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Yo-kai Watch

Season 1 2014 - 2016

  • 2014-01-08T09:30:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 25 mins
  • 1 day, 20 hours, 10 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime

When Nate Adams (Keita Amano) frees Whisper, a ghost-like yo-kai, from 190 years of imprisonment, Whisper pledges to protect Nate from supernatural dangers. Whisper also gives Nate a watch that allows Nate to see other yo-kai. Together with the twin-tailed cat spirit Jibanyan, they encounter many yo-kai related problems and solve them.

106 episodes

1x01 (1) Yo-kai Are Real! / The Spooky Intersection

  • Series Premiere

    2014-01-08T09:30:00Z — 25 mins

Part 1: Keita discovers a capsule machine in the woods and after buying a capsule he discovers the ghost Whisper, who announces he is now the boy's butler. He gives Keita a Yo-Kai Watch that allows him to see Yo-Kai in town, and he first uses it to discover why his mother and father are fighting, only to discover that the Yo-Kai Donyorinne, who causes anger around her, is to blame. With Whisper's help, he gets the Yo-Kai Honobōno to lure Donyorinne away, and Honobōno's ability to cheer people up clears up his parents' fight. Part 2: As Whisper explains more about the Yo-Kai Watch and Yo-Kai World to Keita, they come upon an intersection haunted by the Yo-Kai Jibanyan, who possesses a man and forces him to cross the street into oncoming traffic, only for Jibanyan to attack the car. Keita and Whisper ask why Jibanyan is acting this way, and he reveals the events of his death and how he wishes to see his owner Emi-chan once more. Keita believes in Jibanyan, and befriends the ghost cat, receiving a Yo-Kai Medal.

Part 1: Whisper informs Keita that a kappa lives in the river, mistaking a broken plate for the creature and completely ignoring the Yo-Kai Nogappa who vies for their attention. Part 2: After Keita uses the toilet in school, his friend and crush Fumi reveals this fact to the whole class, embarrassing him. Whisper reveals a Yo-Kai is to blame, revealing the Yo-Kai Bakuro-baa, who makes people tell secrets unwittingly, possessing Fumi. Keita gives chase, and after Whisper reveals how to use Yo-Kai Medals to summon the befriended Yo-Kai with the Yo-Kai Watch, Keita calls on Jibanyan, but Bakuro-baa makes him reveal how big a fan he is of the idol group NyaKB, making him run away in embarrassment. Keita then calls on Nogappa who manages to defeat Bakuro-baa, but only because legends of the kappa are so famous that everyone knows his secrets. Part 3: After a big test at school, Keita meets Fumi on the way home and sees that she is upset, but will not tell why. Whisper tells Keita to call on Bakuro-baa to make Fumi reveal that she is afraid of what her mother will say because she did not get a perfect score. Keita decides to let Bakuro-baa remain a little while longer so Fumi can talk to her mother, who is not at all worried about the test scores.

Part 1: After Keita's mother brings him home a curry pan that is very popular and difficult to get, Whisper reveals that it must be because of the luck-giving Yo-Kai Tsuchinoko, but Tsuchinoko is very rare. However, Keita sees one in his room. Whisper says that is impossible, and continues reading on the Yo-kaiPad as more Tsuchinoko enter the room, with one of them eventually giving Keita his Yo-Kai Medal. Part 2: At school, Kanchi reveals that there have been sightings in town of a ghostly human-faced dog: the Jinmen-ken. Kuma does not believe him, but Fumi reveals she saw the Jinmen-ken when walking home. Keita sets out to find it, as it must be a Yo-Kai, but Whisper warns him that if other people can see the Jinmen-ken, it must mean the Yo-Kai is powerful. Just as they are about to give up their search, a toy poodle suddenly speaks to them in oyaji gags, revealing his salaryman face. Jinmen-ken, who is not evil, reveals how he came to be, while getting drunk at a bar, and says how he just wants to be owned by a human girl, but his appearance puts people off. Later, he drunkenly relieves himself, only for the cops to arrest him after he claims to be a dog, but not before he gives Keita his Yo-Kai Medal. Part 3: At school, Kuma tells Keita how Kanchi has suddenly begun acting rude to other students. Keita and Whisper realize a Yo-Kai must be the cause, and discover Kanchi is possessed by Gurerurin. Gurerurin reveals that unless he is beaten, Kanchi will continue to transform into a delinquent. Keita ries to call on Jibanyan for help, but Gurerurin only turns him into the naughty Warunyan, but Keita is not phased by the behavior. Keita then calls on Jinmen-ken, who fights Gurerurin long enough for Gurerurin to become impressed, ending his reign of terror and giving Keita his Yo-Kai Medal.

Part 1: Keita's mother makes him clean his room, and Whisper gives him the Yo-Kai Dictionary to hold his Yo-Kai Medals instead of just leaving them loose in his desk drawer. Part 2: Keita sees Fumi eat a very large hot dog bought from a nearby convenience store, and warns her it will make her fat, insulting her. He realizes her odd eating behavior must be due to a Yo-Kai. Whisper is not too sure until Keita actually finds Himo-jii, a Yo-Kai that makes people hungry, outside the convenience store. After asking him to leave, Keita ultimately calls on Bakuro-baa to get Himo-jii to reveal that he misses his granddaughter who he used to go to this particular store with. Whisper informs Himo-jii he might find his granddaughter if he would leave the store, and just as he does, his granddaughter passes by, telling a friend she misses her grandfather, but remembers the time she went to the store with him, still possessing a small toy he had bought for her. Himo-jii is moved to tears and Keita gets his Yo-Kai Medal. However, Fumi is still mad at Keita for calling her fat. Part 3: Everyone in class seems to have forgotten things at home, including the teacher who is still in his pajamas. Whisper believes a Yo-Kai is causing problems, and Keita scans his teacher to find he is possessed by the Yo-Kai Wasuren-bō, a Yo-Kai that makes people forgetful. Wasuren-bō decides to get on Keita's good side by making Fumi forget he called her fat and making the teacher forget to give them a test, but Whisper tells him he should not use Wasuren-bō selfishly. Wasuren-bō eveals his past and how he wants revenge for being forgotten, attacking Keita who accidentally calls on Jinmen-ken, having left Jibanyan's Yo-Kai Medal at home, who defeats Wasuren-bō because Jinmen-ken's head tastes bad to Wasuren-bō. Keita promises that he will take care of Wasuren-bō as his friend, gaining his trust and Yo-Kai Medal. In joy, Wasuren-bō lands on Keita's head, only to accidentally make Keita forget everything that has happened. Part 4: Keita and Whisper see Jinmen-ken has opened a high class hair salon called Gin Men Ken. When they see him the next day, Jinmen-ken is distressed because his only clients have been dogs, and Whisper discovers it is because of a bad advertisement. After Whisper reads another ad about a fashion shoot needing a cameraman, Jinmen-ken gets a new idea.

