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Season 1

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  • CBeebies
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  • United Kingdom
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A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests.
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26 episodes

1x01 Digeridoo Hullaballoo

  • Series Premiere

    no air date25m

The deep rumbling sounds can be heard around the island and the ZingZillas rush to the glade to see where it's coming from. Todd thinks it's his tummy rumbling but the ZingZillas quickly discover that the majestic droning sound is coming from a didgeridoo being played by Dhinawan.

DJ Loose explains that the didgeridoo is a very old instrument and when Panzee tells the Moaning Stones all about it she finds out that even though they are also very old neither of them have every celebrated their birthdays.

The ZingZillas have decided to do a didgeridoo Big Zing and although it sounds fantastic, Panzee feels really sad about the Moaning Stones never celebrating their birthdays. The others agree and so they decide to do something to celebrate Granite and Gravel's birthdays. They split up into teams and head off into the jungle to see if they can find a suitable present.

Sadly neither the Tang and Zak team nor the Panzee and Drum team can find anything. They do manage to get some wrapping paper from Todd though. But what good is wrapping paper with no gift to wrap? Drum has an idea - they can create didgeridoos from the cardboard tubes in the wrapping paper.

Todd is not feeling too good - he has eaten too much fruit trying to get his tummy to stop rumbling. The ZingZillas explain that the rumbling sound is coming from the didgeridoo in the glade, not Todd's tummy. Todd is very relieved and finds them lots of colourful paint to use to decorate the cardboard tubes. Granite and Gravel are thrilled with their didgeridoos and can't wait to play them in the Big Zing - which is lucky because the last coconut falls, so it's that time of day.

1x02 Tang's Happy Day

  • no air date25m

It's a beautiful sunny day and Tang has decided to play a really happy song for today's Big Zing. A sunny piece of music coming from the glade sounds perfect for his happy song - it's the happy, jazzy sound of the vibraphone. Tang can't wait to play his song to the others but each time he finds someone to play it too they need his help instead. Before he gets a chance to play though they either dash off, fall asleep or are just too hot to listen. The only person he finds to play his happy song to is Yapple - Drum's stuffed toy pineapple! As he sings his song he realizes that because of him the others have all had a happy day even though they haven't heard his song.

Drum is happy because she got the banana she wanted, Todd is happy because he's learned a new way to get bananas out of the trees, Zak is happy because he got his bat and ball to work, the Beach Byrds are happy because they served him a drink, DJ Loose is happy because he was able to have a nap, Granite is happy because his new knotted handkerchief hat cooled him down, Mr Gravel is happy because Mr Granite is happy and Panzee is happy because she found her flowers.

Tang realizes that it has been a very happy day even if he didn't sing his song to anyone. As he sings his happy song to Yapple the others creep into the Clubhouse and join in. They all love Tang's happy song and can't wait to sing it with him in the Big Zing.

1x03 Rock Guitar

  • no air date25m

The ZingZillas are very excited because all their instruments have been cleaned and polished. Being lead singer Zak doesn't have a newly polished instrument and so DJ Loose has sent him a new broom instead. Tang, Panzee and Drum can't wait to play their instruments and so they all head over to the glade to get some ideas for the Big Zing.

In the glade DJ Loose introduces them to The BMQ - a very loud rock band. The ZingZillas love the sound and Zak particularly likes the way they play their rock guitars, so they decide to do a rock music Big Zing and head back to the Clubhouse to rehearse. Zak isn't happy though - he really wants to play rock guitar too and announces that he doesn't want to be in the Big Zing unless he can play guitar. The others try to help him but he'll never be able to learn in time for the Big Zing so heads over to DJ Loose for some advice.

DJ suggests that Zak rocks along to the rocking music instead. Although rocking to the music is great fun Zak still wants to play rock guitar. He heads down to find Todd to see if he has any suggestions. Zak finds Todd over near the glade. He is listening to the rock music and playing rock 'broom' guitar. Todd explains that even if you can't play guitar it's fun to pretend you can - all you need is a broom! Zak has a go with his broom and really enjoys it. Todd has saved the day and both he and Zak play rock 'broom' guitar in the Big Zing.

