTV

Finally, the overt symbolism and actions of the Illuminati all make sense when we apply what we have learned about telepathic influences. They need our permission to continue to hold power over us. Yet, if we confront them with fear and anger, we fall deeper into their schemes. The only way out is to willfully protect yourself in a way that does not empower their agendas. David Wilcock reveals the secret to the Illuminati’s power and how we can free ourselves from their control and proceed on the path of ascension in this presentation originally webcast June 9, 2014 on GaiamTV

10x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#66] Introduction to the Mysteries of Tibet

  • Season Premiere

    2014-06-16T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Tibet has long been a land of mystery and intrigue. It has only been in the past few decades that the secret teachings of this land have been revealed to the world. None of these secrets have been more mysterious or compelling than that of the rainbow body. David Wilcock introduces us to the many mysteries of Tibet that he will be exploring in the next several episodes in this presentation originally webcast June 16, 2014 on GaiamTV

Perhaps one of the most influential teachers of Buddhism is Padmasambhava. He is credited with bringing Vajrayana Buddhism into Tibet during the eight century. The greatest of his teachings is that of Dzogchen which purports to bring its practitioners back to a natural primordial state of being, known as the rainbow body. David Wilcock recounts the life and teachings of Padmasambhava as a foundation to build new layers of wisdom teachings in this presentation originally webcast June 23, 2014 on GaiamTV

The word Dzogchen roughly translates as the great perfection. In order to reach this state of perfection, one must transcend through different stages of transformation. Each level of ascension has its own set of secret teachings and symbolism. David Wilcock reveals these stages and offers an insight to the teachings that accompany each level. He also begins to connect the science of our holographic universe with the rainbow body process in this presentation originally webcast June 30, 2014 on GaiamTV

The transfiguration into a rainbow body of light has long been relegated to the realm of mysticism and philosophy. However, there are scientific concepts, which we have already learned about, that can validate the truth of this ascension process. David Wilcock begins to weave together the science and philosophy of the rainbow body transformation before presenting physical examples of Padmasambhava’s ascension in this presentation originally webcast July 7, 2014 on GaiamTV

It seems like a phenomenon that defies human belief: human beings able to push their feet and hands into stone, leaving behind a permanent impression. Yet, that is exactly what has happened. David Wilcock guides us through several sites across Tibet where Dzogchen masters have left proof of their ascension, by leaving footprints in solid rock in this presentation originally webcast July 14, 2014 on GaiamTV

Continuing our exploration of the Tibetan mystery of rainbow body transformation, we follow a trail left behind by Padmasambhava as he brought his teachings to the people of Tibet. Along this path, he demonstrated his supernatural abilities by leaving hand and footprints in solid rock. David Wilcock traces the path of Padmasambhava through the Bhutan region of Tibet in this presentation originally webcast July 21, 2014 on GaiamTV

As word of the great transformation spread across the world, new masters arose and left their own marks. From Sri Lanka, across Normandy and Scotland, even into the lands of Syria and Israel we find footprints left in solid stone, where local folklore has not always attributed these signs to ascended masters. David Wilcock reveals the worldwide impressions that Dzogchen masters have made as they spread their quest for transformation around the world in this presentation originally webcast July 28, 2014 on GaiamTV

Up until now it may seem that all of these spectacular transformations took place in the distant past. However there are many documented cases of rainbow body transformations happening in more recent times. David Wilcock exposes us to the latest documented examples of people ascending into the rainbow body form and reveals some counterintuitive facts about the transformation process in this presentation originally webcast August 4, 2014 on GaiamTV

For centuries, the notion that life could arise from lifelessness was widely accepted. With the widespread acceptance of Darwin’s The Origin of the Species, such ideas have been summarily dismissed. Even worse is the misinterpretation of Darwin’s theories to suggest that the most ruthless of our species are really the most highly evolved. David Wilcock begins to reveal the suppressed science supporting the theory of spontaneous generation and the conspiracy to conceal it in this presentation originally webcast August 11, 2014 on GaiamTV

In 1891, Hans Dreisch discovered an energy field intrinsic to all of life that guides the growth and development of cells. Alexander Gurwitsch, in 1912, expanded upon this theory by suggesting that this field also was the source of energy vital to all of life. David Wilcock expands upon the notion of spontaneous generation by explaining the scientific discovery of the energy that can create and sustain life in this presentation originally webcast August 18, 2014 on GaiamTV

11x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#76] The Magic Discovery of Torsion Fields

  • Season Premiere

    2014-08-25T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Our universe is abounding with waves of time and ripples in gravity. During the 1930s, Nicolai Kozyrev began work in his laboratory to discover the presence of naturally occurring, spiral energy patterns. Where this twisting energy existed, life seemed to form. Thus, he called his discovery, torsion fields. David Wilcock recounts the life and research of Nicolai Kozyrev, who confirmed the presence of the bioenergy fields that underlie all living things in the universe in this presentation originally webcast August 25, 2014 on GaiamTV

Life is not something restrained to physical forms. It is a force flowing through every process in the universe. During the course of his research, Nicolai Kozyrev came to call the spiraling life-force of torsion fields as time. David Wilcock delves deeper into Nicolai Kozyrev’s research on torsion fields to explain the geometric, energetic forces that connect everything in the universe, which we perceive as life and time in this presentation originally webcast September 1, 2014 on GaiamTV

Perceptions of time can be different for different people and locations. This is something that Nicolai Kozyrev was able to determine as he tested various types of torsion field detectors. What’s more, he discovered that his own emotional state could cause disruptions in the torsion fields which ultimately affect the flow of time. David Wilcock reveals the science that confirms the connection between consciousness and torsion fields in this presentation originally webcast September 8, 2014 on GaiamTV

The cosmos is alive, powered by the same forces that keep us alive and thriving. Waves of time are the background energy that creates all matter in the universe. Perhaps one of the most astonishing discoveries of Nicolai Kozyrev is that he was able to find a bridge between consciousness and matter that could be measured and recorded. David Wilcock explores the notion of a living universe as defined by torsion fields in this presentation originally webcast September 15, 2014 on GaiamTV

The work of many influential scientists reveals that everything we call time and space is nothing more than the intricate interplay of resonant energy. Their findings have shown the true nature of molecules as standing waves, the emanation of time as a torsion field and the superluminal interactions of binary stars. David Wilcock explores multiple scientific theories to demonstrate how consciousness is actually a torsion field that is ubiquitous to our universe in this presentation originally webcast September 22, 2014 on GaiamTV

Many covert technological achievements have been made since Kozyrev’s findings on the superluminal and temporal effects of torsion fields. In fact, Kozyrev’s theories may have been the primary inspiration for the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Outside of secret government projects, many individuals are experimenting with these ideas and uncovering amazing secrets about our universe. David Wilcock examines various practical applications of torsion field theory which have repeatedly produced spectacular results in this presentation originally webcast September 29, 2014 on GaiamTV

12x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#82] Prelude to Disclosure

  • Season Premiere

    2014-10-06T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

We live in an era where the speed of technological advancements exceeds our ability to adapt to the changes. A prime example is the proliferation of nuclear technology that perpetuates an ever-looming threat of nuclear war. It seems our world’s governments are unwilling, or incapable of eliminating such a threat. If we cannot save ourselves from ourselves, then who will? In this prelude to disclosure, David Wilcock exposes the forces competing for humanity’s ultimate demise or its potential salvation in this presentation originally webcast October 6, 2014 Aired on GaiamTV

The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown. As the cabal strives for total domination of the world, extraterrestrial forces work to eradicate the threat of nuclear devastation. All the while, both sides vie to stay hidden from public view. However, all of their clandestine machinations are about to be revealed. David Wilcock explains how this disclosure war is reaching critical mass because its most influential players are also the most well-known in this presentation originally webcast October 13, 2014 on GaiamTV

News this big cannot be contained for long and the power elite know it all too well. Within their vast media manipulation toolbox, they have the means to present the truth to the public in a way that no one will ever believe it. Embedded within their false revelations are threats to those who hold their secrets. David Wilcock details the lengths that the cabal will go to obscure the truth as the disclosure war goes worldwide in this presentation originally webcast October 20, 2014 on GaiamTV

What if the world’s governments were offered the secret to free energy technology? And what if those secrets came with a stern warning to implement this technology immediately or suffer great calamities? This outlandish scenario seemed to have happened in October 2010 when a group of Chinese diplomats reportedly delivered such packages to world leaders. David Wilcock details what happened when the world’s governments ignored an offer they should not have refused in this presentation originally webcast October 27, 2014 on GaiamTV

Despite subtle threats from a fracturing cabal, the war on disclosure is taking a major turn. We currently stand upon the precipice of a mass information disclosure that would bring about the most profound change in human history. This revelation is so big, it could instantly advance our civilization into the space age - a time when humanity finally takes to the stars. David Wilcock reveals the signs that the disclosure endgame may be played out very soon, in this presentation originally webcast November 3rd, 2014 on GaiamTV

There can be little doubt that the secret governments are in a panic as full disclosure looms nigh. Soon, the world will know of their clandestine machinations and the full extent of extraterrestrial involvement in terrestrial affairs. But, before that can happen, the people of the world must be ready. David Wilcock lists the many mini-disclosures that have been taking place in new media that is preparing the world for what is soon to come in this presentation originally webcast November 10, 2014 on GaiamTV

If we are to beat the cabal at their own game, the time has come to move aggressively and push for full disclosure. Warring factions within the secret governments weaken their grasp upon the world. Now, once tightly-held information is slipping through the slack between their fingers. David Wilcock reveals the evidence, being prominently displayed in news media, that the disclosure war is coming to a head, in this presentation originally webcast November 17, 2014 on GaiamTV

Perhaps the most despicable use of Kozyrev’s research is the transmission of viral infections via biocommunication. However, this technology also has the potential to be the saving grace for the evolution of human consciousness. David Wilcock explains that the battle between the BRICS alliance and the Cabal is heating up by revealing what may be the most powerful secret weapon used by both sides in this presentation originally webcast November 24, 2014 on GaiamTV