Part 1: Jinmen-ken tries his paw at photography, wildly photographing a model in a studio until it is revealed to her that he his not the photographer she was waiting for. Jinmen-ken is dragged away by the police. Part 2: On Valentine's Day, Keita, Kanchi, and Kuma are a little bummed that they have not been given chocolates by any of the girls in class. However, one of the girls approaches Kanchi and asks to talk to him in private, and she gives him a box of chocolates. Kuma and Keita are surprised, and even more so when another girl in class gives Kuma a box of chocolates as well. Keita feels something is afoot, and discovers that the Yo-Kai Mabo-rōshi is casting illusions on his friends to make them believe the girls are giving them chocolate. Keita tries to stop Mabo-rōshi's reign of terror, if only so he can get Fumi to give him chocolates, but Jibanyan and Jinmen-ken cannot fight Mabo-rōshi's illusions. In the end, Keita does his best to fight Mabo-rōshi on his own, and after an Inazuma Eleven-inspired kick he as gotten Mabo-rōshi's Yo-Kai Medal, and a box of chocolates from Fumi, but Whisper sees that even Keita has been caught up in Mabo-rōshi's illusions. Part 3: Keita's mother questions him one day over some missing chocolate bars, and Keita says he does not know what has happened to them. He asks Whisper if a Yo-Kai could have stolen them, but Whisper claims such an act is impossible, until they find Jibanyan in Keita's room eating a chocolate bar. They ask what he is doing, and Jibanyan says he has moved in. After Whisper fails to get anything out of him, Keita asks why he has moved in, and Jibanyan reveals that his old resting place has been filled up by other ghostly cats who need a home. Keita agrees to let Jibanyan live with him, as they are friends, but soon discovers that Jibanyan's behavior is rude and disrupting his mother and father's lives, using a large paper fan to try to keep him in line, and both he and Whisper are at their wits' end. Keita's parents reveal they have hired an exorcist to try to remove the evil spirits from the house, and his prayers actually begin to work on Jibanyan and Whisper, sending them away to heaven. Keita tries to disrupt the exorcism, to the best of his ability, and only succeeds by convincing the exorcist and his parents that the evil spirits are gone from his room. The next day, Jibanyan has turned a new leaf, and has cleaned the house top to bottom to apologize.

Part 1: After being released from prison, again, Jinmen-ken decides to try to become a pastry chef to be surrounded by women. But in his apprenticeship his canine side gets the best of him and he is carted away to jail, once more. Part 2: Keita's class plans a park clean up, and no one is that invested in it, until Keita suddenly gets fired up. Keita's friends are weirded out by his behavior, and when Whisper shows up to check on them he discovers a Yo-Kai to be to blame, soon taking over Kanchi in place of Keita, allowing Keita to identify the Yo-Kai as Melamelion, a Yo-Kai that makes people want to win at anything. Keita calls on Himo-jii to talk to him to figure out his goals, and they manage to convince Melamelion to free Kanchi, but he soon takes over Fumi. Keita then calls on Honobōno to calm Fumi down, as well as Melamelion, befriending him. Part 3: Keita wakes up with a sore tooth, so his mother signs him up for a dentist appointment to check it out. He is a little afraid, but Kuma and Kanchi convince him the local dentist is a nice guy. When he goes for the appointment, the dentist seems scared of him, and upset. Keita realizes it must be a Yo-Kai, so he scans with his watch and, with Whisper appearing, discovers that Negativoon is the culprit, a Yo-Kai that makes people depressed. As the dentist goes deeper into depression, Keita calls on Melamelion to negate Negativoon's affect on the dentist, driving him away, but making the dentist too eager to treat Keita's sore tooth. Part 4: Keita and his friends have a sleepover, and after Keita convinces his mom to set up some futons in the living room for them to spend the night. Kanchi reveals he has the remote for the television so they can stay up all night watching shows they would not otherwise be allowed to. After Keita's parents go to sleep, the boys watch TV. Whisper reveals this fact to Jibanyan, mentioning that they are going to watch a NyaKB nighttime special, making Jibanyan want to join in. As they watch the special, the channel begins to change on them. Whisper pulls Keita aside, revealing a Yo-Kai is causing this, revealing Denpaku-kozō. Keita prepares to call on a Yo-Kai to get rid of him when Jibanyan steps forward to take care of Denpaku-kozō on his own, but Denpaku-kozō's electrical powers are stronger than Jibanyan. When Jibanyan chases after him with a vacuum cleaner, waking up Keita's parents, and Denpaku-kozō escapes. The boys decide to go to sleep, but Keita wonders where Whisper has gone, as he complains about being stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

Jinmen-ken is released from prison, but cannot find Keita or Whisper on his way out. He moves out into the woods and tries to make pottery, only to be arrested again when his newest vase has a bust comparable to a member of NyaKB. Part 2: Keita goes to mogmog Burger to buy an ice cream cone, but is upset when he is missing a swirl as advertised, believing a Yo-Kai is to blame. Whisper believes he is just overreacting, but Keita discovers a Yo-Kai is eating the top of everyone's ice cream cones. The Yo-Kai apologizes to Keita after he realizes he can see him, and introduces himself as Komasan, and his country accent. Whisper tries to find out why he is eating people's ice cream, but Komasan is distracted by the top of Whisper's head, which resembles another ice cream cone. Komasan explains while staying with at a komainu statue at a temple in the countryside, he only got to see ice cream during festivals. However, the temple has been shut down and he has come to live in the city. Keita tries to show Komasan around the city, but he gets confused by everything Keita finds mundane. Komasan gets lost and is accosted by Guregurin, who asks for money, but he is scared off when Keita and Whisper arrive. Komasan realizes the city is not for him and heads back to the countryside, but Keita discovers he has forgotten his bag and calls him back, only to upset him. Part 3: Keita's class takes an test, and while he wonders what answer to pick, he hears a voice saying "That's wrong" every time he picks an answer. He begins to wonder who is telling him things, until he realizes a Yo-Kai must be in the classroom, discovering that there are in fact three of them. After class, Keita and Whisper chase after the three Yo-Kai, who reveal themselves to be Mitomen. Whisper reveals that the Mitomen make people question their choices, and their presence makes them make jokes, but it is revealed that they have made the class have poor test results. Keita calls on Jibanyan, but he puts the Yo-Kai Medal in backwards. The Mitomen point this out to him, and he thanks them, which causes a change in heart, as no one has ever thanked them before. One of the Mitomen gives Keita his hand in gratitude, but when Keita takes the hand, the Mitomen is sucked into the Yo-Kai Watch, while the other two move on to the other side. When Keita puts a Yo-Kai Medal in backwards, again, it announces "That's wrong" in the Mitomen's voice.