Featuring The BMQ.

1x04 Auntie Dot's Dash

  • no air date25m

Todd's Auntie Dot is coming to visit and watch the Big Zing. The ZingZillas are very excited and they decide to rehearse a special welcome song for Auntie Dot. However, Todd gets a phone call from Auntie Dot to say she is stuck in the jungle and won't make it to the Big Zing.

Todd is worried. He knows that the ZingZillas will be very disappointed by the news. He decides to disguise himself as Auntie Dot, if he pretends to be her, the ZingZillas won't be disappointed. Outside, dressed as Auntie, he meets Tang. Tang wants Auntie to say hello to Todd. 'Auntie' tells Tang Todd is on the beach. After changing back into Todd, Todd races off to the beach where Tang takes him to meet Auntie! However they hear bagpipes and Tang goes to the Glade to listen to the music.

The ZingZillas agree that bagpipes are perfect for their welcome Auntie Dot song. However, they can't practice while Dot is downstairs so Zak persuades 'Auntie' to visit the Moaning Stones. The Stones tell 'Auntie' that everybody will be at the Big Zing and Todd realises that he can't be Auntie Dot and Todd at the same time. He confesses to the disappointed ZingZillas.

Then, at the last minute Auntie Dot appears on a banana car, driven by the Beach Byrds who found her in the jungle. Now Auntie Dot will get to see the Big Zing. The ZingZillas play the Big Zing with Martin McKay on bagpipes. Auntie Dot thoroughly enjoys the show. Todd is very relieved!

1x05 ScatZilla!

  • no air date25m

Tang, Panzee and Drum have come up with a great tune for today's Big Zing but Zak just can't think of any words to go with it. He suggests he plays the only instrument he can play instead - the harmonica - but Tang points out that Zak lost it last week! Zak is at a complete loss and announces that he will not be in the Big Zing.

This is a disaster so Todd sets to work making a new instrument for Zak to play instead. In the meantime DJ Loose introduces Zak to Cleo Laine and the art of scatting. Zak loves the way she makes up special words which match the music and decides that he's going to Scat in the Big Zing. Before he has a chance to practise though Todd arrives with his newly invented instrument.

The wheezing sound coming from the instrument is so loud Todd doesn't hear Zak explaining that he doesn't need an instrument now - he's going to scat instead. But it's too late, Todd has wrapped the instrument around Zak and left him to practise. Luckily DJ Loose comes to the rescue again and helps untangle Zak from the odd instrument.

Zak starts to practise scatting but just can't seem to get it right. When the machine begins to make even more odd, but rhythmic, sounds Zak starts to mimic it and quickly finds his scatting vibe. The other ZingZillas love the sound of his scatting and think it's perfect for the Big Zing.

1x06 Operatic Todd

  • no air date25m

Having seen opera singer, Sarah Connolly, in the glade the ZingZillas decide that the Big Zing will be a story about a princess who is rescued from a tower by a prince. They set about creating the Big Zing Opera. Zak will be the story teller and Sarah will be the princess but they need someone else with an operatic voice to play the prince.

Granite isn't very impressed by Gravel's singing and so they decide to count coconuts instead. The coconut clock is counting and the ZingZillas don't have much time to find their prince. Suddenly they hear wonderful operatic singing coming from Todd's cave - it's Todd! Todd is having a bath having got covered in mud having used his latest potato picking invention but when asked he is very excited about being the prince in the Big Zing Opera.

However when they all rehearse Todd's voice sounds more like a parrot. The ZingZillas try to help him find his operatic voice but it's no good, he sounds dreadful. More coconuts are dropping and they still don't have a prince for the Big Zing Opera' It's a disaster! Following another spot of potato digging Todd is in the bath again. He likes to sing while he's in the bath!

1x07 Sticker Trouble

  • no air date25m

Tang and Panzee have been talking about duets when DJ Loose asks them to meet him over at the Glade. They join DJ, Zak and Drum to watch Julian Lloyd Webber playing his cello. Panzee loves the sound and wonders if Julian will play a duet with her. DJ asks and the answer is yes.

