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World of Jenks

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  • Returning Series
  • MTV (US)
  • 2010-09-12T05:00:00+01:00
  • 22 mins
  • 9 hours, 44 mins (22 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary
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Intent on capturing, as he says, ``what my generation thinks, how they act and what they ultimately stand for,'' award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks uses his camera to reveal unique slices of American life. In each episode, the 24-year-old moves in with a different stranger to experience a week in their life, everyone from a platinum-selling recording artist to an NFL cheerleader, from a homeless youth to a mixed martial artist.
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34 episodes

1x01 Heaven and Hell

  • Series Premiere

    2010-09-12T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

Like a lot of kids, I listen to rap music. But growing up in the suburbs forty miles north of New York City, a direct connection to hip-hop culture wasn't easily within reach. When we started looking for a rapper to move in with, the suggestions came back again and again - Maino. And it didn't take me long to discovered why. In many ways, Maino represents the best, and sometimes, the worst parts of what it means to live the hip-hop lifestyle. After spending over ten years in prison, he has turned his life around; producing platinum records in the process. My journey with Maino went from crazy parties and sold out shows to a visit in the neighborhood from his rough past. We definitely didn't always see eye to eye, but Maino became a larger than life figure with an energy that makes you feel like every day must be his last.

1x02 Can't Make Me Be

  • 2010-09-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

I have always wondered what it would be like to truly get to know someone with Autism. Now a hot topic in the news, I was reminded of a school my friend's mom worked at. I was soon introduced to and spent eight days with Chad, a 20 year-old living with autism. Not only does Chad not make you feel sorry for his disabilities, I quickly noticed that he's one of the funniest and most compassionate people I had ever met. I witnessed the heartache he feels from feeling different, but in our time together we took on challenges and pushed the boundaries of his condition. I'm glad to call him a close and trusted friend.

1x03 Street Queen

  • 2010-09-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

I was not a child of privilege, but I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from or where I'd be sleeping that night. Of all the worlds this season, homeless is definitely the one from which I'm most disconnected. And that's exactly why we did it. I met our subject, Danielle, in a city where homelessness is prevalent- San Francisco. While I was saddened to learn that Danielle has been living on the streets for almost ten years, I took comfort in knowing that I would be living with a pro. During my time on the streets we did it all: sleeping on a bed of cardboard, begging to fill a cup with change, dumpster diving for dinner. We even hitchhiked to Danielle's hometown for a shocking family reunion. As her friends call her, "Heavy D" opened up a culture that carries huge stereotypes and helped me to understand that the streets might not be the worst place for her to be living.

1x04 Fifty Fists

  • 2010-09-27T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

With ultimate fighting rapidly gaining in popularity, spending time with a fighter was at the top of my list. Plus, I never understood people who beat each other up for a living. From the info we were able to dig up online, Anthony was a perfect choice and we quickly reached out to get him involved. Little did I know that his career in the WEC was just one of his many important responsibilities. From tragedy striking his family, to being a role model in his community, Anthony had way more than a possible title shot weighing on his shoulders. My time with Anthony shattered my perception of his sport and taught me a lot about what it really means to be a champion. Even though there's only two guys in the ring, they're never fighting alone.

1x05 Freedom's Flight

  • 2010-10-04T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

These are the people who throw red paint if you're wearing fur, right? Wrong. With her bleach blonde hair and brightly colored nails, I met Brogan in Miami Beach and thought I was in for a week of passing out pamphlets. But before I could get unpacked, she had me putting on a disguise and ducking down in the front seat of her car as we scouted some of Florida's most dangerous slaughter farms. Next thing I knew we were taking aim at a gun range followed by overnight missions in the Florida swamps dressed in full camouflage. Living with Brogan was probably one of the scariest weeks of my life, but also one of the most inspirational. Her dedication has saved countless animal lives and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

1x06 The Takeover

  • 2010-10-11T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

As a filmmaker, I've never really had a 9 to 5 job. That may sounds pretty cool, but it also means that I didn't know where my next paycheck was coming from. I wanted to meet someone making the same kind of hustle. We talked to a lot of players, but none had a story as crazy as our subject. At twenty-two, Nick became the youngest person to win the world series of poker, taking home a cool two million; then spent it all! I couldn't believe it. Where does two million dollars go? Battling depression and anxiety, Nick became an inspiration as someone who struggles everyday and is open to expressing his emotions. On his quest to make back his money, old habits are hard to break: expensive dinners, insane nights at the club, and of course- girls. Nick went from having it all to having to start over from scratch. In a game where the stakes don't get higher, how is it possible to keep from going broke? And what happens if Nick wants to just call it quits?