Sometime in August 2014 a mysterious cube, bearing the inscription of 2014 across two sides, appeared atop the Georgia Guidestones. Late September 2014, the cube was removed before a crowd of onlookers and smashed into bits. Fortunately, mysterious inscriptions on the other sides were revealed. David Wilcock decodes the meanings of these mysterious inscriptions which reveal more details of the cabal’s depopulation agenda in this presentation originally webcast December 1, 2014 on GaiamTV

A vast majority of extraterrestrial humans have formed a secret government on Earth. This is what we know as the Cabal or the Illuminati. Propaganda and misinformation have become the primary weapons of mass acceptance for their nefarious plans, which must be completed by 2016.By exposing who the Cabal is and what their plans are, David Wilcock provides us with the means to defeat the cabal at their own game in this presentation originally webcast December 8, 2014 on GaiamTV

The rich and powerful have secured their place among the secret government by providing financial and material support for the plan to drastically reduce human population. It is no wonder that celebrities are swept up in these machinations to perpetuate fear in our population. David Wilcock offers advice for transcending fear in order to rescind the permission needed by the Cabal in order to enact its depopulation agenda in this presentation originally webcast December 15, 2014 on GaiamTV

Karmic law holds us liable for every action we perform. The same is true for every member of the Cabal. When the time comes, they will be publically prosecuted for their crimes. To ensure that this happens, we must know exactly what it is that we have unwittingly agreeing to. David Wilcock continues to unravel the cryptic symbolism of the depopulation agenda that is prominently displayed before us through popular forms of entertainment in this presentation originally webcast December 22, 2014 on GaiamTV

When we really analyze the origin of the cabal, we see that the formation of the extraterrestrial alliance goes back to the Korean War. What started off as a mere manipulation of military forces has expanded to achieve control over nearly all forms of mass media. David Wilcock continues to give us the inside scoop of the Illuminati’s agenda before it becomes common knowledge in this presentation originally webcast December 29, 2014 on GaiamTV

For the cabal to be allowed to manipulate and control the populations of earth, they must get our agreement. This means they need to tell us what their plans are. By simply not opposing them, we unwittingly agree to them. Thus we have the Georiga Guide stones and the similarly designed International Peace Gardens. David Wilcock deconstructs the overt Masonic and Illuminati symbolism present at the International Peace Gardens to further reveal their nefarious plans in this presentation originally webcast January 5, 2015

We live in an era when it is nearly impossible to completely conceal information from an incessantly inquiring public. Every day, countless pairs of eyes pour over every detail in photographs and videos released by NASA. Invariably, astonishing discoveries are made that confirm the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth. David Wilcock shares some of these unbelievable findings and explains how HAARP technology fits into the Cabal’s plans in this presentation originally webcast January 12, 2015 on GaiamTV

Humanity is caught in a proxy war between two competing factions in the higher realms. As we find this great war finally coming to a head, science and religion both struggle for the truth to be revealed. This is not just about dominating worldly finances and material goods, but this is a war for control over humanity’s soul. David Wilcock explains what the defeat of the Cabal means for the collective ascension of human kind in this presentation originally webcast January 19, 2015 on GaiamTV

In the 1950’s Cleve Backster had developed polygraph technology and interrogation techniques for the CIA. When he left the CIA in the 60’s, Backster continued his research with polygraph technology. Eventually he attached his equipment to plants and was astonished by the results. David Wilcock provides a primer into the work of Cleve Backster as a foundation for understanding non-local communication in this presentation originally webcast January 26, 2015 on GaiamTV

There is no doubt that Cleve Backster’s experiments with plants and polygraph machines were controversial. But, as his experiments continued, his findings provided even more astonishing results that are still hotly contested by the scientific community. David Wilcock highlights many of the experiments Cleve Backster documented that shows plants are aware of and can react to their environment in this presentation originally webcast February 2, 2015 on GaiamTV

We all have heard that all life is connected through some unseen force or field. This may well be the Source Field from which all matter arises. As Cleve Backster’s research continued, his findings indicate that this Source Field is the medium by which all of nature is telepathic. David Wilcock offers more details on Backster’s experiments that show the reactive effects can be detected in any living cell in this presentation originally webcast February 9, 2015 on GaiamTV

As we have seen, all matter is fundamentally connected. Therefore all of life is just as fundamentally connected. As we are beginning to see, the work of Cleve Backster provides the scientific basis that proves this deep level of interconnectedness. David Wilcock delves into the root of the herd mindset and non-local communication between human cells in this presentation originally webcast February 16, 2015 on GaiamTV

As we share our lives with pets, they not only enrich our lives, but we enhance their spiritual evolution as well. This is because we share a unique connection, as evidenced by the findings of Cleve Backster and other scientists. David Wilcock explores the work of Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake which suggests that our pets really can intelligently communicate with us via telepathic connections in this presentation originally webcast February 23, 2015 on GaiamTV

The very notion that we hold a bond with animals that provides a basis for intelligent communication is very controversial. However, it is undeniable when you see the data. With this information in hand, the possible applications seem endless. David Wilcock deepens our understanding the connection we hold with all of life by extrapolating its effects with the 100th Monkey Effect and the practice of Remote Viewing in this presentation originally webcast March 2, 2015 on GaiamTV

As we have seen, collective animal behavior appears as if a single consciousness is guiding herds to move in patterns that are consistent with sacred geometry. However, when a single animal becomes aware of its individual existence, a new stage in the evolution of consciousness begins. David Wilcock explores the effect of genetic memory as individualized consciousness becomes self-aware amidst a sea of collective consciousness in this presentation originally webcast March 9, 2015 on GaiamTV

What is it that you have always wanted to ask David Wilcock? Four lucky viewers have taken advantage of the rare opportunity to confront David with their questions concerning the growing visibility of the cabal, advancing your quest as a Wanderer, working with your higher self and accessing your intuitive gifts. David Wilcock does not disappoint as his answers provide deeper insights into the essence of Wisdom Teachings in this special presentation originally webcast March 16, 2015 on GaiamTV

Many of us identify as a single mind barely aware of the collective consciousness. But what if a single mind were to occupy two bodies? Even stranger, what if a fully functioning mind were to occupy a body nearly devoid of a brain? David Wilcock explores some of the strangest phenomena that may prove that the brain is not the origin of consciousness; rather it is merely a receiver in this presentation originally webcast March 23. 2015 on GaiamTV

The human mind thrives within a sea of consciousness. But, we have all been deceived by illusions of separateness and many believe the limitations imposed upon us by others. Now, laboratory testing is showing that the human mind is capable of far more than we may be comfortable to admit. David Wilcock examines the work of Dr. William Braud whose research provides scientific evidence of extrasensory perception in this presentation originally webcast March 30, 2015 on GaiamTV

If we can understand that the human mind thrives in a sea of consciousness, then we can begin to explore the nature of those waters. We can do this, because our bodies possess the necessary equipment to see beyond the limits of space-time. David Wilcock begins to tie together the theories of torsion fields, source field with the scientific exploration of collective consciousness in this presentation originally webcast April 6, 2015 on GaiamTV

Why do some people know what is going to happen before it happens? Maybe they have a special connection or abilities that the rest of us lack? Can collective consciousness have a measurable effect upon the physical world? David Wilcock answers these questions, and more, as we explore the psychic connection across time and space in this presentation originally webcast April 13, 2015 on GaiamTV

The distinction between science and spirituality begins to blur even further as the wisdom so long held by ancient traditions is now being verified through scientific analysis. Collectively, we can all play a hand in the peace of our planet and in the healing of each other. David Wilcock presents the scientific evidence that proves the healing power of consciousness in this presentation originally webcast April 20, 2015 on GaiamTV

15x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#111] The Memory of Water

  • Season Premiere

    2015-04-27T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Water, it is the essence of life as we know it. Mystics and priests have long known that water can hold sacred energy and intention. But, it took an accidental discovery for one scientist to learn what ancient traditions have always held true. David Wilcock dives into the work of Jacques Benveniste who unintentionally discovered the memory of water in this presentation originally webcast April 27, 2015 on GaiamTV

Even though skeptics lambast Jacques Benveniste’s work, other scientists see the value of his research. They are working to advance his theories to the molecular and atomic levels. Benveniste’s mantel was taken up by Nobel Prize winning, Luc Montagnier who presented the fruits of his research to UNESCO. David Wilcock explains how homeopathy and the work of these scientists is just the beginning of a new era for medical advancements in this presentation originally webcast May 4, 2015 on GaiamTV

We all know that water is essential for life as we know it. But, scientists are just now learning how we connect with this life giving substance through our consciousness. This notion is not readily accepted by the science community at large, but droves of evidence are making believers out of skeptics. David Wilcock introduces us to the effect of consciousness upon the crystalline structure of water through the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and Professor Kenneth Libbrect in this presentation originally webcast May 11, 2015 on GaiamTV

As we have learned that human consciousness can have a direct effect upon the crystalline structure of water, we can then see how our consciousness can connect us to unseen sources of water. This is the basis of dowsing, one of the oldest and most effective means of locating subterranean water supplies. David Wilcock walks us through the history and scientific exploration of the use and applications of dowsing in this presentation originally webcast May 18, 2015 on GaiamTV

16x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#115] Wilhelm Reich and “Orgone Energy”

  • Season Premiere

    2015-05-25T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Advancements in the burgeoning psychological sciences of the 1920s and ‘30s ranged from profound to controversial. After years of intensive research, Wilhelm Reich’s theories proved to be both profound and controversial. However, his notions regarding orgone energy have undergone years of abuse and attempted discreditation. David Wilcock recounts the life of Wilhelm Reich and introduces us to his theories concerning the creation and use of orgone energy in this presentation originally webcast May 25, 2015 on GaiamTV

What if everything we thought about the formation of life was wrong? Perhaps, what we have been taught about the mechanics of life has more to do with politics than with science. David Wilcock explores Wilhelm Reich’s experiments which gave credence to notions of spontaneous generation through the accumulation of bions in this presentation originally webcast June 1, 2015 on GaiamTV

After Wilhelm Reich produced spectacular results with professed cures for cancer, that were deemed impossible by practitioners of mainstream science, he was attacked by the US government and his laboratory shut down. However, several researchers took up Reich’s fallen mantel by successfully replicating his experiments and results. David Wilcock introduces us to the intrepid scientists who defied the system and produced photographic evidence of bions in this presentation originally webcast June 8, 2015 on GaiamTV