Julian also asked him to give a cello sticker to Panzee. Panzee is over the moon and cherishes the sticker. Up in the Clubhouse the ZingZillas decide to do a Big Zing all about playing together. The song will feature the special duet between Panzee and Julian but Panzee just can't seem to get it right. Looking at the cello sticker, though, gives her more confidence and she manages to play the piece perfectly. She cannot wait to show off her sticker and rushes around the island to show everyone.

Panzee doesn't notice the sticker falling off and is devastated when the Moaning Stones point out that the sticker is missing. No one knows it but the sticker is now stuck to Todd's back. When the ZingZillas try to rehearse the song again Panzee just can't get her duet piece right without the sticker. They all decide to search the island for it; with no sticker there will be no duet and with no duet there will be no Big Zing!

With a little help from DJ and Tang, Panzee tries to play the piece again. They are all set for the Big Zing and are only just in time as the last coconut falls. The Big Zing is about playing together and features a beautiful duet with Panzee and Julian.

1x08 Bhangra Beats

  • no air date25m

Zak decides that the ZingZillas should start the day with some exercise. Drum wants to stay and help Todd with his new clothes dryer so just Panzee, Tang and Zak jog off into the jungle. While doing their exercises Zak makes up a tune and some words for them to exercise to. It's the perfect jogging and moving, dancing and grooving song for the Big Zing so they decide to head back to the Clubhouse to practise it with Drum.

Zak knows a short cut so they jog off. Unfortunately Zak's shortcut takes them in completely the wrong direction and they end up on the far side of the island. All the time coconuts are falling in the coconut clock and the ZingZillas don't have their song ready for the Big Zing.

In the meantime Drum has enjoyed watching a Bhangra group performing in the glade. The group consists of a few musicians plus a lot of dancers. One of the musicians is playing the dhol drum and the beat of the drum tells the dancers to do a different step. Drum loves the dancing and is soon joining in.

DJ is getting very worried about the other ZingZillas, especially when he finds out they are on the far side of the island. He tells them the quickest way back but even so he's not sure they'll make it in time for the Big Zing. He thinks Drum should prepare to do the Big Zing by herself so she suggests doing a Bhangra Big Zing. She uses one of Todd's clean sheets as a costume and, with the help of the Beach Byrds, starts to practise.

They combine Drum's Bhangra dancing with Zak's bouncing exercise song to create a magnificent Bhangra Big Zing. Todd even has enough sheets for them to have a costume each.

1x09 Squeaky Boots

  • no air date25m

Panzee's new boots have arrived and she can't wait to try them on. As soon as she puts them on though the boots start to squeak and the squeaky sound is very annoying.

DJ Loose introduces the ZingZillas to the sounds of Bluegrass. Bluegrass band, Kickin' Alice, is accompanied by a troop of Appalachian cloggers. The ZingZillas love the sound and Panzee particularly likes the clogging. They decide to play a Bluegrass inspired Big Zing with Panzee clogging too.

Panzee wants to do the clogging in her new boots, but the others can't stand the squeaking sound coming from her boots. Panzee jumps to the wrong conclusion that they just didn't like her dancing. She rushes off to practice somewhere else and the others realise that if they can't practise properly they won't be ready in time for the Big Zing!

On route to the Coconut Hut Panzee passes Todd who thinks his gate has started squeaking again. The Beach Byrds think Panzee's squeaking boots are a mouse and the constant squeaking really tests Granite's nerves! After a short practice at the Coconut Hut Panzee thinks she's ready for the Big Zing and heads back to the Clubhouse to show the others.

Once again though the squeaking of Panzee's boots stops the rehearsal and Panzee thinks she needs to practice even more and heads off to the Moaning Stones' beach. This is just too much for Granite and he blows his top. He explains that nobody likes her new boots.

A very sad Panzee heads back to the Clubhouse but before she gets there bumps into Todd who is still trying to fix his gate. Todd thinks he may have a solution for her problem.

1x10 Sweet Dreams

  • no air date25m

It is the night of the Night-time Big Zing and Drum is really excited about staying up late. But the other ZingZillas have to persuade her to have a sleep in the afternoon first or she will be too tired to play.