1x07 Road Warrior

  • 2010-10-18T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

We've all had the fantasy of being on stage rocking out in front of thousands. But how many of us are actually doing it? I love the movie Almost Famous and I wanted to find out what it was really like to be on tour with a rock band. We got hooked up with the Warped Tour where I met Sierra, the lead singer of VersaEmerge. I quickly learned the ropes of life on tour, but I was surprised to learn that Sierra was one of very few female leads out on the road. While she's living her dream of performing all summer, she struggles to gain acceptance from the guys. One stop on tour was a hometown show for VersaEmerge, where emotions ran high and emotional issues were brought to the surface. Sierra's tough, but everyone has a breaking point.

1x08 Me and My Surfboard

  • 2010-10-25T05:00:00+01:00 — 21 mins

I am a terrible surfer. But the lifestyle is so damn appealing. I wanted to meet someone on the competitive side and learn from one of the best. A surfer first and model second, I was introduced to Anastasia and spent a week with her as she prepared to compete in one of the biggest competitions of the year: the U.S. Open. As a model, she has to fight for respect with the other surfers and every time on the water is a make or break opportunity to prove that she deserves to be there. This sport is a lot more intense than catching waves and hanging on the beach.

1x09 Hail Mary

  • 2010-11-01T04:00:00+00:00 — 21 mins

Whether it's a supermodel in a bikini sipping a cold beer or a buff dude in his Calvin's, beauty and sex sell. One of the most highly displayed examples of American beauty can be found on the sidelines of football stadiums every Sunday. To get under the surface, we decided to move in with Jessi, an NFL cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans. A very accomplished dancer, Jessi is not the typical cheerleader. She recently gave up a blossoming career in LA and moved to Nashville to live a more righteous life. While she has to keep the look (blonde, tan, and trim) she doesn't subscribe to a superficial lifestyle. In her spare time, she uses her cheerleader status to volunteer over 200 hours a year. Jessi quickly brought me into her world and gave me a taste of what it takes to keep up with the demands on her body and the negative attention that can often come with the uniform.

1x10 Searching For VV Brown

  • 2010-11-08T05:00:00+00:00 — 21 mins

The term celebrity takes on many forms and often garners more attention than is even healthy. Splashed across magazine covers and the internet, I was really intrigued by the idea of seeing the celebrity world from the other side of the lens. Over the course of eight days, I spent time in LA, NYC, and Miami with rising pop star, VV Brown. Already huge in the UK, VV is currently on a whirlwind press and recording tour that's bringing her unique brand of pop to the States. Very focused on her career, celebrity means very little to her. Her art takes precedence. If you ask me, VV has a once in a generation talent. As she would tell you, 'celebrity' is much more work than red carpets and escaping the paparazzi. The real challenge is holding on to who you are.

1x11 Froot Loops For Dinner

  • 2010-11-15T05:00:00+00:00 — 21 mins

During a week in the Big Apple, Jenks moves in with rising comedy talent, Dan St. Germain, as he prepares for the biggest and most important stand-up show of his career.

1x12 Black & Gold

  • 2010-11-22T05:00:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Jenks heads to Abilene, Texas and lives with high school football star Herschel Sims as he prepares not only for his senior season, but also the release of his mother from prison.