Life from lifelessness would be impossible if our universe was only comprised of material substances. But the works of Wilhelm Rich and Dr. Luc Montagnier have provided evidence that we live in a universe where life is propagated by an underlying field of energy. David Wilcock reveals the scientific proof that shows life can form spontaneously, not just from matter to matter, but from energy to matter as well in this presentation originally webcast June 15, 2015 on GaiamTV

With the discovery of life spontaneously forming from an underlying energy field, finding ways to make use of this energy field was soon at hand. Wilhelm Reich toiled to discover ways to collect and channel this energy for use in his experiments with healing. The results further fueled negative reactions to Reich’s research from mainstream science regimes. David Wilcock discusses the suppressed healing technology from Wilhelm Reich research on the healing effects of orgone in this presentation originally webcast June 22, 2015 on GaiamTV

Wilhelm Reich’s work with orgone showed that this mysterious energy is not only produced by the environment, but had a direct effect on people’s mood and the amount of water found in any given location. To that effect, he developed technology that could change the levels and quality of orgone for large areas. David Wilcock explores the move of orgone technology from within the walls of the laboratory to the wide expanses of the Arizona desert to produce life from lifelessness in this presentation originally webcast June 29, 2015 on GaiamTV

Can the results of science be judged within a court of law? Maybe not. But this did not stop the FDA and U.S. legal system from putting an end to the work of Wilhelm Reich through any legal machination that they could muster. David Wilcock reveals the details of the government takedown of Wilhelm Reich and the continuing benefits of his enduring legacy in this presentation originally webcast July 6, 2015 on GaiamTV

17x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#122] Geopathic Zones: Home Sick Home

  • Season Premiere

    2015-07-13T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

We take great care to reduce and eliminate those things in our environment which can bring disease and hardship into our lives. Laying hidden just below our feet may be the greatest threat to our wellbeing. David Wilcock builds upon what we have learned about dead orgone energy to explore the sickness in our homes that can be caused by crisscrossing geomagnetic lines in this presentation originally webcast July 13, 2015 on GaiamTV

Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the earth has a natural vibratory frequency of 7.83 Hertz. However certain areas have naturally-caused disruptions to this frequency which can have detrimental effects upon the growth of flora as well as occurrences of paranormal phenomena. David Wilcock details the signs of geopathic zones, which can become quite obvious, once you know what you are looking for in this presentation originally webcast July 20, 2015 on GaiamTV

Geopathic zones are indeed a product of the natural world, but the very infrastructure we need to maintain modern civilization may be contributing to the creation of stress lines within the Schuman Resonance. We must take great care when these lines converge within our homes. David Wilcock explores the implications of the von Pohl scale, as a way of detecting and measuring geopathic zones in this presentation originally webcast July 27, 2015 on GaiamTV

With profuse crisscrossing of geomagnetic lines, geopathic zones can be found just about anywhere even though they are difficult to detect. Fortunately, the work of several scientists have shown us how we can detect these danger spots as well as how to avoid and thwart their effects. David Wilcock recounts the details of government sponsored investigations to determine the location of geopathic zones and document their effects upon the populace in this presentation originally webcast August 3, 2015.

Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Ernst Hartmann independently discovered two intersecting grids of geomagnetic lines. Aligned at roughly 45 degree angles to each other, the convergence of Curry and Hartmann lines create geopathic zones. Thus X marks the spot. David Wilcock explains the discovery and implications of the intersections of Curry and Hartmann grids in this presentation originally webcast August 10, 2015.

Now that we know that there are intersecting grids of geomagnetic lines, how do we detect them and what can we do to protect ourselves from their harmful effects? Dowsing is one particular method of locating these zones, but modern technology offers new gadgets that can detect areas of natural electromagnetic activity. David Wilcock describes ways that we can detect geopathic zones, with and without special gadgets in this presentation originally webcast August 17, 2015.

One of the most important pioneers of research into the effects of geopathic zones was an Islamic philosopher from the 11th century known as Avicenna or Ibn Sina. The trials and tribulations of his life set up the conditions for him to receive advanced information on health and disease as well as the effects from earth-based energetics. David Wilcock recounts the life and philosophy from the forefather of geopathic research, Ibn Sina in this presentation originally webcast August 24, 2015.

Now that we know about the technology that can detect geopathic zones, we are ready to learn about the technology that can help us to avert their negative effects. A new field of technology has burgeoned into the marketplace offering devices that can generate fields of magnetic resonance that mimic the natural Schumann resonance of Earth. David Wilcock examines various devices that generate magnetic resonance, including the so-called, God Helmet in this presentation originally webcast August 31, 2015.

18x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#130] Continuing Buildup to Disclosure

  • Season Premiere

    2015-09-07T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

David Wilcock enumerates several examples, straight from the headlines, that expose the events which are a part of the continuing buildup to full disclosure. As the cabal continues their prerequisite warnings to initiate actions which will result in mass causalities, all of their attempts to do so are successfully thwarted. Little by little, the disclosure that the cabal struggles to contain slips right through their waning grip. This production was originally webcast September 7, 2015.

David Wilcock exposes the machinations of the cabal and their opposition, the alliance, as tales told in the cinema. Blockbuster films bear the spark of wonder for millions and carry our minds away from the day-to-day distress we all face. Hidden among the imagery of these idealized worlds we can find the subtle secrets of the reality with which we must unwittingly must come to terms. This production was originally webcast September 14, 2015.

David Wilcock highlights subtle details, we may have missed, in popular movies which depict the plans of the cabal and the resistance fighters. We have all heard the many warnings of impending nuclear disasters set to annihilate vast populations of the Earth. Strikingly, these threats have never come to the light of day. Could the rumors of UFOs deactivating nuclear warheads be true? And what of the secret messages really hidden in the Da Vinci Code and other such “fictional” works? This production was originally webcast September 21, 2015.

David Wilcock begins to collapse the cabal’s propaganda matrix by revealing the secrets behind some of our most beloved blockbuster movies. Some of the biggest secrets on how the cabal perceives us and the world we live in are paraded right before us. Embedded within the imagery of blockbuster movies, such as Captain America and Planet of the Apes are snippets right out of the minds of the cabal’s most creative leaders. This production was originally webcast September 28, 2015.

David Wilcock discloses the intricate schemings of the darkness and the light which play out right before us, yet most of us never see it for what it really is. Just as the cabal seeks to manipulate us and garner our implied agreement to their nefarious plans, another group seeks to expose their machinations through the very same mechanisms. From movies to television programs, the evidence is presented in plain sight every day. You just have to learn how to see it. This production was originally webcast October 5, 2015.

David Wilcock details what the cabal is most afraid of. That the full disclosure of their devious plans will lead to mass arrests of these master manipulators. They hope, that as the truth is being disclosed, little by little, that they will have plausible deniability once the final ball has dropped. Little do they realize, that the revolution is already being televised. This production was originally webcast October 12, 2015.

David Wilcock discloses the presence of giant spheres in our solar system, what they are doing here and why every faction of the cabal is now on high alert. In 2012, multiple massive spheres began moving into our solar system. The leaders of cabal rejoiced, certain that their ancient Sumerian gods had returned to reinforce their right to rule. When they discovered the gravity of their error, their resulting actions had consequences they could have never imagined. This production was originally webcast October 19, 2015.

David Wilcock reveals that there is no timeline for disclosure. With the cabal on high alert, and major changes taking place with the sun, we stand upon the precipice of a new era. However, the choice to engage these changes and how far we are willing to go is dependent upon the free will of the individual. We must choose between the goals of the cabal or the alliance. This production was originally webcast October 26, 2015.

David Wilcock plucks more headlines from mainstream news services which connects the dots between various branches of the cabal in order to reveal the heart of their faith. It is a belief system which traces it origins beyond the dawning of human history and could lead us into a new era. But first we must understand who these people are and where they believe they came from. This presentation was originally presented November 2, 2015.

David Wilcock continues to trace the origin of the Illuminati all the way back to an extraterrestrial civilization which may be hundreds of millions of years old. As factions continue to break away from the core of the cabal, new information comes to light regarding not only the beliefs of the ruling elite, but the origin of the original denizens of our solar system which are now 5th density beings. This presentation was originally presented November 9, 2015.

David Wilcock builds an intersection between what we have learned from Corey Goode and the teachings from the Law of One materials. By examining questions and answers from the original channeling sessions, we find confirmations of what is only now just being revealed to the public about the honey-comb earth and the inner earth civilizations. This presentation was originally presented November 16, 2015.

David Wilcock reveals data that exposes extant remnants of ancient civilizations which may be more than 500 million years old. This information is so sensitive that it actually got Corey Goode in trouble when it was first revealed to the public. Within this disclosure we learn the physical stature of the progenitors and evidence of the extent of their interplanetary infrastructure. This presentation was originally presented November 23, 2015

David Wilcock displays several examples of hidden ancient builder race bases found in orbit around Saturn. As the early German bell-crafts ventured deeper into the solar system, many ancient ruins were discovered throughout. Amongst the remains they found ancient bases hidden within the hollow interiors of the largest moons. The secret truth of these discoveries has been stealthily disclosed in surprising ways over the years. This presentation was originally presented November 30, 2015.

19x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#143] The Wars of Maldek

  • Season Premiere

    2015-12-07T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

David Wilcock tells of an ancient war which destroyed two advanced civilizations and sparked the evolution of intelligent life on Earth. Eons ago, ancient civilizations thrived upon a giant earthlike planet and its watery moon. But the warlike tendencies of these peoples betrayed the advancements of their sciences and technology. In an instant, all that they had built was destroyed. But life must go on, and it did. This presentation was originally presented December 7, 2015.

The aftermath of the great war that destroyed two ancient civilizations led to the rebirth of intelligent life within our solar system.

Evidence gathered by the world’s space administrations may prove the presence of ancient civilizations.

David Wilcock brings to light the exploded planet hypothesis by examining anomalous formations upon the Martian surface. Long before civilizations on Earth arose, war devastated the denizens of our solar system. The greatest causality was the populace of a super-earth type planet which exploded into, what we now know, as the asteroid belt. Signs of this devastation can be seen strewn all about the surface of Mars. This presentation was originally webcast January 4, 2016.