Tang tries to tell Drum but when he says Big Night Zing she dashes off in excitement. DJ Loose thinks he can help so Tang and DJ go to the Glade. They see a harp being played by Catrin Finch. The dreamy sound of the harp gives Tang an idea! The Band can write a lullaby to send Drum to sleep.

Back at the Clubhouse the band rehearse the lullaby, while down below Drum has heard the sweet music and has curled up and gone to sleep. Todd suspects that she was excited about the Big Night Zing. Drum hears this, wakes up and dashes into the jungle in her excitement. Now the ZingZillas have to catch her again!

Eventually they find her in the Glade, fast asleep, listening to the harp playing. However it is now evening and time to wake her up! The ZingZillas gather to play the Big Night Zing Drift Away accompanied by the harp. At the end of the song the tired Drum does drift away to sleep - finally.

Zak discovers Todd stuck behind a load of boxes in his cave. It transpires that Todd has run out of room so Zak suggests he moves into the Clubhouse with the ZingZillas. The others think this is a great idea until Todd starts to join in with their Big Zing rehearsal. They need to rehearse without being disturbed so the ZingZillas decide to move to the Coconut Hut.

When the Beach Byrds hear the ZingZillas rehearsing loudly they decide to move out of the Coconut Hut. Soon the whole island is on the move. Without the Beach Byrds, though, the ZingZillas think the Coconut Hut is too quiet so they move to the glade where they watch James Knight playing saxophone. Todd feels a little lonely on his own in the Clubhouse so he decides to go to the Coconut Hut. The ZingZillas feel sorry that they left Todd on his own so they move back to the Clubhouse and the Beach Byrds think Todd's cave is too small and too dark so they decide to move back to the Coconut Hut - everyone is on the move again.

Even the Moaning Stones think it would be nice to move away from their beach but it is nice and quiet and they need to be near the coconut clock so they can count coconuts. They change their mind when everyone else decides to head for their beach and find the perfect spot out in Todd's garden.

Meanwhile the ZingZillas, the Beach Byrds and Todd have arrived at the beach and quickly realise that without the Moaning Stones the last coconut won't be counted and if the last coconut isn't counted there will be no Big Zing. Todd grabs hold of the coconut clock and manages to stop the coconut from falling until the ZingZillas get the Moaning Stones back to the Beach.

1x12 Bubble Trouble

  • no air date25m

It is extremely hot on ZingZilla Island. In fact, Zak is hotter than hot with extra hot on top. It is too hot to even think of a Big Zing so he takes a big swig of his lemonade instead. He should really be drinking water instead on such a hot day but he likes the way the bubbles tickle the back of his nose. DJ Loose calls up and suggests the ZingZillas go to the glade to meet his piano playing guest - it might give them some ideas for the Big Zing.

The ZingZillas all meet up at the glade and watch a performance by boogie woogie player, Elio Pace. Boogie woogie is a style of music you can play on the piano and is music for dancing. The ZingZillas decide that the Big Zing should be a boogie woogie song but every time Zak opens his mouth he hiccups and produces a steam of bubbles. They enlist the help of Todd who is sure to have a cure for hiccups.

He tries to shock Zak, but that doesn't work and when he makes a scary face that just makes Zak laugh and produce even more bubbles. With no Zak there can be no Big Zing so Tang suggests he plays the keyboards instead, but Zak can't play the keyboards and doesn't have time to learn how to play - he might have to miss the Big Zing!

The Zingzillas go back to the glade to watch the boogie woogie, where Elio tries to help Zak play a simple tune on the keyboard which is just right for the Big Zing.

It's bed time and Tang tells the story of when the Beach Byrds first arrived on ZingZilla Island. Todd was supposed to be showing the Beach Byrds around the island but they'd already headed off before he arrived at the Coconut Hut. Todd couldn't find them anywhere but the Beach Byrds managed to find the Moaning Stones and their way to the glade, where they watched a Gamelan performance.

