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World War II In HD Colour 2009

A great world war 2 documentary, it feels a little bit fast at some points. But that is to be expected when trying to put 7 years of war in 12 hours.

Although the series is quite good I a bit disappointed that it only covers the battles. And doesn't give an in depth view of WW2.

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I agree with JorisA. It focusses on the main politics at the start and ending of the war, but it is mostly about the events that happened during the war itself, and how it unfolded. They sacrificed chronology and jumped back and forth in time between episodes to focus on 1 front at a time.
It used some images multiple times, maybe because it is unclear when they were shot, but this distracted only slightly. The images are impressive and depict an impressive view of the war. At some point I started to get overwhelmed by all the gun fire, but the fact I binged this might have something to do with it. It makes you imagine the horrors the soldiers went through a bit better though.

I would say this is a must-see for those interested in (modern) history, but I would recommend it to the more casual viewer too because of the good job they did in presenting the images and sounds.

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