2x01 Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow

  • Season Premiere

    2013-03-04T05:00:00+00:00 — 41 mins

Jenks begins his journey, meeting Chad, Kaylin and D-Real for the first time. Chad has autism, Kaylin has cancer, and D-Real is dealing with the recent murder of his brother, but all three of them inspire Jenks by their refusal to give in. CHAD After surprising Chad, a 21-year-old with autism who was a featured subject on WORLD OF JENKS: Season 1, the guys head off to Chad's favorite neighborhood spot: The Castle Fun Center, a place with miniature golf, go-carts and video games. En route, Chad says that he's extremely anxious about the near future, when he'll graduate from school and need to find a job for the first time. Chad and Jenks pay a visit to the home of Chad's girlfriend, Amanda, who is also developmentally disabled. Jenks observes the dynamics of their sweet and caring relationship while learning that Amanda doesn't consider herself to be a disabled person. On their way back to Chad's, Jenks announces that he would like to sleep in Chad's room tonight. Since Chad was four-years-old, he has slept on a blow-up mattress in his parents' bedroom each night. Having the same routine is a huge part of Chad's autism. He sleeps with some of his most precious possessions (photos, DVD's, papers) in large stacks lined up next to his bed. Ultimately, Chad does not allow Jenks to sleep over on this first night. Jenks returns to the hotel determined to help Chad move into his own room as part of Chad's expressed desire to gain more independence. KAYLIN Jenks meets Kaylin, a 25-year-old fashion designer and writer living in San Francisco, CA who is living with cancer. Jenks found Kaylin through her blog, Cancer is Hilarious (http://cancerisnotfunny.blogspot.com/). She has used humor and openly shared her story as a means of coping with her illness and now, with the cancer under control, she plans to move to New York City and pursue a career in the fashion industry. Before Jenks met Kaylin, she underwent a routine scan that showed spots on her lungs that might mean her cancer has returned. Her doctor tells her that the only thing they can do right now is watch and wait. Kaylin's future hangs in the balance. D-REAL Jenks crosses the bay from Kaylin's in San Francisco to Oakland, CA and meets D-Real, a 21-year-old dancer who Jenks found through his viral YouTube video, "Dancing in the Rain." D-Real made the video with his dance group, the Turf Feinz, as a tribute to his friend, Rich D, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. D-Real discusses the extent of violence in Oakland, and explains that his motto is "live for today, pray for tomorrow". They return to D-Real's home and meet his two-month-old son, Dom, and the baby's mother, Keona. D-Real explains that his child has inspired him to use dance as a means to help curb violence in Oakland. Jenks and D-Real meet up with his dance group, the Turf Feinz (Chonkie, Gary, and E-Ninja) to learn some dance moves in the park, then they head to a dance class taught by D-Real at an Oakland community center called Youth Uprising. Later, D-Real talks about his years spent in the streets of Oakland and reveals that his younger brother, Dom was shot and killed just a few months before Jenks' arrival. Both D-Real and Dom were heavily involved with gangs and selling drugs, and D-Real knows that this lifestyle is what ultimately led to Dom's murder. At the end of the episode, Jenks returns to New York and talks about how the courage of these three people inspires him to tell their stories.

2x02 It's Prom Night, Baby!

  • 2013-03-11T04:00:00+00:00 — 41 mins

Jenks and his younger brother, Matt, are working out together at a gym. Matt gives Jenks a hard time about being out of shape. Jenks is grateful for his time with Matt because he doesn't get to see him much these days. CHAD It's Chad's senior prom. His girlfriend, Amanda, will be his date and he debates whether or not to kiss her. This would be Chad's first kiss. After picking out their tuxes, getting a haircut, and shaving, Chad and Jenks get dressed and discuss Chad's anxiety about prom. Since childhood, he's used a 'calming stick' that helps settle his nerves. Dressed, now calmer, and pumped for the night, Chad and Jenks head to prom in a stretch limo. On the way to Amanda's, Jenks and Chad make up a song about the upcoming night. They pick up Amanda at her house and surprise her with what will be her first ride in a limo. During their ride to prom, Chad's anxieties take over. He becomes obsessive about taking pictures and being late. Amanda and Jenks attempt to calm him down, but nothing helps. Still anxious, Chad rushes into prom. Jenks steps outside for a minute to collect himself after the intense limo ride. Chad eventually relaxes after speaking with Jenks, and ends up having a great time. The night ends with a slow dance and Chad's first kiss. D-REAL While hanging out with D-Real and Keona, Jenks notices that both D-Real and baby Dom wear the same necklace that reads "I II Dom". D-Real explains that he always planned to name his son after his younger brother, but then got the necklace after his brother's murder because it was too painful to even speak Dom's name. Later, D-Real explains that Dom made him promise that he would never avenge his death if Dom died in the streets, and would instead focus on raising his son. He vows never to return to the streets and to honor his brother's memory. In an effort to do something positive for the community, D-Real wants to setup dance battles across Oakland to encourage non-violence. His first event is to be held at the Youth UpRising community center in less than twenty-four hours. As the Turf Feinz, D-Real's dance crew, prepare for the battle, Chonkie explains to Jenks that dance battles don't normally happen here anymore because they have often ended in violence. On the day of the dance battle, D-Real is busy pulling together all aspects of the event. During a dance class, Jenks speaks with a young student named Tutu, who reveals that his father was shot to death on the streets of Oakland. For Jenks, this conversation underscores the importance of today's event. D-Real and the Turf Feinz make final preparations for the dance battle. D-Real asks Jenks to be a judge. D-Real begins and ends the event with a message of peace. His first dance battle concludes as a big success. KAYLIN Jenks joins Kaylin at the hospital while she waits for the results of a scan to find out if her cancer has returned. The risk of the disease coming back is high. While in the waiting room, Kaylin explains that scans and uncertain results have become routine for her. Luckily, her most recent scan results reveal that her health is clear for now. Jenks and Kaylin celebrate the good news with Kaylin's younger sister, Rhoni at the California State Fair. Kaylin and her roommate Jon are creating a comic book based on her experience with cancer. Titled "Terminally Illin", the trippy comic follows superhero Kaylin as she travels inside her own body in order to find and defeat her cancer. Currently, the comic is a work in progress. Much of the artwork is yet to be finished and very soon she and Jon will need to work long distance as Kaylin is moving to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Kaylin's Mom, Lynn, visits from Sacramento to say goodbye to Kaylin before Kaylin moves across the country. The family recounts Kaylin's diagnosis, cancer treatment, and the very emotional effects it had on their family.