They even managed to find their way to the Clubhouse where they joined in with the ZingZillas' rehearsal. They were having a lovely holiday and couldn't wait to see the whole island. The Beach Byrds were such lovely singers the ZingZillas decided to ask them to join in with the Big Zing, but they didn't know where they'd gone and the Beach Byrds had left their map of the island behind.

The ZingZillas had to find Todd so he could help them find the Beach Byrds. It was a disaster - the Beach Byrds were wondering round the island without a map, Todd was chasing round the jungle looking for the Beach Byrds and the ZingZillas were chasing after Todd. Eventually the ZingZillas found Todd and together they found a trail of Beach Byrd feathers leading all the way back to the Coconut Hut.

Here the Beach Byrds had settled in and decided they were going to stay and live on the island. DJ Loose was thrilled because he now had some help keeping the Coconut Hut tidy and the ZingZillas were thrilled because the Beach Byrds could join in with every Big Zing.

1x15 Zak's Rubbish Day

  • no air date25m

It's Tidy Island Day and Tang asks Zak to write the words for a tidy song. Zak is really struggling and each time he writes a word on a piece of paper he just scrunches it up and throws it over his shoulder.

Tang is very unimpressed by the mess in the Clubhouse and, when he follows Tang down to Todd's garden, Zak discovers that Tang is the judge and whoever can keep the island the tidiest for the whole day wins a Squeaky Clean badge. Both Zak and Todd would like to win the badge and Zak rushes off to have a good tidy up. Having picked all the rubbish up Zak throws it over the balcony where it lands all over Todd's garden.

Tang is now very unimpressed with the tidiness of Todd's garden. Zak thinks a new sound for the Big Zing will help him come up with some words so DJ takes them to listen to Julian Bliss playing clarinet in the glade. Meanwhile Todd has realized that the rubbish in his garden belongs to Zak and returns it to the Clubhouse.

Unfortunately Drum accidentally throws her banana in the bin and in trying to find it spills all the litter back over the Clubhouse floor. When Zak and Tang arrive back Judge Tang is very unimpressed. Zak and Drum quickly tidy all the rubbish up and Drum throws it back over the balcony and back into Todd's garden - just in time for Todd and Tang to arrive back. Tang is again very unimpressed with Todd's untidy garden.

The Clubhouse is tidy but Zak still hasn't come up with any words for the Big Zing. As he explains that he wrote one word on each piece of paper he realizes that he may have just stumbled on the answer. He rushes back down to Todd's garden to look for his words, in time for the Big Zing.

1x16 Disappearing Drum

  • no air date25m

Drum is listening to a pair of Japanese Taiko drummers called Hiten Ryu Daiko playing in the Glade. Drum loves it! She then decides to go and fetch her stuffed toy pineapple, Yapple. In the Clubhouse Zak is trying to write a song called 'The Big Noise Song'. Drum enters, picks Yapple up and goes.

Drum gets back to the Glade and then decides she wants her cushion too. Back in the Clubhouse the ZingZillas are about to start rehearsing the Big Noise song. However, Drum is missing so Panzee volunteers to look for her. Panzee searches the Coconut Hut and the Moaning Stones Beach before spotting Drum crossing the jungle. Drum makes her way into the Clubhouse where she grabs her cushion and slips past Panzee on her way out.

The band decide to practice the 'Making A Big Noise' song without Drum but it doesn't sound right. Panzee decides to hide and follow Drum to wherever she is going. Drum comes back to the Clubhouse in search of drumsticks. Panzee follows her to the Glade and discovers the Taiko drummers for herself. Panzee tries to persuade Drum to come back and practice the Big Zing song but Drum refuses. She wants to listen to the Taiko drums.

Panzee then has an idea - why don't the Taiko drummers play in the 'Making A Big Noise' Big Zing? Then Drum could listen to them and play music. Drum thinks this is a wonderful idea. In the Big Zing they all play the 'Making A Big Noise' song and Hiten Ryu Daiko make a really big noise on their Taiko Drums.

Featuring Hiten Ryu Daiko.

Drum has lost Yapple again, but she finally finds her wrapped around the banana phone when it rings. Tang answers the phone - its DJ asking them to meet him in the Glade.

