Sérgio Moreira


Sequeiro, Porto, Portugal

Into the Badlands: 3x05 Carry Tiger to Mountain

Minerva was bleeding in the beginning of the episode and her eyes didn't turn black?!

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Black Summer: 1x03 Summer School

This episode was so useless... one of the most useless and irracional episodes ever seen in zombie tv shows... this show is just more of the same... why is it that in zombie apocalypse tv shows we just see people fighting people instead of people fighting zombies and trying to survive? Why is it that in zombie tv shows people always think that is better to fight amongst themselves? I think it is time for writers to start writing interesting zombie shows were we see people joining together and having some zombie action instead, trying to find a way to survive and maybe find a way to end the apocalypse or something. But even people fighting people, this episode was just ridiculous!!!

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Star Trek: Generations

This movie was made in 1994!!! The scene from the beginning when they go down to the room where kirk was is so absolutly ridiculous that looks like a scene from a comedy movie. They get into the room and the ship was ripped off... they were literally standing in the vacuum without astronaut suit!!!

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The Walking Dead: 9x06 Who Are You Now

I like were the show seems to be going.
Loved Carol’s revenge although can’t understand how she dropped gasoline on them without anyone waking up.
Can anyone explain what the hell was that at the end!!! Where are they... don’t let them get away! Who the hell said that? Do the dead talk now?!

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The Haunting: 1x05 The Bent-Neck Lady

Really liked this one... since her death that I kinda felt this was like a 12 monkeys thing!

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Lethal Weapon: 3x01 In the Same Boat

Excelent comeback. Nice back story. Nice sinergy. I guess it’s still alive!

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Kingdom: 3x08 Old Pueblo

Well said Ryan! Wasn’t expecting that. But being the last season... he kinda had to!
About Alvey Kulina... is he Rocky’s son :) :) :)

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Fear the Walking Dead: 4x09 People Like Us

Super boring and useless episode. The only thing going for it are the very few minutes of storm effects (allways liked storms and rain in movies or shows)

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: 1x01 Pilot

Not exactly what I was expecting... but seems a promissing show!

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Atypical: 1x05 That’s My Sweatshirt

When i started watching this I believed I wouldn’t go past the first episode... now there are only 3 episodes left on the season and I can’t wait for second season to start...

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Insatiable: 1x09 Bad Kitty

Man... was really diggin the demon aproach...

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Insatiable: 1x08 Wieners and Losers

Cry little sister from sisters of mercy... haven’t eard that for a while...

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Santa Clarita Diet: 2x10 Halibut!

What the hell was this?! I loved it. This ending was so great... I’m still laughing...

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Zoo: 1x13 That Great Big Hill of Hope

And that’s how you end a season... fortunatly there are already two more to watch...

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Zoo: 1x01 First Blood

Liked the first episode, want to see what happens next but I got to say this: His friend died, caught by lions (although we find at the end of the episode that he didn't die and hope he survives 'cause I liked the character) and once he gets to the camp with the new found girl….
"- Want a coffe?"
Like nothing had happen!!!

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Good Girls: 1x06 A View from the Top

This ending reminds me of some breaking bad endings... so nice to kind of watching it again!

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Escape Plan 2: Hades

The movie was great... the first one I mean. This one... what the hell was this?!

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Doctor Strange

Great visual effects! Didn’ even knew doctor’s Strange history! Excelent movie. Very entertaining.

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Lucifer: 3x24 A Devil of My Word

Seriouslly... after this ending they cancelled it?!?!?!? It might return for an ending season at least with other company... but man, probably their best show and they decided to cancel it... Just crazy! Loosing all credebillity fox...

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Money Heist

One of the best tv shows I’ve ever seen, very good! Excelent ending!

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Grimm: 6x13 The End

I want more... nice ending but... I want more...

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Grimm: 5x22 Beginning of the End (2)

Loved this season... the little girl was so great...loved both her kills but was kind of hopping that the stick would let him imune to the zauberbeas powers

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Grimm: 4x19 Iron Hans

When we thought that Julliette was getting a good character, they made her the same awfull person of the first coue of seasons... who the hell decides such bad character development!!!

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Grimm: 4x12 Maréchaussée

This juliette is so much better than the horrible one from the first seasons!!!

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Damnation: 1x01 Sam Riley's Body

Caught my attention... nice premiere!

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Probably the best show ever!!!

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Banshee: 3x05 Tribal

Seriously!!!! Siobhan!!! Hate when they do this things in good tv shows :(

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Banshee: 1x05 The Kindred

Another great episode, was expecting a bit more bone cracking at the end but was still nice...

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Banshee: 1x03 Meet the New Boss

Really liked this episode!!! What a nice fight scene!

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Game of Thrones: 7x05 Eastwatch

So great... loved it! GOT is changing, instead of killing people that we love, make them survive against all ods!

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