David Wilcock examines comic books to see if the cabal has been using them as a means of disclosing their intentions. When scientists from the German esoteric orders made discoveries of ancient civilizations on Mars, deals made with the U.S. government prevented this information from being made public. Comic books may have been the ideal form of media to provide plausible deniability for an extended plan of disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast January 11, 2016.

Once buried in the obscurities of fiction and time David Wilcock brings comic disclosures to the light of the world. Information just now being revealed in episodes of Cosmic Disclosure was originally presented to the public via comic books during the 1950-60s. From domed cities, giant monolithic faces and vast inner earth civilizations, evidence suggests that comics were a major part of a long-term disinformation operation of controlled disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast January 18, 2016.

According to the Law of One, populations across the universe are managed and transferred in accordance with the great cycles of time. These cycles have caused catastrophic devastation to countless civilizations in which extant populations are challenged to grow and ascend or repeat the lessons of 3rd density. Thus, after the destruction of their world, the Mars migration to Earth began, and the cycle is renewed. This presentation was originally webcast January 25, 2016.

David Wilcock tells of the Mars transfer, where Martian bodies were artificially adapted to endure the conditions of a new cycle of growth and ascension. As a warlike species, the people of Mars knew precious little of the lessons from the Law of One. After the devastation of their world, they were given another chance to grow and ascend, this time upon the Earth. In order to make this transition, changes to DNA and density were needed to clear karma and open the way to a new “harvest.” This presentation was originally webcast February 1, 2016.

By breaking down the genetic and social bonds which reveal the origin of human life as we know it, David Wilcock reveals that we are the Martians. But Martians were not the only beings brought to Earth after the destruction of their worlds. What was intended to be burgeoning civilizations of peace and growth, degraded into warlike conditions. At last, interventions were made with the intention of interceding the growing conflicts. But will this on-going guidance be enough to forge a peaceful planet? This presentation was originally webcast February 8, 2016.

20x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#152] The History of 3rd Density on Earth

  • Season Premiere

    2016-02-15T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

David Wilcock maps out the three 3rd density cycles which have shaped the history of intelligent life on Earth. The first cycle, with Lemuria, degraded as many different off-world cultures did not integrate well. Thus, this first cycle was a failure. The second cycle came and went quietly with few ascensions. As we approach the end of the third cycle, are we doomed to repeat the mistakes that have locked humanity in 3rd density? This presentation was originally webcast February 15, 2016.

David Wilcock discusses the interventions made on the behalf of the Atlantean people in order to promote their ascension from 3rd density. Amidst the growing turmoil among the disgruntled residents of Atlantis, a small group of peace-minded people made a call for help. Their call was received and help was given in the form of channeled teachings. Despite the initial intentions, these teachings became corrupted by individuals who sought power over others…and the stage was set for catastrophe. This presentation was originally webcast February 22, 2016.

Every 25,000 years or so, explains David Wilcock, the sun gives of a tremendous burst of energy, marking the end of a great cycle. This can lead to the spontaneous evolution of those who are ready, or bring about planetary destruction for those who are not. When catastrophe struck Atlantis, vast swaths of the population were not ready to ascend. The turgid world we live in, today, is the result of the enduring legacy from the Atlantean catastrophe. This presentation was originally webcast February 29, 2016.

Lemuria and Atlantis were not the only civilizations lost to catastrophe. There are many sunken lands just waiting to be discovered. One such recently discovered locale lay 2,200 feet under the ocean, just off the western tip of Cuba. In 2001, oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky made the discovery of a lifetime when her sonar screens displayed the ghostly images of what appear to be megalithic structures; now estimated to be 50,000 years old. This presentation was originally webcast March 7, 2016.

The signs are pointing to the close of another great cycle for Earth and its inhabitants. As we approach the fateful hour, a great confluence is underway as the energy of our solar system begins to mingle with a raging river of galactic energy. This need not be a time of turmoil for those ready to ascend. David Wilcock explains what we can expect of this coming confluence and how we can prepare ourselves for ascension. This presentation was originally webcast March 14, 2016.

As we approach the completion of another great cycle, we may have the benefit of an ancient technology to assist us in the transition – pyramids. Delving into the arcane secrets of Atlantis, David Wilcock explains the origin of pyramid technology as it pertains to modern day ascension. As the coming confluence nears, it is good to know how to best weather the coming storm. This presentation was originally webcast March 21, 2016.

21x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#158] Pyramid Power: Fire in the Middle

  • Season Premiere

    2016-03-28T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Pyramids, as monuments, have astonished countless generations. But pyramids as machines which collect and amplify source field energy? To understand how this is possible, David Wilcock reexamines the nature of gravity and the fluid-like nature of space-time. The answers we seek come from the works of Dr. Tom Bearden, Nassim Harramein and Thomas Townsend Brown whose theories have been instrumental in reshaping the way we understand the universe. This presentation was originally webcast March 28, 2016.

Pyramids stand as monuments to the greatness of ancient civilizations which have left behind only traces of the mysteries which shaped their cultures. As David Wilcock introduces us to some of the key scientific concepts of pyramid power, we see how these simple shapes can affect the future advancement of human civilization. But first, we need to reexamine the nature of the fluid-like energy which gives shape and form to every aspect of our reality from consciousness to matter and gravity. This presentation was originally webcast April 4, 2016.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, pivotal research by Russia scientists into the effects of pyramids upon physical matter has gone largely unnoticed by the global scientific community. David Wilcock brings to light the work of a prominent pyramid scientist, Dr. Alexander Golod who has made some fascinating discoveries involving the power of pyramids including eliminating viruses, cancer treatments and increasing electrical resistance of pyrolytic carbon. This presentation was originally webcast April 11, 2016.

David Wilcock continues to expand upon the work of Dr. Alexander Golod by revealing even more of the strange discoveries he made involving pyramid power. His findings suggests that the shape of the pyramid concentrates the flow of source field energy, thereby altering the structure of the atoms within objects placed inside the pyramids. If pyramids can alter the material state of objects, then there is no doubt they can have an effect upon human consciousness – maybe even enhancing the meditation effect. This presentation was originally webcast April 18, 2016.

David Wilcock continues to unravel the miraculous discoveries found by Russian scientists as they explored the myriad benefits of pyramid power. Tests utilizing military radar units found massive amounts of ionizing radiation coming off the tip of the pyramid. This energy column has benefits for the earth surrounding the pyramid including increased oil production and higher yields of healthy crops. This presentation was originally webcast April 25, 2016.

22x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#163] Disclosure Checkmate Part 1

  • Season Premiere

    2016-05-02T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Temporarily breaking away from the pyramid power discussion, David Wilcock exposes recent events which are tied to the slow disclosure timeline. It is important to be become aware of these events to bring about full disclosure. The financial war, a major part of the timeline, began when many countries abandoned the gold standard. Now, the manipulation of oil prices is set to create the predicted global financial collapse which heralds the beginning of the end for the Cabal. This presentation was originally webcast May 2, 2016.

A complex chess game between the Alliance and the Cabal is nearing checkmate and captured pieces are falling away from the table as leaked information. Some of this comes from low-level insiders, who are being groomed to release information about the military’s secret space programs. Some is flagrantly displayed in the media by leaders, like Vladimir Putin, who is threatening to release satellite images of the attacks on the World Trade Center. This presentation was originally webcast May 9, 2016.

Notions of a benevolent mass media disintegrate and faith in “the system” wanes as disclosure continues to unfold right before us. David Wilcock cracks open the deception of mass media clouding our view of the truth as NASA quietly discloses details concerning the secret space programs. Tune in to find out how the dust plume on Mars and the bright spots on Ceres play into the disclosure timeline. This presentation was originally webcast May 16, 2016.

Originally chartered as a defense industry, NASA has the ability to classify any information they choose to keep concealed. Unravelling this mystery, David Wilcock expands upon the disclosure timeline of the secret space program, which NASA is quietly unveiling. We already know about the implications from the arrival of the blue sphere beings and their alliance. But as we delve deeper into the information revealed by NASA, we learn more about our Solar System’s past and humanity's future. This presentation was originally webcast May 23, 2016.

The drips of disclosure continue from NASA as David Wilcock drives the push for full disclosure. We learn more details of Ceres which may provide the evidence needed to reveal a civilization living inside of this strange planetary body. Also, water is found throughout our solar system as well as a potentially habitable planet only 22 light years away. Why are all of these revelations coming at once? Could it be the drips will soon become a flood? This presentation was originally webcast May 30, 2016.

Giant steps toward disclosure are being taken by media insiders aligned with the Alliance. David Wilcock explains his view of what he sees as President Obama’s “tongue in cheek” disclosure on the presence of alien overlords exerting control over our societies as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In addition, the Cabal is very concerned about recent revelations on the evolutionary rate of humanity and potential life on Mars. This presentation was originally webcast June 6, 2016.

We know that life holds a prominent place throughout our galaxy, taking many shapes and forms throughout a myriad of solar systems. This information has been kept from the public and any who dared to leak it has been subject to public ridicule, until now. David Wilcock explains that the veil is thinning as recent releases from NASA, and other scientific organizations are slowly revealing facts that support the presence of an ancient builder race, the presence of ancient extraterrestrial giants and the prevalence of life-bearing planets within our galaxy. This presentation was originally webcast June 13, 2016.

Our planet is going through a massive transfiguration as a new Earth is being created in the 4th dimension. Traces of this new reality may be bursting across the dimensional divide and becoming visible. David Wilcock highlights such a story from the news with several eyewitness accounts of a city floating high above. But first, David picks apart a WikiLeaks data dump revealing a collaboration between the military industrial complex and a major media outlet. This presentation was originally webcast June 20, 2016.

April 23rd, 2015 was an important day in the disclosure timeline as three pivotal stories revealing the Cabal’s machinations broke in the news media. David Wilcock discloses details of NASA’s new initiative to search for life on other planets while bringing proof that the banks really do work together to rig the system in their favor. That same day, news broke of two CIA operatives busted for smuggling cocaine across the border with Mexico. We are seeing the downward spiral of the Cabal and their schemes. This presentation was originally webcast June 27, 2016.