2x03 Facing Your Fears

  • 2013-03-18T04:00:00+00:00 — 41 mins

The episode begins with Jenks on his way to see Chad. In the car, Jenks talks with producer Kassie about growing up near Chad and Jenks' less than stellar dating history in high school. CHAD Only a week away from graduation, Jenks joins Chad for one of his last days at Westchester Exceptional Children's School. While there, Chad struggles and complains throughout his least favorite class: gym. Later, one of his teachers, Sylvia, explains to Jenks that while Chad is extraordinarily bright when it comes to maps and geography, he still struggles to read and write. While school has been tremendously beneficial to his development, it is apparent that Chad must continue to work on life skills such as buttoning his own shirt and tying his own shoes. During a counseling session, the reality of having to leave school and change his routine after graduation begins to hit home for Chad, and he talks about the anxiety he's feeling. In the car on their way home, Jenks opens up to Chad about his own issues with anxiety. In a flashback, Jenks tells Kassie about his own struggles and explains that his family, especially his mom, helped him through. He hopes that by being there for Chad and opening up to him it will help Chad know he's not alone. To calm his stress and anxiety, Chad takes Jenks to a local park he often goes to when he needs to relax. Walking near a stream, Chad explains that water always helps to calm him. Jenks talks to him about understanding how important his routine is and Chad says that Jenks is "getting it now." D-REAL While learning how to change baby Dom's diaper, Jenks talks with D-Real and Keona about their relationship. They have a child together, live in the same house, and sleep in the same bed, but are 'just friends'. Jenks meets the rest of D-Real's family members during a dinner at D-Real's mother's house. His mom Paris, brothers, Ray Ray and Nevin, and sister, Nikia, talk about what D-Real was like growing up. Paris calls him Darrell, not D-Real. Nikia explains that growing up, D-Real couldn't even dance and had 'two left feet'. They're all incredibly proud of both his accomplishments through dance and the way he carries himself as a young man and father. A few days later, Jenks goes back for a one-on-one visit with Paris, who opens up about the murder of Dom, D-Real's brother. Later, Jenks meets up with D-Real's dance group, the Turf Feinz, for pizza. He learns that almost all of them have children. The guys begin to bond. After attending E-Ninja's birthday bowling party, Jenks takes the Turf Feinz on an overnight camping trip. At the campsite, D-Real and the Turf Feinz are scared of the dark and the woods. After hilariously expressing their fears, the guys sit around the campfire and explain that dancing must be their future. They're broke and must capitalize on the viral success of 'Dancing in the Rain' in order to provide for their families. KAYLIN A few days away from moving to New York, Jenks and Kaylin enjoy the rest of their time in San Francisco. Kaylin tells Jenks about her pills regimen. As a result of her cancer, she takes several medications on a daily basis. As an alternative treatment, Kaylin much prefers medical marijuana, which is legal in California. Before ordering marijuana from a delivery service, Kaylin explains that marijuana has been a huge help with her symptoms but she will not have access to it in New York, since the drug is illegal there. Before leaving San Francisco, Kaylin's friends are throwing her a huge going away party. The theme, like the title of Kaylin's comic book, is 'terminally illin'. Everyone must come dressed as sick as possible. Later, at the party, Kaylin's friends express their concern about her moving across the country, but are optimistic about her success and proud that she has decided to move on and chase her dream of becoming part of the New York fashion scene. They hope that people will look beyond Kaylin as being just someone with cancer. Kaylin explains that she can't live her life in fear preparing for cancer to come back and that she has to move on for survival. After packing and saying goodbye's, Jenks and Kaylin head to the airport. When a security guard asks what they're filming, Jenks explains that he's documenting a fashion designer. Kaylin is appreciative that Jenks chose not to introduce her as a cancer patient, like so many other people do. She's looking forward to a new beginning in New York where she doesn't have to be seen as "the girl who had cancer."