Part 1: After serving his time in jail, again, Jinmen-ken wonders what he should do next, until passing by a movie theater and deciding that he should become a Hollywood star. After an extensive fantasy, he prepares to board an airplane headed towards America, only to be arrested again. As Jinmen-ken demands to be free, Komasan watches on. Part 2: Keita is anxious for class to end, as he really needs to use the toilet, but when he gets there he sees an unusually long line of boys waiting, even on the other floors. However, on the third floor he finds Whisper, and Keita tells him he thinks a Yo-Kai is causing this mayhem, even though Whisper has never heard of such a Yo-Kai. Keita scans with the Yo-Kai Watch to find Morezō, a Yo-Kai that makes boys feel the need to pee. Soon, Kanchi and Kuma wander upstairs to check on Keita, only for Morezō to affect them as well. In a rush, Keita calls on Gurerurin to deal with Morezō, only to put the Yo-Kai Medal in backwards, before correcting himself. However, Morezō affects Gurerurin as well. Next, he calls on Jinmen-ken, who is also affected bu Morezō, and then arrested for public urination. He next calls on Mabo-rōshi, who casts an illusion to make everyone think the hallway is full of urinals, one of which Morezō intends to use, but Keita asks him to stop before something bad happens. He next asks Wasuren-bō to take care of Morezō, finally able to make Morezō release the rest of its water and freeing the boys from its influence, including Keita. Part 3: Keita returns home and needs to get his soccer ball so he can play with Kanchi and Kuma, but finds that his bedroom door is locked from the inside. Jibanyan is inside, but will not let Keita in. Whisper hears a hum from inside, and realizes Jibanyan must be under the spell of Hikikōmori, a Yo-Kai that makes people want to stay locked up in their rooms. Whisper notes that Hikikōmori is very well known, but Keita has never heard of him before. Keita is worried he will be late meeting up with Kanchi and Kuma, but realizes he can lure Jibanyan out with chocolate bars, but not even they can break Hikikōmori's hold. Keita next tries a NyaKB48 photobook, which manages to get Jibanyan to open the door, but he locks it up after taking them from Keita. Keita tries to get Melamelion, but Jibanyan decries Melamelion's calls of trying to fire him up, and only makes Melamelion run out in anger. Keita next asks for Honobōno and Donyorinne's help, and their amorphous forms allow them to get inside Keita's room, and flatten Jibanyan and take him out of the room, but now the room is still locked from the inside and Jibanyan is still under Hikikōmori's control. Keita calls on Morezō to waken Jibanyan up, causing Hikikōmori to escape. After both use the toilet, Hikikōmori tries to take control of Jibanyan once more, but Keita stops him and tells him he cannot do this to people and Yo-Kai, but Hikikōmori is still afraid of going outside. Keita allows him to stay in his room, and Hikikōmori gives him his Yo-Kai Medal in thanks. Keita goes to open his door, but it is still locked, when Whisper simply phases through the door to unlock it, angering Keita that Whisper was able to do this the whole time.

Part 1: Komasan returns to the city, writing a letter to his mother about his adventures with his younger brother Komajiro has followed him. Komajiro is much more brave and interested in the city than Komasan, as obvious when he gets on an escalator while Komasan is still trying to get the timing right. Part 2: Kanchi introduces the group to a new dousing mobile app that lets you hunt for treasure. They hunt all day but turn up nothing. As Kanchi and Kuma leave, Whisper tells Keita to scan for a Yo-Kai in the last hole they dug, discovering something. Whisper says it is just a cicada, but Keita is unsure as it is very large and oddly colored. As they argue, the "cicada" wakes up, revealing himself to be the Yo-Kai Semimaru. Whisper tries to explain his mistake, but Semimaru insists he is a Yo-Kai. He reveals that when a cicada dies after its one week in its adult stage, it transforms into Semimaru, but Semimaru only ever just wants to turn back into a cicada once more, burying itself, because if it leaves the ground again it will never become a cicada again. Keita reminds him he is above ground, and Semimaru freaks out. Whisper tries to look up ways to extend the life on Yo-Kai UkiUkipedia, but the countdown does not end. Instead, Semimaru tries to live life to its fullest. The week ends, and Semimaru gives Keita his Yo-Kai Medal, and as the countdown finally ends, he falls down. However, he is just asleep. Whisper has read Yo-Kai UkiUkipedia wrong, and Keita is upset that he has been stressed out over nothing. Part 3: Keita watches a sci-fi movie on TV, telling Whisper that Yo-Kai are not in the movie but robots. Jibanyan wonders if there are robotic Yo-Kai, but Keita reveals that the movie takes place in the future, so they would probably not exist. Jibanyan feels robot Yo-Kai would be nice, so they could have friends forever. Outside, a robotic cat spies on the three. Later, Jibanyan is woken from his sleep by this robotic cat, asking Keita to look for him, but when they get downstairs all that can be found are footsteps. They track the footsteps down and find Robonyan. Jibanyan however is upset that Robonyan looks just like him, and Robonyan reveals that in the future, after Keita and Whisper are gone, Jibanyan turns himself into a robot, and that inside his robotic body is a chocolate bar factory. However, Jibanyan is still not sure if this is the truth, so he sets up a few challenges. First, a race, but Robonyan transforms into a race car and wins. Next, is a fighting competition against oncoming cars, but just as Jibanyan prepares his Hundred Paw Strike, Robonyan stops the car with one finger. Jibanyan rushes at Robonyan, who launches a rocket punch, that Jibanyan dodges, only for Robonyan to retrieve his paw. Jibanyan tries striking Robonyan with the Hundred Paw Strike, but only hurts himself. As Robonyan has won, he has proven himself to Jibanyan, and that night he shrinks himself to save space and plugs himself into the wall to recharge. However, the next morning Keita's mother yells at him for making the electricity usage go through the roof. Robonyan heads back to the future, leaving Keita his Yo-Kai Medal, and later Keita says that he prefers having just Jibanyan around.

Part 1: Komasan writes another letter to his mother about his and Komajiro's continuing exploration of the city. After nearly losing each other in the crowd, Komajiro spots someone handing out tissues, and asks Komasan to get some. After retrieving several, Komasan sees that Komajiro has already found a pack. When Komasan gives him another, Komajiro responds with an English "Thank you" rather than their countryside dialect, shocking Komasan that he has picked up city habits so fast. Part 2: Keita heads to the local bakery to get a special melon bun, but when he and Whisper hear a strange bird call, he heads into the bakery only to find that they have sold out. He instead goes to the fast food restaurant and manages to buy the last special ice cream cone of the day. Just as Keita is to enjoy it, he hears the same bird call, and a soccer ball rolls over. He kicks it back over to the boy who lost it, only for his ice cream to fall over. He heads to another shop and manages to buy the last special croquette of the day. Just as he is to bite it, he hears the bird call, and falls into a hole in the sidewalk. Keita realizes a Yo-Kai must be causing problems, and casts the Yo-Kai Watch's light to find Tohohogisu, a Yo-Kai that makes people upset and embarassed. Tohohogisu apologizes for all the problems she has caused, and Keita accepts the apology. The next day at school, Kuma hits a streak of bad luck, losing a chicken nugget to the floor, and missing a perfect test score because he forgot to write his name down. Keita realizes Tohohogisu is to blame and finds her in the classroom. Tohohogisu says she has become upset after seeing a handsome bird, and missed the chance to meet him. Keita decides to call on Robonyan for help. Robonyan takes Kuma's test paper while he is not noticing and writes his name down very small, and then picks up the chicken nugget that fell on the ground and recooks it fresh, returning Kuma back to being happy, and Tohohogisu gives him her Yo-Kai Medal. Part 3: Whisper shows Keita that he has gathered so many Yo-Kai Medals. When Keita inspects the Yo-Kai Dictionary, it begins to glow, and Whisper discovers that it means a Legendary Yo-Kai will be brought forth. However, Jibanyan appears instead, and he walks into the closet with Hikikōmori. Keita feels Whisper has lied to him, when Jibanyan steps back out, now wearing samurai armor. Keita asks what he is doing, but he says he is not Jibanyan but Bushinyan. Keita and Whisper believe he is just in cosplay, but Whisper discovers that Bushinyan is the Legendary Yo-Kai that they have summoned. Keita is angry at Whisper for not knowing enough, and then thanks Bushinyan for showing up, only to be taken aback by Bushinyan's love for NyaKB, thinking he is just like Jibanyan. A baseball flies into the room, and Bushinyan cuts it in half before it can hit Whisper. He then slices up a baumkuchen, but Keita and Whisper eat all the slices before they share with Bushinyan. Bushinyan attacks out of anger, and Whisper tries to stop the blade, but is sliced in half. As Keita mourns, Whisper reveals he is all right, and they laugh. Bushinyan is moved to tears by their friendship, and hopes that one day he can be as close to Keita as Whisper. He takes his leave into the closet, and Keita finds his Yo-Kai Medal in his hand. Jibanyan emerges from the closet, only to be shocked that his NyaKB goods are outside. Whisper then reveals that Bushinyan is an alterego, but neither know who the other is.