We live in a time when the food made most plentiful helps to generate huge profits for pharmaceutical companies. Also, our main fuel source is a great detriment to health and environment. All of this is beginning to change as David Wilcock combs through the past year of disclosures to unravel the great web of control which ensnares our society. He brings to light even more news stories from 2015 which disclosed the downfall of the Cabal. We learn about Audi’s plan to manufacture diesel fuel from air and water as well as the newly implemented plan to begin de-weaponizing our food. This presentation was originally webcast July 4, 2016.

David Wilcock reveals some of the most integral parts of the full disclosure timeline, that were released in 2015, so that you can recognize what is being left out from the partial disclosure timeline. Could negative interest rates in Europe, Bitcoins in Argentina and low energy prices be machinations of the Alliance to bring down the Cabal? What about the strange lights over San Diego and NASA teasing its tests of warp drive technology? Could this be the last of the pieces being put into place to get the public ready for disclosure? This presentation was originally webcast July 11, 2016.

As the rate of disclosure is snowballing, members of the cabal are increasingly worried about their own security. To cover their assets, the Illuminati has a salvage plan. David Wilcock delves even deeper into the secrets revealed from the Sony hack in 2015 to show how the cabal works with the CIA to gently reveal the information which would give them plausible deniability should any of their greatest secrets become revealed to the public at large in the near future. It seems that revealing hints of their secret technology is all a part of their salvage plan. This presentation was originally webcast July 18, 2016.

Forbidden technology, such as star gates, extended life spans and free energy will change the world once it is freed from the concealing clutches of the cabal. Until that time, professional skeptics will continue demonize and demoralize anyone daring to defy the will of the cabal. David Wilcock exposes hypocrisies within the controlled media from the past year, as it flip-flopped on international politics and technological possibilities. This presentation was originally webcast July 25, 2016.

David Wilcock continues his chronological examination of news reports from 2015 which have been building up to disclosure. But, we are left with more questions than answers, such as: What is with the strange trumpet-like sounds resounding from skies all over the world? What is the secret space plane, X-37B, up to as it launches on another mysterious mission? Are mass media conglomerates trying to dumb down the populace with the lyrics of popular music? It seems that is business not as usual, when it comes to the Cabal’s attempts to disrupt disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast August 1, 2016.

Despite the attempts at dumbing down the populace and inundating us with propaganda, we can see that the Cabal’s best efforts are failing. David Wilcock presents more examples from 2015 of forbidden science from the secret space programs breaking into the daily news feeds. Revelations of plasma tubes over the earth and a newly discovered mysterious moon orbiting Pluto may be the leverage that the cabal needs to “save itself” as we near a planetary shift where disclosure becomes inevitable. This presentation was originally webcast August 8, 2016.

In the past year, little attention has been given to a major computer hack in 2015 which could bring the cabal to its knees. David Wilcock divulges details of a massive data breach into U.S. government computers in which hackers gained access to sensitive details of millions of government employees with a security clearance. China was instantly targeted as the attacker, to which Russia come to their defense. The lines between the Cabal and the Earth Alliance may now be exposed as the world awaits the ramifications of this super hack to play out. This presentation was originally webcast August 15, 2016.

Though the Alliance has yet to leverage the information gathered from the super hack of the Cabal, we can assume that they hold records of non-terrestrial operatives within the secret space programs. Two such operatives surface as David Wilcock continues to discuss details from recent disclosures in the past year. We gain confirmation of Corey Goode’s testimony of the MILABs programs and military collaborations with reptilian extraterrestrials on Earth and on the moon. It is important to expose this information, as the fall of the Cabal also brings about the end of Draco control over our planet. This presentation was originally webcast August 22, 2016.

The whole Cabal enterprise is collapsing under the weight of disclosure. The complexity of the world’s financial systems has been crucial for maintaining control over the whole of humanity. And, as David Wilcock reveals from the past year of disclosures, these mechanisms of financial control are beginning to falter. What’s more, is NASA’s reports of a pyramid on Ceres and life-favorable conditions on Titan, Europa and Enceladus may be opening the door for full disclosure of the prevalence of life throughout the cosmos. This presentation was originally webcast August 29, 2016.

23x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#181] Foundations of Pyramid Science

  • Season Premiere

    2016-09-05T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

After David Wilcock’s discussion on the discovery of a pyramid on Ceres, we can return our focus to the power of pyramids on Earth. In order to do that, we need to examine the fluid-like properties of space-time, as proposed by Nassim Haramein. This gives us a new understanding of gravity, black holes, the nuclei of atoms, and the behavior of photons. All of which are the foundation for understanding how pyramids work as photon collectors. This presentation was originally webcast September 5, 2016.

Now that David Wilcock has given us an understanding of the physics of gravity and photons, we begin to learn how a pyramid can attract and shape the fluid-like substance of space-time. The photon vortexes created by pyramids can have a mysterious effect on the materials of our reality. This is how large pyramids, of the right shape and materials, can create changes in matter and act as life-force generators. These effects range from improving the optic properties of crystals to reducing radioactive levels. This presentation was originally webcast September 12, 2016.

Have you ever wanted to build your own pyramid? If so, David Wilcock offers guidelines to keep in mind when constructing your pyramid. You may begin to see a clearing of poisons and toxins from your environment, and a clearing of karma. But be careful, for too much time within the pyramid can clear karma too quickly and cause major disruptions in your life. You will also need to keep in mind potential spiritual attachments draining you of your vital energy. David offers advice to help mitigate such unintended negative consequences. This presentation was originally webcast September 19, 2016.

Pyramids in ancient times collected photons from a 3rd density sun and many remarkable transformations occurred within the natural environment and individuals’ souls. Now our sun is migrating into a 4th density state and we are increasingly bombarded with a higher density energy. Pyramids are now creating higher density photon vortexes with increasingly strange results. David Wilcock discusses how pyramids can affect karmic discharges and physical transformations as we transcend into 4th density. This presentation was originally webcast September 26, 2016.

Now that we have gained an understanding that pyramids can collect and focus photons within their geometric structure, the time has come for us to explore what a photon is and how it is the seed of the universe. David Wilcock lays the foundation for a substantial discussion to come, which lays out the nature of the universe as a fractalization of the original photon. Before we begin the in-depth scientific exploration, we examine what the Law of One Material has to offer concerning the origin of our universe. This presentation was originally webcast October 3, 2016.

In order for us to understand the nature of our universe, and the photon that created it, we must come to an understanding of the geometric nature of our reality. To do this, David Wilcock explores the relationship between the platonic solids. What the ancient scholars seemed to know about sacred geometry and the physical structure of our material world is now being proven by cutting edge science. This all may seem strangely esoteric, but this information is necessary as we get deeper into the nature of the fractionalized universe. This presentation was originally webcast October 10, 2016.

Try to imagine looking at a special sort of shape, that as you look deeper into its form, you see the same patterns repeated, over and over. This is the sort of thing you would see as you peer deeper into a fractal shape known as the Mandelbulb. Using this as an analogy, David Wilcock explains the nature of our universe, as deeper iterations of a single photon. These iterations align perfectly with sacred geometry and with a fundamental constant in quantum physics known as Planck’s constant. This presentation was originally webcast October 17, 2016.

Here is a preposterous proposition: the single photon which gave rise to our universe is both infinitely large and infinitesimally small. David Wilcock explains that this is because all of space and time is a fractional emanation from a single geometric form. Even beyond the physical, our very consciousness is also an emanation of this geometry. What we are exploring should not be considered metaphysics or paranormal, as this is the normal state of our physical reality. This presentation was originally webcast October 24, 2016.

Are you still skeptical about the geometric nature of our fractionalized universe? In a recent experiment, the shape and wave fronts of a single photon were holographically imaged. The pattern that appeared is best known as a Maltese cross shape, which is just a two dimensional projection of a merkaba. We find this same shape dating back to the earliest images of the Annunaki and throughout many secret societies, including the Knights Templar. This shows us that ancient occult groups were able to pass on their secret knowledge through symbolism which represents the universe growing from a single photon. This presentation was originally webcast October 31, 2016.

We go deeper into illuminating the connections between secret societies and their use of the Maltese cross type symbols. This is their attempt to pass on the secret knowledge that we are all fractal emanations of the one original light. We examine different artistic interpretations of the Maltese and Templar crosses which can actually show the fractal nature of the original photon. Plus we gain more of the backstory of negative groups which have coopted this symbolism for their own gains. This presentation was originally webcast November 7, 2016.

As we have seen, the nature of the universe can be scientifically discerned as a geometric form. But this is something which ancient occult groups have already understood and encoded within their stylized cross imagery. These symbols can be found within any organization in which the cabal has dug its claws. But why is this so important to understand? We delve beyond the spiritual philosophies of these groups to explore the science of octahedral fractals, which define the shape of our universe, and bring new light to this ancient wisdom. This presentation was originally webcast November 14, 2016.

Finally all of the pieces come together as we begin to understand a new cosmology that redefines what we think of as the universe. We have learned of the geometric fractal shapes which form from vibrations in the fluid-like substance that is space time. And now we can see how these shapes are spaced throughout the octahedral universe. What we now learn, is that everything moves along the same octahedral patterns, and sizes themselves within the same ratio. This all becomes evident as we examine the alignment of super galaxies and the shapes of atomic nuclei, which all form the super balance geometry of our universe. This presentation was originally webcast November 21, 2016.


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24x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#193] The Octahedral Universe

  • Season Premiere

    2016-11-28T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

As astrophysicists explore ever deeper into the cosmos, our vantage point from Earth provides us with a god's-eye view of the universe. With this view, we find formations along macro-scale geometric structure within an octahedral universe. Sacred geometry has long been relegated to the realms of secret sacred sciences. Now that physical sciences are starting to catch up, the mysterious architecture of the universe is beginning to reveal what the ancient seekers secretly communicated through their geometric symbolism. This presentation was originally webcast November 28, 2016.

We have seen that certain frequencies of sound move dust particles, suspended in a fluid, into geometric patterns. Interestingly enough, the universe moves super galaxies and nebulas in a very similar way. It is as if space-time were a fluid-like substance and vibrations in this fluid acts like a universal heartbeat to guide all matter into perfect geometric patterns. As we look to the patterns formed in many crop circles we find repeated examples of this galactic geometry. This presentation was originally webcast on December 5, 2016.