2x04 The Speech, The Move & The Midnight Walk

  • 2013-03-25T04:00:00+00:00 — 22 mins

The episode begins with a montage of Jenks's college speaking engagements before filming began on WORLD OF JENKS: Season 2. During these appearances, Jenks talked about his first two documentaries, ROOM 335 and THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, and how he got to be on MTV. Jenks plans to use these experiences of speaking in public to help Chad, who must deliver a speech at his graduation ceremony. CHAD Chad's teacher reminds him that he must deliver a speech during graduation. He's not thrilled about it, saying that he doesn't believe in speeches, but goes along and enlists Jenks' help in writing it. The night before graduation, Jenks talks with Chad's parents, Mike and Sheri, about what life will be like for Chad after graduation. They are sad about him leaving school, but excited for the future. That night, Chad allows Jenks to stay over and film his nighttime routine which consists of Mike brushing his teeth and Chad organizing stacks of photos and DVD's next to the air mattress that he sleeps on in his parent's room. The morning of graduation, Chad is still rehearsing his speech with Jenks. Just before the ceremony begins, Chad's emotions and anxiety begin to take over. He's unsure whether or not he can go through with the speech. During the ceremony, Chad is given the school spirit award. He begrudgingly accepts before having to deliver his speech. He's nervous at the start but, after getting a laugh from the crowd, Chad is able to relax and finish with confidence. His anxiety about graduating now gone, Chad explains how happy he is. KAYLIN The first image of Kaylin in New York comes footage from shot by her personal camera as she films the view outside her apartment window and talks about how excited and grateful she is to finally be living in New York. Not wasting any time, Kaylin immediately begins looking for work in the fashion industry. After applying for several retail jobs, her first real prospect is with a talent agency for design professionals called 24/Seven. Kaylin meets with April Cain, account manager, and Ernie Buffalino, VP of creative talent, both of whom are very impressed with Kaylin's portfolio and experience. They hope to find her work as a design assistant soon. Later at her Brooklyn apartment, Kaylin is coming down with a cold. She explains to Jenks that when feeling sick, it is imperative that she get a lot of rest, which will not be an option when she has to start working full time. It is entirely possible the fashion industry's grueling hours could cause a recurrence of her cancer. Imagining that possibility brings Kaylin to tears. She tells Jenks that the human body can undergo cancer treatment only so many times before it finally breaks down and the patient has no more options. But Kaylin resolves to stay positive - she has made the move to New York and she's going to make the most of it. To cheer Kaylin up, Jenks and his younger brother, Matt, take her out for a night in New York City. At a bar they play pool, then go back to Jenks' apartment. Jenks becomes self-conscious about wearing too many v-necks and Matt jokingly reveals that Jenks lied about his fitness regimen while being interviewed for a men's fitness magazine last year. This roast of Jenks from Matt gets Kaylin laughing. D-REAL During a one-on-one basketball game between Jenks and D-Real, they discuss D-Real's future plans. D-Real says he hopes to organize dance battles in Oakland that will promote non-violence. He says that dance is the new violence, meaning that instead of focusing on fighting and gang life, young people in Oakland will start putting their energy into dance competition. Putting his mission into action, D-Real pitches his dance battle idea to multiple organizations that could potentially sponsor citywide dance battles. After meetings with Oakland Leaf Foundation and Silence the Violence, D-Real meets with Measure Y's Kevin Grant. But this isn't the first time the two have met. Kevin came to the crime scene on the night D-Real's brother was murdered, and helped to control an enraged and emotional D-Real. Measure Y's mission is to show up in Oakland's 'hot spots' and offer services to help people in the community, and to intervene in conflicts before violence erupts. Kevin is impressed by D-Real's pitch, and asks him to speak and perform at Measure Y's weekly 'Midnight Basketball' event, then join his team on a late night walk through East Oakland. D-Real is excited and happy to do it. Jenks returns to Oakland a few days later saying he is worried about D-Real. He's been talking to him on the phone and something seems off. When he arrives, D-Real tells Jenks that one of his cousins was recently murdered. This act of violence causes him to question whether or not he should remain in Oakland. He wants to help his city, but violence is a serious threat to him and his family. To help with the healing process, Jenks takes D-Real to the White Cross Memorial, which displays a cross with the name of each homicide victim that has been killed in Oakland throughout the year. Upon viewing the memorial with Jenks, D-Real becomes emotional when talking about the death of his brother Dom. He says that he heard his brother knocking at the front door of his apartment a few days earlier and was devastated because of course his brother wasn't really there. He reveals to Jenks that he feels guilty about his brother's murder since he is the one who brought Dom into the gang life. He vows to continue fighting for peace. Later, Jenks reveals that he knew D-Real was grieving but didn't realize he was feeling guilt as well. Before speaking at Midnight Basketball, D-Real shares his anxiety with Jenks about walking the streets with the Measure Y team. He has been uncomfortable going out at night ever since his brother's murder. At the event Kevin introduces D-Real, whose speech and performance are a success. Later during the walk, D-Real and the Measure Y team pass the corner where D-Real's brother was murdered. The Measure Y team surrounds and supports him. On the ride home, D-Real tells Jenks that for the first time since his brother's death he feels strengthened. Not retaliating for his brother's murder is the ultimate revenge, because D-Real won't be drawn into a cycle of violence that will lead nowhere.