Part 1: Komasan writes another letter to his mother about his and Komajiro's trip on the subway. Komajiro wishes to enter, but Komasan realizes that they need a ticket to get through the turnstyle as it can detect their presence. Komasan believes it will devour them, but Komajiro uses a passcard to enter the turnstyle safely, and Komasan tries to say that he has a passcard in him already. But when Komajiro runs off without him, Komasan gets knocked out by the turnstile. Part 2: Keita, Kuma, and Kanchi head to the mall to buy comics, but Kuma suddenly is overcome with the desire to purchase a large tuna, spending all of his money. Likewise, Kanchi finds himself buying novelty drinking straws on sale, preventing either of them from returning their items. Keita calls on Whisper, as he believes a Yo-Kai is to blame, but Keita purchases something frivolous as well. They soon discover the Yo-Kai Mudazukai is to blame, a Yo-Kai that makes people waste their money on things. However, they are not fast enough to stop either Kuma or Kanchi from using the rest of their money on silly things. Keita confronts Mudazukai, but Mudazukai does not believe he has done anything wrong. Whisper discovers Mudazukai was born from the economic bubble, and Mudazukai only wants to make people happy by buying things. Keita tells him that people should instead become happy for buying what they want, instead of things that are silly, before going to the others and pooling their raffle tickets, and ultimately win the comic book they came to buy in the first place. Mudazukai realizes the error of his ways, and gives Keita his Yo-Kai Medal, before rushing back into the mall. Part 3: Fumi invites her friends to a barbecue, and Keita wishes to go, and is happy when she invites him, but all he can say is "No", much to his shock, and even turns down his friends and his teacher's requests. He realizes a Yo-Kai is to blame, but Whisper is not sure, until he finds Murikabe. To try to combat Murikabe's effects, he calls on Bakuro-baa to stop him, knowing Bakuro-baa cannot say anything but "baa baa", but Murikabe takes over. He next tries Melamelion, knowing that he can only say "Mera", but he is no match either. Keita pleads Whisper to help, even though he is even caught under Murikabe's spell, until Keita asks him not to do something, reversing Murikabe's effect on him to make him act. Keita decides to get Jibanyan to do the same, using reverse psychology on him to get him to attack Murikabe. Keita then tells Murikabe to say "No", again, and then to not become his friend, resulting in Keita getting his Yo-Kai Medal. Keita ultimately gets to go to Fumi's barbecue, but only after he cleans up his room.

Part 1: Komasan tries to explain to Komajiro why all the people of the city are talking, but not to anyone near them, but Komajiro realizes that they are all talking on their cellphones, and he takes his own out, but he cannot get a signal. Komasan, even more upset about the turn of events, tries to lead him along to a takoyaki shop. However, Komajiro gets a phone call and answers it, and then goes off to play with his friends, leaving Komasan to go get takoyaki on his own. Part 2: In the middle of class, Keita, Kuma, and Kanchi all hear a fart, but neither of them know it came from them. Keita believes Whisper might have done it, but Whisper says that he cannot fart. Keita scans the room and sees that Fumi has turned beet-red, and as he watches her, she appears to pass gas, again, assaulting Keita and Whisper's senses. Keita realizes that Fumi could not have farted like that, and realizes a Yo-Kai is to blame. He scans the room and discovers Onarazumono, a Yo-Kai that makes people fart. Class ends, and Keita plans on taking Onarazumono to somewhere it cannot affect people but as soon as he stands up, Onarazumono activates his ability on Keita, causing him to pass gas. Keita tries to hold it in, but decides to make it appear like he did not fart, but everyone can start to smell it. He runs out to confront Onarazumono outside, calling on Jibanyan for help, but when Jibanyan is hit by Onarazumono's miasma, he releases a vile fart that nearly consumes them all, until Whisper gives Keita and Jibanyan gas masks and fans to dispell the cloud. Instead, Keita decides to call on another Yo-Kai that will be immune, passing on Jinmen-ken out of fear of his farts, before settling on Robonyan, who as a robot cannot fart, but when Onarazumono attacks, Robonyan lets out a vile gas, which apparently is his internal air freshener. Robonyan slaps his own behind, changing the scent of the gas, until he settles on a floral scent, which affects Onarazumono as well. Robonyan then produces baked sweet potatos for Onarazumono, knowing it will give him gas, and after Onarazumono is all out of farts, he befriends Keita. Part 3: On Alcatraz, Jinmen-ken is imprisoned, and he blames Keita for all his problems, planning on getting to him when he escapes. He enters the service tunnels, and then tries to dig out, but he is distracted by a bone. He switches course, and then finds another bone, only to switch course again and find a third bone, switching course again and finding an even larger bone. However, it causes the tunnel to collapse, and he ends up back in his own prison cell, with his cellmate angry for being woken up.

Part 1: Komasan introduces Komajiro to a fast food restaurant, but he is afraid of what will happen when they go in. They wear leaves on their heads to disguise themselves as humans, but as Komasan prepares to order, the staff overwhelms him with options. Komajiro, however, has not had as many problems, despite the fact Komasan has bought every item on the menu. Part 2: Keita talks to Whisper about his worries concerning their upcoming kanji exam, when Kuma walks up to him, and then announces to the class he will get a perfect score. Even Fumi is worried about Kuma's sudden vigor, and his revelation that he will set new world records in sports. One of their classmates calls Kuma on his bluff, and before he runs, he claims his leg hurts, and decides not to run until after lunch. Keita believes Kuma's white lies are because of a Yo-Kai, and discovers Kuchidake-onna is making him lie. Whisper suggests Melamelion will be able to take on Kuchidake-onna's effects, and Melamelion manages to convince Kuchidake-onna to leave. However, she later possesses Kanchi, making him lie about his plans for the class president election. He wins the election, and they thank her, but she just makes him say more lies about how his next plans are for being the president of the world. Part 3: Keita talks to Whisper about how he is worried about the dance lessons in gym class that day, mostly because his partner Taku is an amazing dancer. Outside, three dancing seaweed Yo-Kai watch, and plan on helping him out. As they begin to dance, Taku shows off his moves until Keita is overwhelmed by an urge to dance, overshadowing Taku. Whisper realizes something is up, and points it out to him later, however Keita cannot remember dancing. He realizes a Yo-Kai must be to blame, scanning the area to find Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan. Whisper reveals that they make people dance, but Keita cannot see any problem in that and thanks them for helping him out. However, during math class he dances uncontrollably instead of answering the question, now seeing the problem with the dancers, and he confronts them, only to make himself out to a fool in front of Fumi. He chases them down, dancing along the way. Part 3: Keita talks to Whisper about how he is worried about the dance lessons in gym class that day, mostly because his partner Taku is an amazing dancer. Outside, three dancing seaweed Yo-Kai watch, and plan on helping him out. As they begin to dance, Taku shows off his moves until Keita is overwhelmed by an urge to dance, overshadowing Taku. Whisper realizes something is up, and points it out to him later, however Keita cannot remember dancing. He realizes a Yo-Kai must be to blame, scanning the area to find Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan. Whisper reveals that they make people dance, but Keita cannot see any problem in that and thanks them for helping him out. However, during math class he dances uncontrollably instead of answering the question, now seeing the problem with the dancers, and he confronts them, only to make himself out to a fool in front of Fumi. He chases them down, dancing along the way. Part 4: Jinmen-ken plans his escape from Alcatraz once more, this time assisted by a teddy bear named Sam he received from the prison. Sam appears to be alive, although no one believes him, and most of the prisoners are afraid of him because he constantly talks to the toy. Jinmen-ken reveals he plans on escaping through a small path along a series of gears, but Sam says he will go with him. Sam rushes through the gears, but gets stuck, and is torn apart. Jinmen-ken later realizes Sam was only a toy and was never alive. However, he now has real friends who will escape with him.