Our exploration into the geometry of the universe provides us with elegant answers which tie together the geometry of the alignment of super galaxies with their shapes. When nebulas and new galaxies form, they all adhere along cosmic filaments which form octahedral patterns across the universe. And we are starting to see these same geometric patterns recurring within the very shapes of nebulas and galaxies as fractal iterations. This presentation was originally webcast on December 12, 2016.

To further understand the fractal nature of galactic geometry, we dive into the heart of many galaxies which have apparent geometric formations. It is a common belief that galaxies spin and form perfect spirals with their arms full of stars. But as you will soon see, as we examine the shapes of many galaxies, there is a pattern of straight-line geometry which governs their ongoing formations. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on December 19, 2016.

By studying the works of Sir Edwin Hubble, Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Ejnar Hertzsprung, we begin to unravel the mysteries of how cosmic distances are calculated by astrophysicists. Their works are revealing, but somewhat flawed as they are missing an important part of the big picture. By examining their findings, we are just beginning to build a foundation for understanding how the enormous expanses of stellar distances are calculated. This presentation was originally webcast on December 26, 2016.

We go even deeper into the scientific theories of redshift and how it denotes apparent velocities of galaxies and other distant celestial objects. This theory is often taken as sacrosanct truth within the hallowed halls of astronomy. However its originator, Sir Edwin Hubble, came to question the efficacy of this technique. Over the years, this theory has become so ingrained in modern astronomy that few dare to question it. For those who have ventured to do so, their evidence may destroy this reigning icon of astrophysics. This presentation was originally webcast on January 2, 2017.

The evidence needed to debunk the belief of redshift comes from Dr. Halton Arp, who once studied under Edwin Hubble, the originator of the redshift theory. His analysis of peculiar galaxies and their neighboring quasars brings to light the flaws in using redshift to determine the distance of far-away celestial objects. However, redshift does bring to light the multiple layers of reality in which our universe is built upon. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on January 9, 2017.

David Wilcock explains how the work of Halton Arp may be central to the future of humanity’s scientific history, if his scientifically heterodox notions are ever accepted. In his time, Galileo Galilei put forth scientific theory which was divergent to accepted notions of the workings of the universe. It nearly cost him dearly. Halton Arp’s life may not be in danger, but he may be putting his livelihood in jeopardy with his cosmological models based on a different view of redshift. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on January 16, 2017.

David Wilcock takes us deeper into the universe according to Halton Arp. Primary among Arps heterodox models is a steady-state universe, meaning there was no Big Bang. Once we accept that notion, the theoretical constructs of quasars, gamma ray bursters and gravitational lensing gets a badly needed make over. As we contrast various parts of the standard model of cosmology with Arps models, we glean an insight into the mind of Halton Arp which may change your view of the intricate workings of the cosmos. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on January 23, 2017.

Our exploration into the controversy of redshift gets even stranger as we learn that discrete changes in redshift seem to indicate the intersection of alternate planes of existence. The work of Dr. William Tifft helps to reaffirm that redshift is not a measure of distance. He found that redshift within galaxies and quasars takes on certain discrete values, rather than randomly distributed values as predicted by mainstream science. Implications of this discovery point to redshift being quantum energy levels which designate different planes of existence within our own universe. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on January 30, 2017.

The work of Dr. William Tifft sent ripples of unrest throughout the astrophysics community, and many scientists banded together to disprove his notorious notions of redshift. They all failed. After examining thousands of celestial bodies, they concluded that there are indeed only six quantized peaks in redshift values; findings which further confirm Tifft’s controversial model of galactic energy zones. We can almost think of these six quantum energy states akin to the energies of chakras, giving various regions of galaxies energy centers which range from lower to higher vibrational states. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on February 6, 2017.

With proof of quantized redshift set, we begin to loose many assumptions that mainstream science has made in the construction of its standard model of the universe. This leaves many scientists struggling to explain many of the celestial phenomena they have so readily observed and cataloged. The answers may lay within an old theory, once furiously disproved, now finding new favor with scientists struggling to explain how the universe really works. Thus the works of Dr. Harold Aspden, who studied a fluid-like substance of space-time known as aether, is once again rising into prominence. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on February 13, 2017.

In order to understand the aether science of Dr. Harold Aspden, we need to build his model up using his terminology. This enables us to find a layered structure to redshift, which tells us that stars go through quantum phase shifts just like atoms. It also lets us peer into the edifice of the aether, which appears to have properties similar to liquid crystals. We also examine the building blocks for the cosmic quantum medium which includes muons, leptons and tauons. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on February 20, 2017.

From the infinitesimal, within the cubic lattice structure of the aetheric field, to the macroscopic, found within layers of redshift across galaxies, David Wilcock lays out ranges of space domains found throughout a new unified field theory. We are finally starting to see how the simple model of cubic aether solves everything in quantum physics. Dr. Aspden’s model, based on a quon lattice of cubes, matches the redshift numbers observed by Dr. William Tifft. In other words, Dr. Aspden’s advanced mathematics proves the quantized states of redshift as modeled by Dr. Tifft. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on February 27, 2017.

From the infinitesimal, within the cubic lattice structure of the aetheric field, to the macroscopic, found within layers of redshift across galaxies, David Wilcock lays out ranges of space domains found throughout a new unified field theory. We are finally starting to see how the simple model of cubic aether solves everything in quantum physics. Dr. Aspden’s model, based on a lattice of cubes, matches the redshift numbers observed by Dr. William Tifft. In other words, Dr. Aspden’s advanced mathematics proves the quantized states of redshift as modeled by Dr. Tifft. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on March 6, 2017.

As we continue our exploration into the geometric model of the aether, an ancient symbol found in Alchemy and other mystical traditions becomes apparent: the squared circle. Within these sacred proportions we find the geometric relationship between the Earth and its moon, as well as a guide to the ascension of the soul and transformation of the body. Could it be that this ancient symbol harkens back to a time when advanced extraterrestrial civilizations imparted divine knowledge of sacred sciences to humanity? If so, then we are gaining the master solution to the greatest cosmic puzzle. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on March 13, 2017.

We have heard from insiders, within the secret space programs, that the Earth’s moon was constructed over 65 million years ago by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Its sacred proportions to the Earth, which reveal the secrets of the cosmic aether, may well be an indication of this notion. These secrets were passed on to the ruling elite of ancient civilizations and needed to be been passed down through the ages in plain sight. Thus, we see these divine proportions repeated in Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral and the dimensions of the paper we use today. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on March 20, 2017.

In this special episode of Wisdom Teachings, we take a break from our intensive exploration into the science of galactic geometry to bring you some important questions as posed by viewers. Three lucky guests join David Wilcock, on set, seeking deeper insights into subject matters which lay at the heart of the series. We gain a better understanding of what is involved with ascension, how we can further the process, and how inner earth civilizations are involved. David discloses what is going on with technological advances which are currently forbidden but play a crucial role for humanity’s future. A part of this future is our economic system which is currently undergoing a major change. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of Wisdom Teachings. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on March 27, 2017.

From the infinitesimal proportions of the quantum aether to galactic geometry, the universe is awash with the sacred geometry of the squared circle. This is reflected in cycles of catastrophes and ascension which the ancients passed on through esoteric symbols and architecture. These cycles of change have been rediscovered through the Dr. Harold Aspden who found that galactic domains divide adjacent areas of space into regions of differing energy levels. As a planet crosses through these space domains, a magnetic pole shift ensues causing traumatic events, mass extinction, DNA activation and ascension. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on April 3, 2017.

Dr. Harold Aspden predicted it, it is a model in the Law of One, and now mainstream science is starting to see evidence of it – galaxies can spontaneously reproduce themselves. This is only one marvel that results from movement within our geometric universe. David Wilcock takes us deeper the phenomena of galactic spontaneous reproduction, magnetic field reversals and ascension triggers as the result of celestial bodies moving through different levels of energy depicted as cubes in space. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on April 10. 2017.

The massive effects of the universal geometry we have been studying show the impact of changes at the galactic level. But what about the effects here at home? Certainly we have seen that these massive changes can effect DNA and mass extinctions. But, the work of John Searl makes use of this geometry and could change our future. His discoveries, making use of the Searl Effect, are paving the way for inverse gravity vehicles and free energy technology. How all of this is possible becomes clear with an understanding of the electromagnetic nature of our universe, at the macroscopic and microscopic levels. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on April 17, 2017.

Once again a lucky selection of viewers joins David Wilcock on set to ply him with probing inquiries to reveal the soul of Wisdom Teachings. David explains the intricacies of synchronicity and how it can be used as a form of spiritual guidance. The Cabal and the Illuminati are a lot more complicated than we may think as there are members fighting for positive change in our world. We gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between sound and photons. Plus, what would David’s life be like if he was not doing this? Tune in to find the answer to these questions and more. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on April 24, 2017.

David Wilcock explores the scientific proof of ascension, as seen in the laboratory with Searl Effect generators. Ascension, DNA activation and interplanetary climate change is made possible with nested spheres of energy emanating in geometric patterns from the core of our galaxy. In the laboratory, the Searl effect creates vertical magnetic walls around the generator. This is the same pattern with the energetic domain walls permeating our galaxy through which our solar system is currently traversing. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 1, 2017.

26x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#216] The Acceleration of Time

  • Season Premiere

    2017-05-08T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

David Wilcock begins exploring the measurable effects of our solar system as it crosses energetic galactic domain walls. Our examination of the geometry at the infinitesimal and galactical levels of existence begins to pay off as we start to see how this energetic geometry affects the planets encircling the sun. More than just physical changes, we are beginning to see our measurement of time changing. Once we fully traverse this energetic shift, the timespace we occupy will be forever altered. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 8, 2017.

David Wilcock ties together planetary sacred geometry, crop circles and fluid dynamics to give us a detailed picture of the interplanetary climate change that is currently upon us. At the heart of this sacred geometry we find the angle of 19.5 degrees, which holds a prominent place on many of our planets. It is also a key aspect in many crop circles alerting us to the coming changes. If we interpret these strange images with an understanding of fluid dynamics, we can better understand how the energy of our planets are interacting with the coming wave of galactic energy. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 15, 2017.