The ZingZillas all enjoy watching a Flamenco performance with Spanish guitar and Flamenco dancer. Drum is particularly enamoured with the clickety clackety castanet playing and the Flamenco dancer, Verena, throws some castanets up to her. The ZingZillas decide to do a Flamenco Big Zing with Tang playing Flamenco guitar, Drum playing castanets and Panzee dancing the Flamenco.

They head to the Clubhouse to rehearse. The song sounds great and they can't wait to tell DJ all about it so they head off to find him. Before they go Drum finds a safe place to leave her new castanets. She puts them on the window sill and asks Yapple to look after them, but they fall from the sill and land on Todd's head.

When the ZingZillas return to the Clubhouse Drum can't understand where the castanets have gone and the others can't believe she's lost them. Drum realises they may have fallen into Todd's garden and when she goes to ask Todd, they fall off his head as he bends to listen to her. Drum has her castanets back and so the ZingZillas rehearse again.

This time though Panzee twirls Drum around and as she does so the castanets accidentally fly off out of the Clubhouse and land in Todd's post box. The ZingZillas can't believe Drum has lost the castanets again. Without the castanets there can be no Big Zing, so Todd sets out to find them one more time.

1x18 The Fan Letter

  • no air date25m

The ZingZillas rush to the Glade to hear Jay Phelps play a trumpet fanfare. They decide to write a trumpety Big Zing that will announce they are the best band in the world!

Zak reads a fan letter saying that he is the best singer in the whole world. Zak is thrilled and hangs the fan letter up for all to see. The ZingZillas then play the new song. The lyrics to the chorus are about how the ZingZillas are the best band in the land.

At the end of the practice, Zak makes some changes to the lyrics. This time the chorus is all about how Zak is the best singer in the land. Before the others can object, Zak finds a pair of sunglasses to suit his new cool image and heads off. Panzee is not sure she likes the 'new Zak'.

In Todd's garden Zak bumps into the post box as he can't see properly through his new shades. He decides that to help people know he is important he is going to have a fanfare played every time somebody new sees him. Todd is worried.

On the beach Granite and Gravel listen while Zak enters to a fanfare and announces that he has changed the name of the band to 'Zak and the ZingZillas'. The Moaning Stones are worried. DJ Loose is worried too. Back in Todd's garden Zak tells the others he wants to be the only one singing today's Big Zing.

Fed up with Zak's behaviour, Tang, Drum and Panzee leave to set up a new band! Zak realises his mistake and decides to write them a fan letter to persuade them to get together again.

1x19 Hide And Seek

  • no air date25m

As soon as they wake up Zak wants to play hide and seek. The others remind him that they need to get today's Big Zing ready. DJ Loose calls them on the banana phone and they head straight to the glade where they watch and listen to Dame Evelyn Glennie playing Tubular bells.

The sound of the bells inspires them to sing a song about all the bells they hear every day. The song comes to them very quickly and so they decide to spend the rest of the day playing hide and seek. Panzee is the seeker and, just in case it takes her a long time to find the others, Tang suggests she plays some notes on Drum's tubular bells to call them back if it's time to play the Big Zing.

Panzee counts and the others rush off to hide. Panzee doesn't really like playing hide and seek and very quickly decides to use the bells to call them back. The others are not impressed and Panzee promises to play properly and so they rush off and hide again. Panzee can't find any of the other ZingZillas and returns, frustrated, to the Club House where she is joined by DJ Loose. DJ needs them all to get ready for the Big Zing and so Panzee rings the bells to call the others back. Zak, Drum and Tang think she is trying to trick them again and stay hidden.

This is a big problem and so Panzee and DJ rush to the glade to see if Evelyn Glennie playing her bells really loudly will get the others to come out of hiding and head to the glade.

1x20 Birthday Todd

  • no air date25m

It's Todd's birthday and he thinks nobody has remembered, but Panzee is planning to give Todd a surprise birthday party. The ZingZillas need a cake, streamers and a special song. They compose the words to a birthday song.