2x05 Twists and Turns

  • 2013-04-08T05:00:00+01:00 — 22 mins

D-REAL D-Real and the Turf Feinz give Jenks a new nickname, Whoa-J (derived from World of Jenks). Jenks likes this nickname much more than his old one, The Gentle Giant, which was given to him in elementary school because he was much taller than the other kids. D-Real gets a call from renowned choreographer, Flii Stylz (Usher, Chris Brown, J Lo) asking if he and the Turf Feinz will come to Los Angeles and meet him. The guys and Jenks fly out the next morning and Flii tells the Turfs that he saw their videos online and want to work with them. Afterwards they all go out to a dance club. The next morning on their drive to rehearse with Flii, D-Real tells Jenks that he has trouble accepting the peaceful vibe of the LA neighborhoods they're in. D-Real's gotten so used to Oakland's violence that it's easier for him to relate to death than to a smile. Then the Turf Feinz rehearse with Flii. They've never done choreography, which presents challenges, but Flii believes that they can learn. At the end of rehearsal, Flii informs the Turf Feinz that he's set up an interview for them at KIIS FM in LA. Jenks wonders how they will handle such big changes in their lives. CHAD In celebration of his graduation, Jenks takes Chad to the beach, which is his favorite place on earth. Chad and his parents visit Occupations, his new post-school work program, and discuss employment opportunities for Chad. They tour the Occupations' warehouse, which employs special-needs individuals for assembly-line type jobs. Chad is not interested and would rather work in a "real place." "I want to work with normal people. I don't want to be with people with disabilities. I just want to be me and pretend I'm normal and stuff." -Chad Chad later meets with a job counselor, Sean, who will coach him through interviews and assist him in finding suitable work. Chad goes on an interview and try-out at a grocery story, Price Chopper, but he has trouble focusing on the tasks he's given. Jenks worries that Chad doesn't push himself hard enough and gives up too easily. KAYLIN Jenks has been having a hard time keeping in touch with Kaylin over the last couple weeks. They meet up in Brooklyn where Jenks learns that she has been in unusual pain lately and has scheduled a doctor's appointment to get it checked out. She explains that when she made the appointment she wasn't thinking about him or MTV. Jenks talks about his struggle to find a balance between giving Kaylin her privacy while still making an authentic documentary about her. Later that night, Kaylin heads to the Emergency Room after her pain becomes unbearable. Jenks rushes over in a cab only to wait outside all night while Kaylin waits to be seen by a doctor. Upon being released with a clean bill of health, Kaylin speaks with her primary physician in San Francisco. The doctor explains that her pain may be signaling that her ovaries have begun producing eggs again. She may have regained the ability to have children, something she had thought was lost years ago when she first started treatment.