Part 1: Komasan takes Komajiro to the Sakura Ex Tree, a new tower built in Sakura City. Komasan is amazed at its height, but Komajiro, engrossed with his phone, says it is not the tallest structure out there. Komasan is further scared by the speed that the elevator takes them to the top, and how he thinks he can see their hometown from the observation area, but Komajiro is not impressed, even at the glass floors, nor at a souvenir juice bottle. At the end of the day, it takes Komasan pointing out a shooting star to snap Komajiro out of his ennui, and make Komasan happy, again. Part 2: Keita is getting ready for school early, as it is the day of the parent observations. As Whisper prepares to check his backpack just in case he has forgotten anything, they both see that Jibanyan has changed into a subdued color and his face is plain and shocking. Whisper thinks it is just because they woke up so early, but when Keita goes to see his mother, she is dressed in fanciful clothes, in preparation for the visit that day. But in their shock, she believes she is not dressed up enough, and comes out in an even more garish outfit, and again when Keita says she cannot go to his school dressed as she is. Keita is afraid of bein embarrassed in class, and discovers the Yo-Kai Sharekofujin is possessing his mother, a Yo-Kai that makes people dress extremely fashionably. Keita, however, wants to stop his mother from making it to school, so he calls on Himo-jii to stop Sharekofujin, but when he talks to her, she hugs him and makes him dressed like a surfer. Before Keita can ask Whisper for help, Sharekofujin has made him more fashionable as well, but Whisper manages to find out that the Yo-Kai Jimmy, who can make things more bland and subdued, is just what they need to break Sharekofujin's grasp. Keita realizes that Jibanyan was subdued, and has to have been affected by Jimmy at some point. After calling on Jibanyan, Whisper realizes it to be the case and asks Keita to look for Jimmy, but Keita has been affected by Jimmy as well, who is right behind them. Whisper takes charge, pushing Jimmy into Sharekofujin, defeating her as she no longer finds herself fashionable without her bow and umbrella, freeing Keita's mother from her grasp. She runs home, and Whisper hands Keita Sharekofujin's Yo-Kai Medal, and Jimmy presents his to him as well, but he is still under Jimmy's effects. Part 3: Jinmenken introduces his new, and real, crack team of convicts who will help him escape: the strong George, the athletic and acrobatic Eddy, the computers expert David, and the former doctor Remmy. After stealing a wire from the workshop, Jinmenken leads the group to the gear room. David manages to shut down the machinery, and all of them manage to get past the gears, only finding a brick wall in their way on the other side. George breaks it down, and the five of them make it outside, but find the outer wall. Eddy scales the wall and lets down a rope for the others to climb. But at the top, Jinmenken spots the full moon, howls, and gives up all of their locations. In reality, he has been following all four of them around, and not actually leading them to their escape, angering all of them after making their escape a failure.

Part 1: At night, Komasan is shocked at Komajiro's ability with city slang when he receives a phone call, before telling his brother that he's been invited to a place full of lights and dancing. Komasan believes it is just a traditional festival, but he is shocked when they end up at a night club, where Komajiro is known as K.J. and he has a human girlfriend. Part 2: Keita, Kanchi, and Kuma visit the local onsen, but Keita finds the water is much too hot, particularly when it heats up very quickly. Whisper does not think a Yo-Kai exists to that extent, but Keita discovers Nobosetonman, a Yo-Kai that makes bathwater too hot for humans. Keita realizes how dangerous Nobosetonman is, and calls on Melamelion first, who jumps into the water, but only makes it even more comfortable for Nobosetonman. Next, Keita tries Gurerurin, but he is scared of entering the bathwater, as he knows it is hot, so Whisper pushes him in, angering Nobosetonman. Keita is worried that no one will be able to use the hot bath, when an old man enters the bath and turns on the hot tap to such a degree that Nobosetonman is defeated, but now no one wants to use the bath because of the intense heat. Part 3: As math class ends, Keita waits for his chance to use the toilet, but as soon as the bell rings, his teacher begins speaking in the Osaka dialect, extending the lesson. Fumi tries to remind him about the bell, but he keeps on telling the story. Fumi later asks him what he thinks was wrong was their teacher, when she is suddenly taken over by the same urge to tell a long story in the Osaka dialect. Keita realizes a Yo-Kai is to blame, and after scanning Fumi with the Yo-Kai Watch, Whisper identifies the Yo-Kai as Nagabana, a Yo-Kai that makes people tell long stories. After his effect on Fumi annoys Whisper, he chases after the Yo-Kai, but runs out of breath. Keita calls on Jibanyan, but before he can insert the Yo-Kai Medal into the Yo-Kai Watch, Nagabana possesses him, stopping him by putting him into a silly speech, leaving Jibanyan waiting. This eventually forces Jibanyan to run to the school to stop him. Keita then decides Wasurenbō will be perfect, but he is caught in a loop still. Whisper and Jibanyan both try to put the Yo-Kai Medal in themselves, but the Mitomen warning goes off. Only Keita can call upon the Yo-Kai by exclaiming "Yo-Kai Medal Set On", so Jibanyan writes up a sign and tricks Keita into saying the phrase, finally summoning Wasurenbō who bites onto Nagabana's head, making him forget about what he wanted to talk about and freeing Keita. Nagabana decides that perhaps he should return to Osaka, and leaves that evening. However, when Keita and Whisper head off to school the next morning, Nagabana is there to meet them. Part 4: After the failed attempt to escape, Jinmenken's only friend is another inmate named Charlie who talks to him at lunch. Suddenly, the inmates around them run away in fear, as a tall and muscular man walks up behind Jinmenken, demanding his attention.