Panzee tells everyone the plan: she will make the cake, Zak will make the streamers, Tang can find the right music for the song and Drum has to keep Todd away from the Clubhouse until they are ready for the party. When Todd walks in, Panzee persuades him there is a problem over at the Coconut Hut and he heads off. Drum follows.

However Todd soon finds out there is no problem at the Hut and moves on. Tang finds DJ Loose and DJ suggests visiting the Glade for inspiration. In the Glade Tang and DJ watch The Silk Street Hot 7, a traditional Jazz band, perform. It is the perfect music for Tang.

He returns to the Clubhouse where Panzee has almost made the cake and the streamers are almost up. Then they hear Todd outside. The ZingZillas tear everything down, so that Todd doesn't see them and in the chaos the cake mixture falls from the balcony and lands on Todd's head.

While Todd goes into his cave to clean up the ZingZillas rehearse their song with Tang's music. Todd heads off to see if there are any jobs to do at the Moaning Stones Beach, but he spots the Stones in party hats and he begins to guess what is going on.

In the Coconut Hut Drum admits there will be a party for Todd and he rushes back to the Clubhouse, where Panzee, Tang and Zak hear him.They tear down the decorations again, before he sees them, but this time, the finished cake ends up on Todd's head! Featuring The Silk Street Hot 7.

It is night-time in the ZingZillas Clubhouse. Tang decides to tell Drum the story of Gravel and Granite's Quiet Night In. It was a day when there was no Big Zing. This was a problem for Gravel and Granite, as that meant no coconut clock and so no coconuts to count. So Gravel and Granite had nothing to do.

Gravel suggests they have a quiet night in. Just then Todd joins them and suggests Gravel and Granite watch their favourite shows, eat snacks and invite some of their friends over. Gravel and Granite think this is a marvellous idea. However, they have no TV.

Todd goes to DJ Loose and borrows one. They watch a Big Zing, 'Our Island Home' performed with Gamelan Orchestra, Lila Cita, and Silat dancer, Cecily Fay. Gravel and Granite then persuade Todd to lend them his sofa and watch another Big Zing - Julian Lloyd Webber playing the cello with the ZingZillas.

Gravel and Granite then send Todd to get popcorn, so goes off, and comes back utterly exhausted. Then they all watch Hiten Ryu Daiko, the Japanese Taiko drummers; play 'Making A Big Noise'.

Afterwards DJ and the Beach Byrds arrive to party! But Todd has fallen asleep on the sofa, so they watch a quiet Big Zing on the television: 'Drift Away' which features Catrin Finch, the harpist. The gentle music sends everybody to sleep. Gravel and Granite are the last to fall asleep, happy that their quiet night in has been such a success.

Tang explains to Drum that when then Stones close their eyes the whole Island goes to sleep. He looks down and sees that Drum has fallen asleep, as have Zak and Panzee. So Tang goes to the balcony and says a last goodnight to Todd before heading off to bed.

1x22 The Z Factor

  • no air date25m

Zak has decided to play harmonica in today's Big Zing but he can't play harmonica and sing at the same time. Both Panzee and Tang want to be the lead singer and so to help him decide who it should be DJ Loose suggests they hold an audition.

Zak thinks a competition to find the best singer is a great idea. Drum, Zak and DJ are the judges while Todd hosts the auditions. Panzee sings brilliantly but her audition is interrupted by Tang making a loud honking sound with his hooter. When it's Tang's turn to audition Panzee gets her own back by blowing really hard on a tuba halfway through Tang's song. Zak thinks they were both great and still can't decide.

DJ suggests he has some quiet time to help think it over. Zak's time is all but quiet though with the Beach Byrds demanding to be picked, the Moaning Stones singing their audition song and Todd squawking his audition piece. As Zak tries to find somewhere quiet to hide he bumps into Tang who begs Zak to pick him. Zak accidentally says yes to Tang and then does the same thing to Panzee when she begs him.

As they try and rehearse the Big Zing they realise Zak has made promises to them both. Panzee and Tang are not happy and both declare that unless they can sing the Big Zing there will be no Big Zing...