David Wilcock explains the multidimensional, tetrahedral geometry that is the heart of interplanetary climate change. Looking at energetic phenomena emanating from Saturn and Jupiter, we will see counter rotational geometries causing vertices to intersect and collide. The intensity of these interactions are increasing as the heliosphere surrounding our solar system gets an intense charge up from colliding with a galactic domain wall. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 22, 2017.

David Wilcock continues his comprehensive investigation into interplanetary climate change by examining data collected by scientists like Dr. Mark Comings, Dr. Aleksy Dmitriev and Dr. Marev Opher. What they have found is that our solar system is colliding with a highly charged energy cloud. This cloud is supercharging the heliosphere, which is causing accelerated pole shift, redistribution of ozone and catastrophic climate change on Earth. Something similar happened 10,000 years ago when such energetic changes caused a total revision of life on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 29, 2017.

David Wilcock shows us that a collision of a comet with Jupiter provides evidence that our solar system is becoming super-charged. In July 1994 comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 blazed a trail through our solar system and plummeted deep into the clouds of Jupiter. The fiery plasma emanating from the cometary fragments and the excessive energy expelled from their impacts lends evidence to the planetary climate change that our solar system is currently experiencing. Plus, we explore the possibility that this impact was intentionally set-up by a group intending to jumpstart disclosure. This presentation was originally webcast June 5, 2017.

David Wilcock delves even deeper into the notion that interplanetary climate change is having dramatic effects on Earth’s Atmosphere. Our tiny planet is enshrouded by the energy radiating out from the sun, which we call the solar wind. As the heliosphere collides with an interstellar cloud of highly charged gas, this solar wind becomes super-charged. We see the effects of this as new energy is appearing in the van Allen belts surrounding the Earth, which in turn, is causing a dramatic transformation of our atmosphere. Earth is not the only planet affected by this, as strange things are happening to the atmosphere of Mars. This presentation was originally webcast June 12, 2017.

David Wilcock continues his exploration into the transformation of Earth’s atmosphere by highlighting the increase in strange planetwide electrical phenomena. As the Earth’s van Allen belt becomes charged by a new wave of energy coursing through our solar system, we see strange plasma balls illuminating the night sky. The work of Dr. Dmitriev shows us that these strange plasma balls are the intersection of hyper-dimensional energy which can have a dramatic effect upon seismic activity. He suggests that this activity is a sign of our emotional interaction with the planet, and this is how the Earth dispels the negative energy that we are generating. This presentation was originally webcast June 19, 2017.

Climate change is afoot and David Wilcock describes it as the result of changes in the energy level of our solar system. This is the finding of Dr. Dmitriev who explored the electrogravidynamic effects of tornadoes and other extreme atmospheric phenomena. Due to the super-charging of our solar system we are a being subjected to a transformation of the very physics which have defined our reality. From accelerated time to antigravity, he claims that these marvels stem from explosive energetic hyper-dimensional interactions that we see as plasma balls. This presentation was originally webcast June 26, 2017.

David Wilcock explains that the increase in self-luminous electrical phenomena are harbingers of transformation for our planet and humanity. We start to see that these strange electrical spectacles bombarding our atmosphere have a unified explanation. They are high levels of hyper-dimensional energy downshifting into our reality. As our Earth continues to charge up from the energy of the heliosphere, our planet is undergoing a process of dramatic transformation. As part of the ascension of humanity, the Earth functions as a conscious being which is co-creating strange effects, including the ascension of the planet. This presentation was originally webcast July 3, 2017.

27x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#225] Ancient Prophecies of Extraterrestrials

  • Season Premiere

    2017-08-14T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Ancient texts suggest that Earth was once the battleground for multiple extraterrestrial peoples, with burgeoning human civilizations caught in the crossfire. These scriptures describe a world entirely different than the one we are most familiar with, filled with non-human beings. David Wilcock explains that these accounts may have been written in a time before the Earth shifted on its axis, giving our planet an entirely different climate than we have. A dominant culture in this raging war was an aggressive reptilian race that we now call, the Draco. This program with David Wilcock was originally webcast August 14, 2017.

David Wilcock explains that the end-times' prophecies, in certain ancient scriptures, accurately depict a world similar to ours, today. This is a time when we are all held in a collective dark night of the soul which brings upon a massive crisis, just before the final breakthrough to ascension. These prophecies also predict the arrival of an avatar, with eight super-human faculties, who will usher us into a new golden age of peace, prosperity and ascension. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast August 21, 2017.

David Wilcock explains that the predictions of a coming solar flash depict the pinnacle of ascension, but first there will be a time of great calamity. We will not be not alone, as we will be joined by an ascended being who will guide us into a new golden age. Throughout the many references to this conclusion of an age, we find descriptions of a cosmic energy which initiates a DNA activation and changes all life on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast August 28, 2017.

David Wilcock begins a comparative exploration of ancient prophecies for the end of time that relate to the precession of the equinox, foretelling the end of an age of calamity. These prophecies tell us that the challenges of this final time period become the catalysts to ascension. It is important to note that the texts are telling us of the end of time, not the end of life on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 4, 2017.

When the end of time comes, who will save us from ourselves? David Wilcock continues his exploration of the end of time prophecies from the Zoroastrian tradition. The texts tell us that the collective good of humanity will evolve the world toward the final resurrection, when all will be in a state of perfection and everlasting bliss. But first, we must endure a trial which will bring about the weakening of evil. Then the arrival of cosmic beings will vanquish any remaining negativity with a solar flash that will transform those who are ready for it. Thus, comes the Frashokereti. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 11, 2017.

David Wilcock expounds upon prophecies given in Egyptian and Hermetic texts which describe the conditions on Earth, today, and give insight to a possible mass ascension event. At the time when the pyramids were built, the gods walked upon the earth. Etched into the stone walls are prophecies for the end of time that recent scholarship is just now advancing. Building upon these ancient teachings, Hermes Trismegistus forwarded prophecies for our present time through his work, Asclepius’s Lament. We also look to the words of Solon, as documented by Plato in his Timaeus and Critias dialogs. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 18, 2017.

Continuing his examination of prophecies for the end of times, David Wilcock looks to the lost apocryphal text of the Book of Enoch. What we find are strong similarities to prophecies given in stoic philosophy and other ancient Roman texts. We are told of the coming of the day of tribulation when the wicked and godless will be removed and messianic figures will descend from the heavens to bring ascension. This will all be enacted through a great conflagration known as ekpyrosis, which may be a reference to the long predicted great solar flash. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 25, 2017.

Before the coming of Christ, another savior figure, named Mithras, held prominent sway over the spiritual wellbeing of ancient western civilizations. From his teachings, many mystery schools were born which would carry his prophecies of a coming solar flash and mass ascension, across the millennia. What comes to light as we cross-analyze these savior stories, is that the universe has a divine plan for all of us. This is born out, time and time again, with the similarities found throughout the prophecies of a coming golden age and ascension into bodies of light. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 2, 2017.

David Wilcock revisits the Sibylline mysteries to elucidate upon previously unreleased details and highlight prophecies for our times which may be the basis for the secrets underlying the foundation of America. The enduring story of these legendary women, who accurately foretold the future, has shaped the history of Rome and its descendent civilizations. How they accomplished such feats is still a mystery. What we learn of these mysteries, and their prophecies, will continue to shape the history of humanity for generations to come. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 9, 2017.

David Wilcock discusses the nature of extraterrestrial contacts that took place during the times of the Old Testament and analyzes the scriptural references reporting such contacts. In order to understand this, a slight adjustment to our perception is necessary. Once we understand the true meaning behind words such as, Elohim and chariots, we gain a modern perspective of extraterrestrial encounters in ancient times. This gives rise to a whole new theological paradigm, one that includes the continuous existence of multiple interplanetary civilizations influencing the course of human history. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 16, 2017.

David Wilcock examines prophecies of a coming mass evolutionary event that has been described in passages in the Old Testament. By looking at the numerical clues embedded in the Book of Ezekiel, we uncover the depiction of a cosmic cycle which culminates with a great solar flash. For some, this will be the ascension into a light body with everlasting life. Visions of such a future were relayed through the King’s dream of five metals, representing humanity moving into a new golden age. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 23, 2017.

David Wilcock examines the teachings, as espoused by a mysterious being known as Jesus and relayed through the New Testament, which foretell of a global ascension-type of event. These words were told in parables, which have led to many differing interpretations over the centuries. With David’s interpretation, we gain an understanding of how to these parables tell of a coming fiery event which will lead to ascension into a light body, for those who have properly prepared for it. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 30, 2017.

David Wilcock takes a deeper exploration into the New Testament to reveal mysteries in the book of Matthew which match enigmatic passages in the Law of One concerning the coming Harvest. Though the use of this word may be startling, it is actually a reference to a greater, cosmic transformation of human life into a higher state of existence. Cross-referencing these texts may clear up one of the most controversial concepts found in the Law of One Material. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast November 6, 2017.

A persistent message of humanity’s potential ascension, come a fiery rebirth, is perpetuated throughout every major spiritual tradition, including Islam. These prophecies come to light as David Wilcock analyses texts from the Quran concerning the day when time ends. He tells us that this will be a day of truth and enlightenment when all secret motivations are revealed and those who have prepared will realize the permeance and perfection of the spirit, as a body of light. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast November 13, 2017.

Concluding our tour of ascension prophecies in ancient texts David Wilcock examines the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and Padmasambhava in the Buddhist traditions. What we find is that Gautama Siddhartha downloaded the core of the ascension teachings one needs in order to transcend the coming solar flash. Padmasambhava fleshed out the teachings and practices, explaining how one can achieve the activation of the rainbow body upon the moment of death. All of which occur within cycles of creation and dissolution, which we all must endure. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast November 20, 2017.

28x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#240] NASA & the Solar System’s Climate Change

  • Season Premiere

    2017-11-27T05:00:00Z — 35 mins

As an introduction to this season, David Wilcock outlines the NASA data we will be exploring which reveals the detailed changes that each of the planets in our solar system is undergoing. Massive changes are already underway throughout the solar system and it is affecting everything around us. We may finally have the scientific proof of a coming cosmic shift with the ultimate effect of a solar flash leading to a spontaneous ascension event for humanity. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast November 27, 2017.