Part 1: Keita tries to explain Golden Week to Jibanyan, but he is not interested in the holidays. Whisper comes into the room and reveals he has a gift for Keita for Golden Week, a special protective charm that wards off Youkai, as they come into the human world more often during this time. His parents call him to join them, as they are planning a trip to see the nearby waterfall. However, their enthusiasm worries him, and he scans them with the Yo-kai Watch, despite Whisper's claims that the protective charm should mean there are no other Yo-Kai, to find Ageageha, a Yo-Kai that brings people's enthusiasm to a fever pitch. Keita plans on getting a Yo-Kai to stop it, but Whisper stops him, saying his parents will not have fun this Golden Week without Ageageha. When they get ready to leave, Jibanyan is horrified to learn he will have to ride in a car, and he will destroy it, until Ageageha's dust changes his opinion. Keita soon finds him trapped in the car with everyone but himself under Ageageha's spell, but not for long. Soon all five of them are cheering for a waterfall that is little more than a trickle. However, it soon begins to rain, and Ageageha leaves, bringing the group back to normal. Keita begins to wonder if the rain is also because of a Yo-Kai, and Whisper once again mentions the charm, until Keita spots one. Before Whisper can look it up on the YoukaiPad, its battery dies, leaving Jibanyan to reveal it is Amefurashi, a Yo-Kai that makes it rain heavily. Keita calls on Robonyan to make Amefurashi stop, but Robonyan opens up a time portal to go to an electronics store when there is a sale to buy a vacuum cleaner first, using himself to power it up to suck up the clouds, but instead he sucks up Whisper. Robonyan turns off the vacuum and launches a Rocket Punch that strikes Amefurashi, causing her to run away in pain, and the rain to stop. Keita wonders why the protective charm has not been working, and Whisper reads it to discover it only works on butler-type and feline Yo-Kai, causing Jibanyan to strike him with a fan in anger. That night on the way back to town, they are caught in traffic, and both Keita and his mother have fallen asleep. Keita's father closes his eyes for a moment to wait for the traffic to clear, when another Yo-Kai appears and warps them back to their house. Keita wonders how they got home so fast, even considering how late it is, and Whisper reveals it is the Yo-Kai Ungaikyō's doing, a mirror Yo-Kai that acts as a warp. Keita, upset at all the Yo-Kai activity, strikes Whisper with a paper fan. Part 2: At the night club, Komajiro DJs while Komasan is worried about how well he is adapting to city life. Komajiro's friends ask him what the dance contest's prize is, and Komajiro brings out a shirt that has the same pattern as Komasan's bag. The humans begin to think that the pattern is a little unfashionable and more for the country, which leads them to wonder if Komajiro is also from the country. One lifts him up, and he ends one of his sentences with a "zura", which reveals his status as a country bumpkin to them. Komasan stands up for Komajiro who tells them that the countryside is better than the city. Komajiro is brought to tears by his brother's bravery, but when Komasan rushes at them to save him, he trips, striking one of the men in the crotch, ripping a hair piece off of another, and revealing the third is bald. Komajiro later thanks Komasan for standing up for him, and helping him remember how wonderful the country life is, throwing his smartphone away. Komasan later retrieves it, knowing it will be useful. Next time, Komasan heads up a company to try to bring knowledge of the wonders of country life to the city dwellers in The Rosy Bumpkin.

Part 1: While living in the city, Komasan decides to work as a janitor at the toy conglomerate Dandai. While there, he unintentionally inspires the company president to make aazing ideas that further the company in the public eye, including a line of insect toys and the new mascot character Amedamazura. When he this to Komajiro later, his awe in his older brother inspires Komasan to go further. Part 2: It is Mother's Day, so Keita and his father give Keita's mother gifts to thank her. However, after serving her tea and pancakes, Keita's mother decides that the pancakes are not good enough, but will not explain why. Keita believes his mother's behavior to be a Yo-Kai's fault, and uses the Yo-Kai Watch to find Sunesnake, a Yo-Kai that makes people whiny. Keita's father tries to get through to her, but Sunesnake's power is too strong. To help his parents, Keita calls on Honobōno, as the fact he is married will help things. Honobōno gives his word that he will help, and possesses Keita's father to make his apologies to Keita's mother more heartfelt, and eventually Sunesnake's control is lifted, but his parents' renewed loveydovey nature begins to grate on Keita, Whisper, and Jibanyan. Part 3: The news covers a new game sweeping Sakura New Town: belly dancing, with a strange face on the dancer's stomach. Jibanyan remembers the NyaKB girls did it, but Keita thinks it is a little weird. When he gets to school with his friends, Kanchi is suddenly taken by the belly dancing craze, and the face is on his stomach as well. Fumi is surprised, and terrified, by the change of events. Their teacher arrives, and after a few more dances, Kanchi suddenly stops. Kuma tells him he was doing the belly dance and he had a strange face drawn on his stomach, but when Kanchi lifts his shirt again the face is gone. Just as Kanchi sits down, their teacher begins dancing, as well. Keita asks Whisper if it could be a Yo-Kai, and Keita scans his teacher to find Harao-dori. Fumi begins to ask their teacher a question, and Harao-dori possesses her next. Before she can embarrass herself, Keita calls on Donyorinne to stop her, hoping Donyorinne's ability to depress people will keep Harao-dori's powers at bay. Donyorinne wonders why this is such a problem, but Keita demands that she stop Harao-dori, coming up with some sort of story that the belly dancing reminds her of a bad time of her childhood, keeping Harao-dori from making Fumi dance. However, Harao-dori possesses Keita instead, embarrassing him in front of everyone after Fumi's story. Part 4: On Alcatraz, Jinmenken is pleased to know that the undercover cop was looking for evidence against Charlie and he will help Jinmenken get released early. However, Charlie confronts him in the exercise area, and Jinmenken begins to worry. After the undercover cop talks to the warden, and the warden agrees to let Jinmenken go. However, another prisoner who has a face like a dog is released instead, and Jinmenken is approached by Charlie once more.

Part 1: The Yo-Kai Kyuubi arrives in Sakura New Town, explaining how he steals women's hearts through sheer charm, collecting them in the form of "Kyun Balls". He soon decides on his next target, Fumi, but everything he does, after transforming into a charming boy, does not appear to get through to Fumi, and she mistakes many of his actions for other things. Determined to steal her heart now, he demands to know her name before she heads home, and she obliges. Kyuubi makes it his mission to steal Fumi's heart, any way he can. Part 2: Keita's mother tells him she is going out shopping and to stay home because she is waiting for a delivery. After she leaves, Keita feels hungry, and decides to go downstairs to have some cream buns, but Jibanyan is woried. After finding them missing and accusing Whisper of eating them, both realize Jibanyan is acting guilty, and he finally admits that he ate them. Keita decides to just run out to the bakery, but Whisper reminds him that his mother asked him to stay home, but he runs off anyway. After picking up the cream buns, all three realize that it has suddenly become nighttime. As they walk back to the house, they hear loud footsteps, and soon discover they are being chased by the Red Oni. Keita steals the Yo-KaiPad from Whisper and discovers that they are in Oni Time, a period where small children told not to leave the house are chased by onis, and that they have no choice but to run away. All three resolve to stay together, until Jibanyan trips and falls and Keita and Whisper run off. He catches up, but loses his chocolate bars and NyaKB book, leading to his defeat at the Red Oni's foot. Keita and Whisper try to hide, but are cornered once more. Keita manages to dodge Red Oni's kanabō, but Whisper gets hit. Afterwards, Keita uses the Yo-Kai Watch to get Jibanyan back, and then Jibanyan launches a Hundred Paw Strike, which proves futile, and when he suggests to use the cream bun to make Red Oni calm, Whisper intercepts it. However, they finally make it back home, but they realize the mailman has come, which means Keita's mother is home early, and she asks why Keita left the house. Part 3: Komasan returns to work, with others trying to show him he no longer has to work as a janitor, and he is now on the board of directors. However, another member of the board tells the president that a rival company is stealing their ideas, even one that Komasan comes up with at the next meeting. One of the other board members accuses Komasan of selling their ideas to the rival company, but they cannot find him. Komasan has just so happened to start cleaning the other board member's office, and accidentally begins printing files off of his computer. When the board member and president arrive, Komasan notices that the papers describe how the board member has been selling his ideas to the rival company, and Komasan comes up with another amazing idea for the president by simply speaking, once more.