1x24 Tang's Hooter

  • no air date25m

Tang has been working on a quiet and gentle song for the Big Zing and can't wait to play it to Zak. Zak though gives Tang a loud and parping hooter as a present and really wants him to play it in the Big Zing. Tang doesn't think the hooter will sound right with his quiet and gentle piece but doesn't have the heart to tell Zak and so he decides to hide the hooter instead.

Over in the glade all the ZingZillas and DJ Loose like listening to Sir James Galway playing the flute. He plays a gentle piece of music followed by a more upbeat, funky and jazzy piece. Tang thinks the gentle style of flute playing would go beautifully with his gentle Big Zing song. However Zak thinks they don't need the flute because they have the hooter. He can't believe his ears when Tang admits to 'losing' the hooter.

Zak thinks they must have it for the Big Zing so they all head off searching for it. Todd finds the hooter and returns it to Tang. Tang reluctantly takes it and decides to try and hide it somewhere in the Coconut Hut instead. DJ catches him in the act and advices that he should tell Zak the truth.

Before Tang gets a chance to though, Todd finds the hooter again and Zak rushes off with it back to the Clubhouse for the rehearsal. Tang is very unhappy with how the song sounds with the hooter and finally tells Zak the truth. Zak is really upset about Tang hiding the hooter and declares that if there is no hooter in the Big Zing then there will be no Zak. Tang seeks the advice of DJ Loose again who suggests that he changes the song to go with the hooter sound - loud and fast instead of quiet and gentle.

1x25 Where's Yapple

  • no air date25m

Whilst doing some repairs in the Club House Todd accidentally knocks Drum's cuddly toy, Yapple, into his tool box and carries her off. Drum is distraught when she can't find Yapple and refuses to practise for the Big Zing. No matter how many silly things Zak does, Drum still doesn't cheer up.

Tang rushes to DJ Loose for help. DJ takes Tang to the glade where they see an orchestra. The orchestra plays the same bit of music in a slow sad way and then in a bouncy happy way. Tang realises the way the music is played makes him feel different and so rushes back to the Club House to play their Big Zing song in a different way in order to cheer Drum up. It works until Zak mentions Yapple, sending Drum into a very bad mood.

Once again Tang heads to DJ Loose for some advice. The Beach Byrds were also in a bad mood because of Todd's hammering and DJ has calmed them down by getting the orchestra to play some calm music. Tang rushes back to the Club House to play their music in a calm way. It works, again until Zak mentions Yapple again! Luckily Todd finds Yapple in his tool box and returns her to Drum. Drum is happy again just in time for the Big Zing.

1x26 Tuba Swaps

  • no air date25m

Tang is intrigued by a twisty object which is covered in creepers and goes to show the others. Panzee thinks it looks like a twisty vase and would look lovely with flowers in it. When she asks if she can have it Tang isn't so sure but when Panzee offers to swap a banana for it Tang says yes.

Panzee is thrilled and heads straight off to look for some flowers over at the Coconut Hut. The Beach Byrds are also rather taken by the twisty vase - only they think it would make an excellent fruit bowl. They offer to swap some feathers for it and Panzee agrees. With feathers in hand Panzee joins the others and DJ Loose over at the Glade. They watch a wonderful performance by oompah band, the Bavarian Stompers.

The ZingZillas decide to do an oompah Big Zing. When DJ explains that this style of music is called oompah because of the sound the tuba makes Tang suddenly realises that the twisty thing Todd gave him is in fact a tuba - not a vase or a fruit bowl.

Tang really wants to play the tuba in the Big Zing, so he offers to swap the banana for the tuba but the Beach Byrds aren't interested. Tang decides to look for something else that will make an oompah sound instead - Todd offers him the use of some bellows.

In the Clubhouse Panzee has been busy making oompah hats with the feathers the Beach Byrds gave her. Tang explains that he's going to try and use the bellows to make the oompah sound he wants for the Big Zing but when they rehearse the bellows just don't sound right. They really need the tuba back to make the Big Zing work, but the Beach Byrds won't swap. Panzee thinks they may swap the tuba for the hats she's made though...

Featuring the Bavarian Stompers.

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