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  • 2020-10-02T17:00:00Z on MBS
  • 2 mins
  • 38 mins (19 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime, Comedy
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24 episodes

1x01 (1) Every Day is Fun

  • Series Premiere

    2020-10-02T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Dog is a pure optimist who holds out hope that today might be the day Sensei shares her snacks with him...

1x02 (2) They're Both So Sweet

  • 2020-10-09T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

After a rough day at work, Sensei is cheered up when Dog shoves a ball in her face. Even Cat shows concern for her in his own way.

1x03 (3) In the Taxi

  • 2020-10-16T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

While taking Cat to the vet via taxi, Sensei listens as the driver tells her about the cat he used to have.

1x04 (4) When They Were Little

  • 2020-10-23T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Sensei recalls what Dog and Cat were like when they were little.

1x05 (5) Will It Come Out Today?

  • 2020-10-30T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Dog once managed to spill the container his food is kept in, and he still tries to knock it over every day, optimistically hoping it will spill again. Cat, on the other hand, doesn't wait around for happy accidents.

1x06 (6) The Vet

  • 2020-11-06T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Dog gets so excited by all the attention he gets at the vet's office, he doesn't even realize he's been given a shot. Cat, however, is less excitable...

1x07 (7) My Previous Dog

  • 2020-11-13T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

A conversation with her editor reminds Sensei of the dog she had before taking in her current dog and cat.

1x08 (8) Sing and Dance

  • 2020-11-20T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

When Dog breaks free while on a walk, all Sensei has to do to bring him back is sing and dance. Cat, however, is not so easily lured in...

1x09 (9) The Ears Never Lie

  • 2020-11-27T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Sensei has no trouble understanding Dog's love of being petted. With Cat, it's all in the ears.

1x10 (10) Playing

  • 2020-12-04T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Sensei has been trying out a new game with her dog and cat lately, and their reactions are quite different...

Sensei recalls the dog she had as a child and reflects on how every pet has its own unique personality.

1x12 (12) What It Means

  • 2020-12-18T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Sensei recalls how her cat reacted to her previous dog and does a little research into what his past behavior meant...

1x13 (13) Volunteer

  • 2020-12-25T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Sensei recalls the days when she volunteered at a dog shelter... which happened to take in cats sometimes, too.

1x14 (14) I'm Home

  • 2021-01-15T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Dog and Cat express their emotions in very different ways when Sensei returns home after being away for long periods.

1x15 (15) Birthday

  • 2021-01-22T17:00:00Z — 2 mins

Dog and Cat celebrate their birthdays in slightly different ways...

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