Changes in our sun may be the realization of ancient prophecies portending a dimensional shift and DNA activation for humanity. David Wilcock reveals the NASA data showing that our solar system is moving into a highly charged area of the galaxy which is increasing the energy output of our sun. Signs of this shift come as the sun continues to release to most powerful solar flares that have been recorded in the past few decades. These changes are not only affecting climate conditions on every planet, but may foretell of a coming full-halo coronal mass ejection. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 4, 2017.

In preparation for the coming solar flash, the inner world factions have shed their mutual animosity to build a super-city within the confines of a temporal bubble, constructed outside normal spacetime. Corey Goode was there as the final negotiations took place on how they are to connect their technologies in order to save their civilizations. Meanwhile Corey updates us on the state of his safety and wellbeing as his continuing disclosures garner unwanted attention from nefarious forces within and beyond the secret space programs. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 11, 2017.

Venus is going through a hyperdimensional evolutionary transformation, unlike anything we could ever have expected. David Wilcock guides us through NASA images of Venus which show that universal geometric patterns are effecting the surface and cloud formations on Venus. Dark vortexes appearing at the poles, lengthening of a plasma tail and winds blowing at super speed are all indications of the energetic swelling of Earth’s sister planet, at the behest of supercharged particles moving along hyperdimensional geometric patterns. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 18, 2017.

A planet mythologically associated with conflict and aggression does not disappoint as we look at the dramatic planetwide disturbances marring the face of Mars. David Wilcock takes a look at the NASA data of a once dead and dry red planet to reveal that it is violently sparking back to life. Martian probes display images of growing clouds, planet-wide hurricanes, and massive changes in global weather patterns. All of this is indicative of the increased energetic output of the sun, through hyperdimensional geometry bringing massive changes throughout our solar system. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 25, 2017.

David Wilcock pored through reams of data, available only to a few, to bring out shining examples of the increase in energetic radiance being displayed by Jupiter. Many probes from NASA have flown by, and into, the massive gas giant. What they have detected, continues to build our case for the interplanetary climate change experienced by every planet in our solar system. It seems with the passing of every probe, they unveil startling changes to Jupiter’s appearance. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast January 1, 2018.

With our continued exploration of Jupiter, this planet becomes a real-life laboratory where we can see the invisible hyperdimensional geometry affecting our solar system becoming visible with cloud formations and increased radiation output. David Wilcock reveals these changes by showing us the strange geometric movements of dark clouds at the polar regions and the geometric regularity of equatorial storms. By examining this geometry, we better understand how the solar system is transforming and what it can do for human ascension. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast January 8, 2018.

Continuing our exploration of Jupiter’s transformation, David Wilcock presents evidence, from NASA, of massive changes happening to three of its largest moons, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. He explains that these strange phenomena are the results of torsion fields, working through hyperdimensional geometry, and forming interference patterns that are seen as physical changes. The transformations we are seeing may give us insight to the cause of the Atlantean catastrophe, thousands of years ago on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast January 15, 2018.

Unprecedented planetwide disturbances around Saturn are so dramatic that they could redefine everything that we thought we knew about the solar system. David Wilcock highlights some of the most massive changes on Saturn, proving that it is the most mysterious of all the planets in our solar system. From gigantic storms to strange dust voids, we are seeing the effects of hyperdimensional energy being redirected as physical phenomena and massive energy releases. This presentation with David Wilcock was originally webcast January 22, 2018.

Data collected by NASA shows us that Uranus is going through some sort of a cosmic activation. As we venture further out into the solar system, David Wilcock presents the signs of interplanetary climate change reaching Uranus. He explains that NASA ascribes these changes to fluctuations in the magnetic field due to a change in the axial tilt of a planet, in relation to the sun. However, evenly spaced straight lines across the surface may be a result of hyper dimensional geometric effects. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast January 29, 2018.

Astrologically, Neptune is a planet of spirituality, deep insight and transfiguration, and changes on this gas giant may be indications of such transformations happening to all conscious beings in our solar system. David Wilcock defines a hyperdimesnional model of scalar waves intersecting to form the geometric patterns across Neptune and the surface of its moon. What we are seeing is sacred geometry building matter. This may be the proof we need to show us that the solar system is fulfilling ancient prophecies of a coming mass-ascension event for humanity. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 5, 2018.

As the New Horizons probe flew past Pluto, we received clear images of the never before seen surface of our solar system’s most distant planet. Among the data transmitted, we received further confirmation that interplanetary climate change is taking place on every planet. David Wilcock delves into the data to show us the spectacular changes that are taking place on Pluto and its moon. All of these findings may be validating prophecies, from many ancient traditions, that something is happening to the sun, which will affect the future of humanity. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 12, 2018.

As we continue our exploration of the massive changes taking place throughout the solar system, our eyes turn toward home as we examine the cause of climate changes on Earth. While the debate rages as to mankind’s involvement, evidence is coming forth linking solar activity to atmospheric anomalies. David Wilcock brings us the findings of a few scientists who dared to defy the establishment to bring us the results of their research, proving that our planet, and the radiation belts surrounding it, are more energized than previously thought. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 19, 2018.

29x01 Wisdom Teachings : [#253] Geometric Resonance of DNA

  • Season Premiere

    2018-04-02T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

Space, Time, and DNA are all created by vibrations from the universe. In this first episode of a new season, David Wilcock begins to unfold the theory underlying the most powerfully creative force in the universe: geometric resonance. We explore: • The geometric nature of our life-generating holographic universe • How geometry is reflected in DNA • Sound, as primordial vibration, creates and alters DNA

The geometric code which forms DNA and all of life begins to unfold as David Wilcock reveals a unified geometric theory of biology. We explore: • Frequency and resonance as vital forces to geometric genetic formations • Resonance patterns that form amino acids, the building blocks of life • How all of this is related to the geometric patterns found in cymatics

Throughout this season, we have come to understand that DNA is a resonance pattern emanating from the geometric nature of our holographic universe. Now, David Wilcock deepens our understanding on the spiritual effects of DNA. We explore: • Consciousness as a fundamental part of that universe • Our genetic structure connecting us with universal consciousness • Directed emotion’s effect upon genetic expression • How souls reincarnate through lifetimes with the same face

Continuing our exploration of geometric genetics, David Wilcock takes us deeper into the energetic nature of physical life. We explore: • The toroidal components of DNA • The spiritual connection between consciousness and the building blocks of life • The subtle energy field template around the DNA molecule • How we can influence behaviors and health through meditation with intention

David Wilcock connects the principles of geometric resonance to the formation of amino acids, as put forth by Anri Volokhoksy, who may well be the father of geometric genetics. We explore: • Vibration as the central force to all matter and life • Life forming out of vibrational templates, based on frequency • Mapping out the geometry of amino acids • How this discovery ties in with the numerical system used by the Mayan culture

By examining and cross-referencing the works of multiple scientists, David Wilcock unlocks the process by which frequencies of light can store, transmit and transform DNA. We explore: • Changes in frequency of light can change the DNA of a living being • How photons store and transmit genetic codes • As a product of a conscious, geometric universe, life evolves with changes in frequency • How the DNA phantom effect can be used to transform one species into another

David Wilcock suggests that one-day, intelligent life in our geometric universe could evolve past physical biology to become beings of light. We explore: • Life in our universe as product of a conscious universe forming matter from frequency • The geometric mechanisms which enable life to exist beyond matter • Ancient extraterrestrials on our planet understood this geometric resonance and encoded these secrets within the Hebrew alphabet, the Kabballah, and Gematria

David Wilcock explores the mathematical codes built into the Hebrew alphabet as a way to connect sound and resonance with consciousness and manifestation. We explore: • References in the bible to extraterrestrial contact and the language of geometry and resonance they left behind • Stan Tenen’s work which suggests that Hebrew letters emanate from light aligned with the universal geometry of life • The science of gematria reflecting the geometric resonance of a conscious universe • How we can learn to master this lost science and utilize it for our healing and ascension

The power of thought meets the power of vibration to manifest reality. David Wilcock explores even deeper into the vibrational science of sacred geometric sounds which affect all of life, at the quantum level. We explore: • The relationship between consciousness, speech and manifestations as seen in Hebrew letters • How inflections in your voice can create templates of manifestations • Thoughts and words that affect the way DNA can be aligned with health and healing, or not • The telepathic quality of DNA molecules which helps to reduce possibility of errors in replication

A synergy of discoveries concerning scalar waves and genetics paves the way for a new form of science called Wave Genetics. David Wilcock introduces us to this controversial new science, how it can be weaponized and how we can protect ourselves. We explore: • The ability of DNA fragments and bacteria to regenerate themselves in previously uninfected cells • Scalar waves being used to transmit genetic information into our cells • How this science can transmit terminal illnesses to individuals • How thoughts and words can protect against such technology

Our experiences of life are sculpted by what we do and what we think. David Wilcock explains that the quantum energy of life gives us the tools we need to fight a spiritual war that we may not even know is taking place. We explore: • How this super-gene continuum ensures the continuation of life and programs a natural death • The key quantum energic patterns of life underlying the genetic makeup of every living organism • How the words in DNA and the words we speak are fundamentally interrelated • How you can intentionally modify your genetic expression to be in vibrant states of health

Within the holographic matrix of our universe we find the harmonic resonant patterns of life which can be used for healing and regrowth of tissue. David Wilcock explains how the burgeoning science of Bioenergetics can lead to practical solutions to many health issues plaguing the populace. We explore: • How our “junk” DNA can be like antennae that directly interfaces with the genetic patterns emanating from our holographic universe • New developments in bioenergetic science which can help a patient regrow lost or damaged organs • The regenerative qualities of light imbued with healing resonant patterns • How these results, found in a laboratory setting, are transpiring at a cosmic scale

If all of life exists as patterns of light within a quantum matrix, then a slight shift in frequency could lead to a genetic transformation of a species. David Wilcock provides us with an updated theory of evolution which makes Darwin’s notions obsolete We explore: • That all of life exists, first as a template in the quantum field, then precipitates into biological forms • How the genetic structures, which form specific species, can be modified with light • Everything needed for biological life can be stored, fractally, in one photon • The work of Dr. Peter Gariaev and Dr. Dzang Kangeng answering the proverbial question of which came first, the chicken or the egg