2x06 Growing Pains

  • 2013-04-15T05:00:00+01:00 — 22 mins

CHAD Chad and Amanda have a date at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary but moments before Amanda arrives, Chad tells Jenks that he might want to break up with her. He doesn't appreciate Amanda's affection for "Justin Beaver" and her general "immaturity." He enlists Jenks' help in approaching Amanda with his concerns. After some hesitation and stammering, Chad politely describes his frustrations to Amanda who reacts graciously. Chad and Amanda are able to work out their problems without any lingering tension. They all enjoy the rest of the day at the farm. Back in Middletown, Chad's job coach from Occupations, Sean, has set up an interview for Chad at Alfonso's, a local pizzeria. Chad's anxieties are present, but he manages to charm and impress Alfonso and secures a trial run of the job. KAYLIN After sending an impassioned application letter to her favorite fashion designer, Rachel Antonoff, Kaylin receives a call from Rachel's office about a potential opportunity working with the company. After an interview with Rachel, Kaylin is offered an internship position. During a day at her new internship, Kaylin and Rachel hold a fitting for author Sophie Flack. They assist her in selecting designs that will be worn at various appearances associated with Sophie's upcoming book release. Following the fitting, Kaylin and Jenks hit the streets of NYC in search of fabric samples. At a café in Brooklyn, Jenks and Kaylin discuss how Kaylin's past cancer treatment impacts her current physical condition. While Kaylin could have let that reality limit her options, instead she decided to pursue her dream of being part of the New York fashion scene. Jenks talks about how she never complains. He thinks he would wallow in self-pity if he was in her position but she says he wouldn't. He would pick himself up and move on. Jenks tells us that every time he talks with Kaylin he feels like he learns something. Later, they go to her friend's Trunk Show and Kaylin networks well with people in the fashion scene. As they walk home she says she is starting to feel like a part of the fashion community in New York. D-REAL On their last day in Los Angeles working with choreographer Flii Stylz, D-Real and the Turf Feinz are beginning to feel homesick. Their last stop is a radio interview with DJ JoJo Wright at the headquarters of KIIS FM. Their desire to spread peace and innovative dancing are very well received by the KIIS FM team. Back in Oakland, D-Real is scheduled to speak and perform at a dance battle with Turfin' 24/7, a rival dance group. D-Real's mom, Paris, has never seen him dance in public and, although she is reluctant to leave the house after his brother Dom's murder, he convinces her to come see him. D-Real speaks and performs for the crowd as planned. Afterwards, Paris, Jenks and D-Real step outside where she tells them how happy she was to attend. But while she's saying this, a furious argument breaks out between members of the Turf Feinz and the 24/7 crew, and the episode ends as the peaceful dance battle explodes into anarchy.

2x07 Under Pressure

  • 2013-04-22T05:00:00+01:00 — 41 mins

CHAD Jenks explains that obsessive behavior is a part of Chad's autism, and that Chad's food fixation is making him gain weight. Jenks sits down with Chad's mother, Sheri, to discuss the reasons for Chad's weight gain and Sheri talks openly about her own struggles with this issue. Soon after, Chad has a doctor's appointment, and the doctor tells him and his family that Chad has diabetes. But if Chad can adjust his diet, increase his exercise, and lose weight, it is possible that the condition will subside. Later that evening, Chad's anxieties about his diagnosis push him to his emotional limits. To help his mood, Jenks stages a cooking show ("Cooking with Lorenzo") in Chad's kitchen as a way to encourage Chad to eat food that's better for him. D-REAL At a dance battle, a fight breaks out between Chonkie and members of a rival dance group. D-Real helps to diffuse the tension, but then gets into an altercation with a security guard and ends up threatening to shoot him. After reviewing footage from the event, Jenks confronts D-Real and Chonkie about their behavior. After debating what was actually said, D-Real explains that growing up in Oakland has shaped him in ways that aren't easy to control. He admits that he may have begun his journey as an advocate of non-violence before he was really ready. After their talk, Jenks understands D-Real's position more. He points out the stress D-Real has been dealing with over the loss of his brother and notes that it must take a lot of self-control to not erupt in anger when something so awful has happened to you. Later, D-Real and the Turf Feinz go to speak at a juvenile detention center and D-Real encourages the kids there to find another path away from the violence that's destroying their lives. KAYLIN As part of her continuing cancer treatment, Kaylin must return to San Francisco for a routine scan. It's always a frightening experience that could mean life-or-death news. After the scan, she takes Jenks to Sacramento, the city where she grew up, so that he can better understand her roots. Just days away from the scan results, Kaylin and her comic book partner and former roommate, Jon, meet with a San Francisco based comic publisher, Last Gasp, to pitch their project for distribution. Kaylin would like for the completed comic to be made available free to cancer patients. Last Gasp likes the comic and agrees to work with them. After anxiously awaiting the results of her scan, Kaylin is told she has a small lesion and a cyst. The doctors say she will have to have another scan in three months to check on these. Jenks wishes she could just have a scan that would say she's completely cancer-free and never has to worry again but that's not the reality. It is rare for a patient in Kaylin's condition to receive news that means there is nothing to worry about.

