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Zone Stad

Season 3 2007

Am d 06
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  • 2007-12-03T21:45:00+01:00 on vtm
  • 50 mins
  • 10 hours, 50 mins (13 episodes)
  • Belgium
  • Dutch; Flemish
  • Drama
Am m 05
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In this Flemish detective series, (mainly serious) crimes in an (inner) city precinct (hence the Dutch title) of Antwerp are investigated, usually leading to arrests, especially by cocky, socially inept inspector detective Tom Segers and his female partner, Fien Bosvoorde.


Am d 04
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Hu m 03
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13 episodes

3x01 Schijn Bedriegt

  • Season Premiere

    2007-12-03T21:45:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Hanging around conspiring criminals in a nightclub, sneaky snitch Ruige Ronny learns about a heist on an armed money transport, but while Tom is in the shower his hot date turns off his cellphone. Commissioner Wim Jacobs soon regrets having ignored Ronny's call when a violent attack on the road is reported to have caused spectacular damage. Next day, after the chief insists progress must be made in the hunt for Interpol-signaled, never trialled terrorist Sadun Hamudi, it takes all Dani's female charms and born bastard Tom's meanest persuasion by shameless threats to ...

3x02 De Nieuwe

  • 2007-03-19T21:45:00+01:00 — 50 mins

As the zone chief realizes it will never click between Jean and bitch Gwenny (who exchanges jealous tantrums with her cohabiting lover, commissioner Wim Jacobs), she is transferred -again- to poor Stijn, while old dog Jean gets the new boy as partner: colored Jimmy N'Tonga, who worked a year in another Antwerp precinct. Inititally both burly boys are suspicious, Jimmy of Jean's gay reputation and possible racist tendency, but it soon becomes clear different backgrounds and perspectives can be useful when dealing with gay viz. ethnic minority civilians. Snitch Ruige ...

3x03 Babymoord

  • 2007-03-26T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

An Antwerp supermarket cleaning lady finds a bloody baby corps in a toilet bin, asphyxiated. After watching security videos, Tom believes the mother is the woman who wore a masking wide jacket they find in a dumpster. Rudi remembers her, young Dorien Rooms, who declared the loss of her ID a few weeks earlier... Jean and George pick up a lifter in boxer shorts who was forced to strip in a Dutch car, which is chased, both perps are arrested. When Jacobs' SWAT team has accomplice Remco Maertens's house surrounded to catch drug dealer Soenens, the fiend holds a gun to ...

3x04 Wapensmokkel

  • 2007-04-02T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Tom and Dani are watching from the police-helicopter for a gum-ball trough the city. They see a Ferrari which drives too fast and send Jean en Jimmy. After an exciting chase it doesn't seem to be a normal offender. Meanwhile Gwennie is missing since a week. Wim is certain Tom has something to do with her disappearance. He's not the only one who thinks about it like that.

3x05 De Zegelring

  • 2007-04-09T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Tom is suspended, being Internal Affairs's suspect for the disappearance of his cop party-flirt, Gwen Callens. The alternative theory, abuse by her steady friend commissioner Wim Jacobs, is as unpopular in the precinct. Jogger Patrick Ringoet (46) is run down, possibly in purpose, but by whom and why? Witte and Jean, who is jealous of his athletic body and bored with his diet, must stake-out a flasher in a Seniors city quarter.

3x06 De Doorbraak

  • 2007-04-16T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Ronny proves very useful, tracing Gwen's signet ring's origin. Dani keeps looking, Tom gets drunk and refuses all collaboration with IA, which only makes him look more suspect. Jean and Jimmy are called in as witnesses when a man's apartment is opened, but find him murdered; tracing his suspicious, unemployed neighbour, they stumble across a presumed pedophile porn network. The search for Gwen Callens makes dramatic progress...

3x07 De Ontvoering

  • 2007-04-23T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Dirk Verhulst, founding CEO of major Antwerp textile manufacturing company Texta, is kidnapped by two masked, armed men from his car before the eyes of his unharmed children, which he exceptionally drove to school at the insistence of his wife and firm's computer specialist Kristien Smekens. Commissioner Wim Jacobs' black-out defense seems even more hopeless now the fatal bullet is proven to be fired by his police pistol; Tom still doubts Wim's guilt but the prosecutor formally charges Wim and the chief suspends him. Jean and Jimmy investigate black African Tomani's ...

3x08 Verdwenen met de Noorderzon

  • 2007-04-30T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

When Mrs. Lea Vanacker goes to the mayor complaining her report on the disappearance of her husband Renaat got no reply in three days, as the precinct is badly under-manned and Wim is in custody, the chief of police lectures the zone chief's managerial incompetence. Tom gets the case, Lea claims it must be murder by Renaat's business partner André Verboven, who would be romantically after her. André claims she is the seductress and an unbearable nagger, so he believes Renaat took another identity to flee the country with his mistress Els, about which he told Lea ...

3x09 Inbraakgolf

  • 2007-05-07T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Illegal construction worker Ivan Semberas falls to his death on an Antwerp wharf. His boss says he'll bring him to hospital himself, but the body is dumped besides a road, out of sight. Jimmy spots this, braving Jean's usual skepticism, but is in an unprecedented foul mood, even bitching at Rudy on the day of his demented wife's burial after her fatal fall in the rest home. Jimmy suddenly makes a huge problem of Jean's playful 'race related' pleasantries, but heroically singlehandedly prevents a drama when Belgian-born 'Moroccan' Rachid uses a knife to enforce ...

3x10 Lijk in het Bos

  • 2007-05-14T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Now Wim Jacobs' case is closed, he asked and got his transfer to another police zone, so Tom Segers is promoted against his will to acting commissioner, an essentially administrative job, so he is most eager to get out investigating a case in the field. A mountain-biker finds a corps in the woods, with traces of wounding cuffing, several gun shots and bite marks. Tom guesses right it was a man hunt. The victim is a drug addict, who was saved from a theft conviction a few months earlier by his voluntary pro-deo lawyer Poortmans, whose hobby is hunting with hounds. The ...

3x11 Geïnfiltreerd

  • 2007-05-21T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Ruige Ronny enjoys a pheasant hunt with Poortmans' club, observed by Tom and Dani, who enjoy 'playing' a couple making out. Jean and Jimmy help a woman get her cat down and successfully follow up a anonymous tip about illegals in a sealed container on a ship to England. Willem Poleunis' wife, a nurse, is first missing, then found murdered in her car, burned out in the woods. He was cheated on and seems to be faking a alibi, but it turns out legit and there's another suspect very close. Ruige calls while snooping at the Dogvile kennel, when suddenly...

3x12 Manhunting

  • 2007-05-28T21:45:00+02:00 — 50 mins

Snitch Ruige Ronny is kept imprisoned in a cage together with a chained hound at Dogville, where he had been working to spy. Lawyer Poortmans cleverly covers his tracks with an antedated contract for the transfer of his animals to another firm, 'De Kluif' (Dutch for the Bone). When the corps commander hears Tom and Segers shadow the lawyer without authorization from the investigating magistrate, he orders them to cease and gives them another case, the disappearance of Gracienne Wuyts, daughter of a textile baron, according to her 30 year younger lover Diederik with ...

D 06
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M 05
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Am d 06
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