Part 1: After a day on the links, the company president asks Komasan if he can talk to his daughter for him. They head to the night club where Komajiro was a DJ, Komasan realizes that the president's daughter was Komajiro's girlfriend. After scaring off the three men who bothered them last time, the company president and his daughter begin to argue that she has not come home, as she wants to become a professional dancer but has not found that one dance yet. Komasan, however, suddenly feels the urge to dance, and the president's daughter realizes Komasan's countryside moves are just what she needs. The company president is happy that his daughter has found her way in life, and it is all thanks to Komasan. Part 2: Keita wakes up and realizes he has overslept, but his mother never tried to wake him up. He rushes to school with Whisper and Jibanyan, only to discover his whole class is fast asleep. He realize a Yo-Kai must be to blame, and scans, discovering Baku, a Yo-Kai that eats dreams. She has come to his class just to have a bite to eat, and quickly sends Jibanyan into a deep sleep, as she eats Kuma's dream of being a superhero, Kanchi's dream of running a company, Fumi's dream to eat a lot of sweets, and the teacher's dream of teaching the class the meaning of infinity, with everyone taller than they normallywould be. They soon realize that Jibanyan is dreaming as well, and Whisper takes out his own personal dream diary to say that even Yo-Kai dream. In Jibanyan's dream, he seems to be a tall muscular martial arts expert who lets out a Hundred Strike Paw to finally stop a truck at an intersection, and NyaKB members fall in love with him, until Baku eats the dream too. Baku says she is just looking for a particularly big and tasty dream, and afterwards she will stop. Keita has an idea for someone with a big dream, and calls on Bushinyan. After Bushinyan falls asleep, they see he is hundreds of feet tall in his dream, the perfect meal for Baku who is so happy that she is finally full, that she gives Keita her Yo-Kai Medal. Everyone wakes up and Keita is happy that he is not actually late because it was Baku's doing, but Baku says she has not seen him until just now, which makes him late anyway. Part 3: Kyuubi remarks that he only needs one final Kyun Ball to have 100 and reach the next level of his powers, and he still has Fumi's heart in his sights. She is at the amusement park with her friends, and he joins them, planning on going on the roller coaster with her to steal her heart. He first sends her friends onto the ferris wheel with some magic, leaving him alone with her, planning on using the fear of the roller coaster to push Fumi over the edge and into his grasp. However, Fumi loves riding the roller coaster and it frightens him completely. Fumi wants to go on the drop tower next, but Kyuubi convinces her to go to the haunted house with him. However, Kyuubi is completely taken aback by the horror monsters in the haunted house, and he is so frightened that after holding a "zombie's" hand he runs off into a group of other actors and loses control of his transformation. Afterwards, while looking at a sign that says riding a roller coaster makes people fall in love, Fumi says that she has such a big heart something like that would never work on her, shocking Kyuubi. He leaves, saying they will meet again, just as Fumi's friends find her, wondering who she has been talking to, as Kyuubi suddenly realizes that from his vantage point he is sitting on the drop tower.

After filling another edition of the Yo-Kai Dictionary, Keita summons Ikemenken, a dog with a handsome human face who is utterly attractive to all women.

Whisper wakes up late but sees Keita and Jibanyan are ready to have a sprint at school today because of a TV show he watched the previous night. However, everyone in school is giving up on tasks in the middle of doing them, prompting Keita to believe they are posessed by a Yo-Kai and finding Tsuzukanasō. When Fumi is possessed, Keita gets Nagabana to counter Tsuzukanasō's possession, forcing Tsuzukanasō to give up after fighting Nagabana's powers. However, the next day Jibanyan and Keita have already given up getting to school early. Some time later, Keita decides to stay up all night, and while in school he nearly falls asleep. Whisper soon realizes that everyone in class is tired but cannot sleep, and they discover the insomniac Yo-Kai Fūmin has decided to keep everyone awake. Keita gets Baku for help, but just as Baku appears to not be able to counter Fūmin's abilities, it is revealed to be all in Fūmin's dreams. Komasan enters a café to get out of a sudden rain storm and falls head over heels in love with a woman who is also in the café. He attempts to impress her through imitation, but finds the taste of coffee horrible.

Komajiro realizes that Komasan needs a push to get to know the girl of his dreams and drags him to the café. Komasan gathers enough courage and enters, and becomes more enamoured when he finally hears the girl's voice, but overhears her say that she is worried that someone is stalking her and wonders what she could mean. When talking with Kanchi and Kuma about their favorite video game, Keita is worried that he has not gotten as far in it as them, and decides to play it constantly for the night, but he falls asleep. The next morning, with Jibanyan's help, he calls on the Yo-Kai Kazekamo, who Jibanyan says will make him sick, but it is only an illusion and Kazekamo tries to coach Keita through fooling his mother into thinking he has a fever. When this fails, Keita is unknowingly possessed by another Yo-Kai, Igaigaguri, who makes people cough. This finally convinces his mother that he is sick and he is allowed to stay home for the day, but as soon as Kazekamo and Igaigaguri leave, he comes down with a real fever and his mother takes away the video game system so he can rest. Sometime later, Keita's father complains of a sore shoulder at breakfast, but when he gets to class many of his friends are complaining of similar aches. Keita believes it must be a Yo-Kai's doing, which Whisper doubts until Keita discovers Katanori-kozō and Katanorioyakata, an apprentice and master Yo-Kai at making people's shoulders ache. Keita does not want to be left out because he leads an easy life, and asks the two to do their magic, but they cannot make his shoulders ache, even after Katanorioyakata spends hours teaching Katanori-kozō how to do so.

Komasan, with Komajiro, hopes to save the woman from whoever is threatening her life, even preparing to attack a large man until he is revealed to just be a tourist. When she talks on the phone about targetting someone herself, Komasan intervenes, startling her and making her drop her manga manuscript on the pavement. He helps her retrieve the pages, and plans on making her happy next time. Keita's mother prepares Keita and his father breakfast, until she is taken over by the urge to eat something from one of the plates, but she seems normal after. After Keita returns home from school, he sees his mother has made a huge meal for them for dinner. Keita is tempted to have a snack, but she tells him it is wrong to steal from the dinner table before his father comes home, when she suddenly eats several items herself, proclaiming "snack time" when she does so. Keita believes a Yo-Kai is to blame, and even though Whisper does not believe so, Keita discovers Tsumamiguinosuke, a Yo-Kai that makes people take food prepared for a meal, is possessing his mother. Keita must figure out how to stop his mother and Tsumamiguinosuke from eating the whole meal until his father comes home, but Tsumamiguinosuke has many tricks up his sleeve. Keita calls on Himojii, and his ability to make his mother hungry rather than wanting to snack, and she decides to start dinner, defeating Tsumamiguinosuke's effect, but Himojii makes both of them hungry and they finish the meal before Keita's father comes home, leaving him to have instant noodles. Keita tries to watch some TV, but it will not turn on, and Keita's parents note that the washing machine, the electric razor, and even their cellphones will not work. Keita believes it must be a Yo-Kai, but Whisper, as usual, is not so sure, at least until Keita points out Karakuri Benkei is breaking his room's air conditioner. He attacks the vacuum cleaner, and reveals he has taken a single screw from within it. He tells Keita that he is seeking out the "Hero's Screw", which will make him more powerful. To combat him, Keita calls on the only other machine Yo-Kai he knows: Robonyan. However, Karakuri Benkei senses the Hero's Screw within Robonyan, who becomes overwhelmed by the clockwork mechanisms of Karakuri Benkei, despite the fact he claims to be the result of future technology and has no clockwork elements within him. Robonyan even seems to be enjoying having Karakuri Benkei's naginata stab him in search of the Hero's Screw. Robonyan eventually retaliates at Keita's urging, but he overheats and shuts down, just as Karakuri Benkei discovers he indeed has the Hero's Screw within him, empowering his Naginata. He thanks Keita for helping him find the Hero's Screw and gives him the Yo-Kai Medal, just as Robonyan reacts strangely. As nothing can be found in Yo-Kai UkiUkipedia on him, Jibanyan retrieves his user's manual, revealing he will soon explode. As Karakuri Benkei cannot return the Hero's Screw, they all worry until Jibanyan punches Robonyan, resetting his system to normal. However, when he awakes, he still wants Karakuri Benkei to stab him.