2x08 Obstacles & Opportunities

  • 2013-05-06T05:00:00+01:00 — 22 mins

CHAD In an effort to help Chad lose weight, Jenks wants to take him to the gym. While Chad would rather "die and rot in hell," he goes anyway. After a failed attempt at the treadmill and refusing to try free-weights, Chad finds success on the stationary bike. Chad, Jenks, and Chad's job coach, Sean, return to Alfonso's for a trial run at Chad's potential job. Alfonso puts Chad immediately to work: making garlic knots, folding pizza boxes, and stocking supplies. Chad quickly impresses the staff with his skills and charm. Alfonso offers Chad a job, which he excitedly accepts. Later, Jenks goes grocery shopping with Sheri, Chad's mother. She explains that she and Chad's father have adjusted their eating habits to help curb Chad's diabetes. She then reveals that the family is planning to move into a new apartment in a nearby town, but they haven't told Chad yet. Jenks worries because Chad doesn't do well when his routine is changed. Back at the house, Chad becomes very angry upon learning about the move. While arguing with his parents, Chad threatens to move into a group home. As a way to ease Chad's anxiety about moving, Jenks decides to introduce Chad to his own family. Since Jenks moved a lot during his childhood, he hopes that they might be able to offer Chad some comforting advice. Before leaving, Chad changes his mind about making the trip, which results in an argument with Jenks. After resolving Chad's "first fight with a friend," Chad and Jenks drive to meet Jenks' family. Jenks' parents, Bruce and Nancy, and his brother Matt are able to comfort Chad while sharing their own experiences about moving. KAYLIN Not well enough to film with Jenks and his crew, Kaylin films herself in her Brooklyn apartment. She expresses her frustration at constantly being in pain and not being able to enjoy a normal life like her peers. A few days later she is feeling better and meets up with Jenks at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where she talks about trying to balance everything in her life. Later, back at her apartment, they open a package that contains the finished product of Kaylin's comic book, Terminally Illin'. She hopes that the comic will help uplift other young cancer patients. Kaylin has been asked to appear on a radio show to promote her comic book. Produced by the organization I'm Too Young For This, "The Stupid Cancer Show" features guests that have all survived or are battling cancer. Both the show and Kaylin's comic are meant to raise awareness and provide support to young adults living with cancer. Kaylin's appearance is a success and a big boost in publicizing the comic. D-REAL D-Real and the Turf Feinz are preparing for a planned music video shoot in Oakland to be produced by choreographer Flii Stylz. Jenks meets Keona at her job (Tully's Coffee in San Francisco), and then the two of them take the train back to Oakland. Keona is impressed that D-Real has been able to simultaneously pursue his dance career and help care for their son. While they're both young, Keona reveals that she and D-Real planned to have a child as a way to give their lives purpose and fulfillment. She explains that it was a way to ensure that someone will always love you. Upon arriving in town, Flii's plans have unexpectedly changed. He is not prepared to shoot a music video, which causes the Turf Feinz to seriously doubt his investment in their career. The disappointment results in an emotional conversation between Jenks and the Turf Feinz about trust and quality of life for them and their families in Oakland. But then a turn of events with Flii and the Turf Feinz causes Jenks to meet them in Los Angeles. Flii has booked the Turf Feinz as an opening act at a Mac Miller concert in Seattle. Jenks arrives as the Turf Feinz are in the midst of intense rehearsals. With minimal time to prepare, tension levels are high as Flii pushes them to deliver an impressive performance. Flii explains that this will make or break whether or not he signs the Turf Feinz to his management company.

2x09 Mac, Models & Chad's Big Move

  • 2013-05-13T05:00:00+01:00 — 41 mins

The Turf Feinz open for Mac Miller; Kaylin faces disaster; Chad struggles with the idea of leaving home.

2x10 It's Not Goodbye...

  • 2013-05-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 22 mins

Chad moves into his new home; Kaylin's clothes make it to the runway; D-Real organizes a dance battle.

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