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9 episodes

2x01 All About Primates

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 20 mins

Chimps are so smart, they can even be taught to brush their teeth. Howler monkeys have supersized vocal cords – projecting their voice over 20 miles. Ring tailed lemurs bask in the sun to conserve energy.

2x02 Sharks, Skunks, Sloths

  • no air date — 20 mins

Sharks are the ultimate underwater predator, but why? A skunks odor can be diluted to 10 parts per billion and still makes your eyes water. How slow is the 3 toed sloth? From the depth of the oceans to the tops of the trees, this week on Animal Science.

The bald eagle can travel up to 100 miles per hour during an aerial attack on unsuspecting prey. Jellyfish are equipped with the deadliest venom on earth. Plus, a camels mouth is built to eat almost anything!

2x04 Journey to Africa

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode we meet the animals of Africa. We’ll see how the zebra is able to use its stripes as camouflage against its colorblind nemesis. Explore the engineering of a giraffe's neck, and feel the power of a hyena's jaws.

2x05 In Flight

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode we’ll examine the life cycle of a butterfly and delve into the mechanics of how a bird is able to take flight. Plus, the mystery of how a Venus Flytrap catches its prey is revealed.

2x06 Predator and Prey

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode, we find out how the Jaguar’s spots create a disruptive pattern that makes them harder for prey to see. We’ll also learn how a bee sting really works, and how a salmon is able to migrate thousands of miles to spawn.

2x07 Fabulous Felines

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode, we examine the science of the cat. We’ll learn about the evolution of cats throughout the world, featuring the Saber-tooth Tiger. Find out how cat senses stack up against other animals. Also, how will you do on our feline pop quiz?

2x08 Australian Animals

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode we travel to the land down under - Australia. Learn the science behind the one of the world’s largest natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. See the ferocity of the Tasmanian devil, and meet the cute and cuddly Koala Bear.

2x09 Animals on the Farm

  • no air date — 20 mins

In this episode we go down on the farm to explore the science of the cow’s 4-chambered stomach. Learn about the mysterious muscle disorder that makes certain types of goats faint. Plus, find out what horsepower really is.