Komasan reads from a shōjo manga in order to figure out how to talk to the woman he has fallen in love with. Komajiro talks him into talking to her, disguised as a human, and he finds her upset that her idea of a manga about yōkai is not coming to fruition because she wants to be believed that the yōkai are real. Komasan becomes distressed that he can help her out, but cannot. While out in the woods studying plants with his friends, Keita goes off by himself, with Whisper and Jibanyan in tow, when he suddenly encounters a strange wind. Whisper says it must be the work of a Tengu Yo-Kai who has control over wind, particularly a Kurama Tengu, however Keita and Jibanyan do not trust his judgement. Kanchi, Kuma, and Fumi catch up with Keita, and they are all made gloomy by the strange wind. Keita scans for a Yo-Kai and finds what he believes to be a tengu, but he claims he is not, and Whisper identifies him as Nekurama Tengu, a Yo-Kai who makes people gloomy with his fan's wind and he has possessed his friends. Keita asks Jibanyan to defeat him, but both he and Whisper are possessed. Keita takes the Yo-KaiPad and discovers the way to defeat Nekurama Tengu is to make him happy, but not even the dancing seaweed Yo-Kai team of Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan can make him give up. Whisper reveals that a game of sushi Russian roulette may work, with one piece of sushi having too much wasabi, but Jibanyan accidentally makes them all that way, which finally makes Nekurama Tengu crack a smile, which frees Jibanyan and Whisper, but not Keita's friends. They then carry Nekurama Tengu on a platform to see if that will make him happy, until they trip down a flight of steps, the spectacle of which frees the others and convinces Nekurama Tengu to befriend him. Keita goes to the boardwalk with Whisper, Jibanyan, and Nekurama Tengu, where Whisper says he was friends with a real tengu, when a gust of wind blows several umbrellas away, leading Keita to find the real Tengu. Keita asks Whisper to tell Tengu it is dangerous to make the winds, but they discover he and the Tengu are not really friends. Tengu then notices the others, and asks if they knew the ghost, to which they lie.

After Keita and Jibanyan have a fight, Jibanyan runs away from home and is sent back in time where he relives the final days of his life with Emi.

Whisper and Keita travel to the world of the Yo-Kai to track down the new Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero, and later Keita tries to figure out how to use the Model Zero with bad luck.

Komasan and Whisper begin working as police officers, and he must deal wth a hostage crisis. Keita meets the sweaty Yo-Kai Asekkaki when the weather gets humid and the inside-out umbrella Yo-Kai Sakasakkasa when his umbrella gets turned inside out during a strong storm.

When Keita forgets his wallet at home, it is stolen by the Yo-Kai Buyōjinbō who bothers people who are careless with their things. Later, Keita is possessed by the Yo-Kai Ittan Gomen who makes him pull pranks in class and then feign an apology after.

1x31 (31) Yo-Kai Monkey (Westward Yo!)

  • 2014-08-15T09:30:00Z — 25 mins

Keita, Whisper, Jibanyan, Komasan, and Kyuubi find themselves forced to act out the story of Journey to the West by the movie director Yo-Kai Mister Movien.

As summer vacation ends, Keita becomes worried that he has not finished his work for the break, and discovers that Kuma is possessed by the Yo-Kai Man'ojishi who has made him prepared. Later, with school starting up once more, Ikemenken and Kyuubi have a battle to see who can make the most of the students fall in love with them.

Keita discovers that his friends are possessed by the bragging Yo-Kai Jigajii-san and later Keita must referee a dispute between Nogappa and the Classic Yo-Kai Kappa.

Keita has not got a costume ready for the Halloween Parade, and while Kuma, Kanchi, and Fumi wait for him, he discovers his mother has become something like a vampire. Keita soon discovers that the Yo-Kai Gabunyan is to blame, and has turned the whole town into other Gabunyan. Keita gets Kuma, Kanchi, and Fumi, who have not been bitten, to help him stop Gabunyan, revealing to them that Yo-Kai exist.

Keita and the others go into the hills to do a tree planting, but they can only talk about their favorite new anime Professor Renkon. When they find a mystery, they begin to try to solve what has happened just as Professor Renkon would. Meanwhile, Jibanyan and Whisper believe a Yo-Kai is involved and plan to discover it on their own.

Year 3 Class Y's homeroom teacher Mr. Nyanpachi tries to whip his students into shape with the help of vice homeroom teacher Mr. Komasan. When Fumi rudely impersonates the teacher, Keita discovers she is possessed by the Yo-Kai Monomannequin. Jibanyan wants to go to a Nya-KB handshaking event, but everything happening throughout the day makes his chances of going dwindle, including the appearance of the Yo-Kai Hanahojin that makes people pick their nose.

When Keita suddenly discovers he's out of money when he plans to buy a new issue of his favorite manga, he discovers the Yo-Kai Okane Naider is to blame. Kuma, Kanchi, and Fumi all begin to talk about useless trivia, and Keita discovers the Legend Yo-Kai Unchikuma has possessed them all in his search for the one true piece of trivia.

1x47 Yo-Kai Gunshi Wisbei

  • 2014-12-05T09:30:00Z — 25 mins

Whisper and Jibanyan are sent back in time by Kin and Gin and Whisper helps Ishida Mitsunari, a man Whisper had helped in the past but that he cannot remember why he regrets his actions during the Sengoku period.

Whisper accidentally flushes the Yo-Kai Pad down the toilet, and leads Keita and Jibanyan on a search to get it back. Keita is worried about his winter report card, but Sebastian comes back to reveal that there is also a report card from the Yo-Kai to give out.

Keita goes out to pick up his family's Christmas cake but finds that the town is once again overrun with Yo-Kai. Komasan and Komajiro get asked to deliver letters to Santa Claus, but are overrun by chilren's requests. Keita's mother is possessed by the Yo-Kai Santakurōshi who makes Keita answer three questions, or else they will be sucked up into one of his bags.

While trying to clean up the house, Keita discovers rival armies of Katazukerai led by Araimashō and an unseen leader are vying for control of the cleanup. The powerful Yo-Kai Orochi arrives in town seeking a battle with the powerful Yo-Kai Red J, but his description leads him to think that his opponent is actually Jibanyan.