American Horror Story: 8x03 Forbidden Fruit

Everything was going so well... Can't believe they just decided to kill everyone so that the crossover could happen. Also Venable was Sarah's most interesting and complex character yet on the show for me. It was good to see the witches again tho, let's wait and see but for now I'm on the fence

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The Walking Dead: 8x14 Still Gotta Mean Something

Is anyone counting the number of times someone had the perfect opportunity to kill Negan but didn't do it for some stupid reason?

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The World's Most Extraordinary Homes: 1x02 Forest

house number 3 was just so disrespectful with the environment and its surroundings. Such a brutal and industrial building within the forest... The last house, on the other hand, was just perfect.

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The ReZort

the concept of the movie is really interesting, specially with the twist at the end so its pretty entertaining and not THAT bad. was expecting a whole lot worse

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Dexter: 6x07 Nebraska

don't bring rudy back ever again. so annoying

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Dexter: 5x10 In the Beginning

modern day bonnie and clyde and I'm here for it

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The Walking Dead: 8x08 How It's Gotta Be

I mean, to be honest this was the best episode of this season (was not that difficult to top the others tho...). When the saviours are in charge things get a lot more interesting but this whole fight has been going on for too damn long.


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American Crime Story: 2x04 House by the Lake

beautiful and yet so frustrating

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Black Mirror: 4x06 Black Museum

I dont get the love this episode gets... it's just terrible, predictable and all over the place.

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Every Black Mirror episode Ranked

não falta White Bear aqui ?

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The Ritual

this was just a pure waste of my time. never trusting netflix again
the only good points is the location and acting.

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Dexter: 4x04 Dex Takes a Holiday

oh debra you don't go lundy when u got anton

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Dexter: 3x11 I Had a Dream

finally dexter, about damn time

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Dexter: 3x06 Sí Se Puede

this whole Miguel and Dexter storyline is so... boring. thank god for Deb for making this last episodes worth watching. miss the dark and mysterious vibe from season 2

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Dexter: 2x07 That Night, A Forest Grew

Rita has been changing so much. great character growth

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The Walking Dead: 8x05 The Big Scary U

Shout by Pedro
2017-11-20T17:51:55-06:00— updated 2017-12-17T10:19:29-06:00

boring boring boring... Where is Michone, Rosita, Carl? and for how many more episodes are they gonna keep Negan alive?

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American Horror Story: 7x11 Great Again

okay the episode could have just ended with ally looking at herself in the mirror... the SCUM stuff was just unnecessary and poor

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The Girlfriend Experience: 2x01 Erica & Anna: Leverage

Why change the story? Christine was so fascinating to watch... Her story wasn't over. Why change something that doesn't need to be changed. Disappointed

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American Horror Story: 7x10 Charles (Manson) in Charge

what a boring episode so close to the finale....

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American Horror Story: 7x09 Drink the Kool-Aid

God I loved Ally's character development. Let's hope she gets all the revenge she wants and deserves

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Big Little Lies: 1x05 Once Bitten

Everything is so on point. The acting, soundtrack, editing... wow

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Skam: 2x10 I'll Explain Everything

omg poor noora, enough already

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Eye in the Sky

what a mess this was

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The Whispers: 1x09 Broken Child

finally a good episode yey

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The Whispers: 1x07 Whatever it Takes

this show just keeps getting worse every episode

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The Whispers: 1x04 Meltdown

What was the purpose of the meltdown? I'm lost, this show gets so confusing ....

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Under the Dome: Season 3

season 1 and 2 were so good... this one was just tragic

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American Horror Story: 5x03 Mommy

best episode of this season tbh

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