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An interesting premise, that while weak in areas, is an overall enjoyable romp.

Season 1 had a bit of an issue with a lack of confidence in the vision and their ability to tell a story in a continuous fashion. It used Aaron Mahnkhe as the Narrator, who told bits of side history alongside the main story. In the second season, this was dropped, partly because of a stronger direction in the main story being told, but it did lose a bit of the charm, especially the additional context Mahnkhe was ale to provide.

The first season felt like an exploration of why we tell stories, and how there is a common motif linking otherwise disparate stories (they tickle the same fears), while the second season is just a straight retelling of spooky or creepy stories from the past.

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The History of Time Travel

An enjoyable viewing, with a neat concept that is executed competently. This is the sort of film that people will be referencing back to as the inspiration when someone makes a version that really lights the film world on fire.

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This feels like a show that was such a blast to film, that no one expected that editing it all together would lead to a boring and unengaging mess.

It's a game show where the rules seem very dumb, the contestants play second fiddle to the hosts, and any and all tension is immediately wiped out by every round of 'challenges' just being a series of cut together clips of people flinching.

This falls completely flat, I would not bother watching or humoring this at all.

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Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D'Souza is a monstrous liar and this is another example of his pathetic behaviour

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Blood Fest

An overall enjoyable movie that plays with all the tropes that we love and enjoy. Some of the writing feels like the film thinks it is being really clever when it is being fun, rather than super smart.

The performances are good and fun, Kay, Batalon, and Gabriel are all good and competent leads.

Not entirely sure why the twist was so obvious to me, because I couldn't really think of what explicitly gave it away, but it made it feel like it wasn't as revelatory as they were hoping it would be.

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How do you cover a tragic event, a massacre on a college campus, without turning it into an action movie, without giving any special standing to the killer, and while respecting the victims and their stories?

Tower found a highly successful approach by using a sort of rotoscoped animation style, overlayed and played alongside the real footage, so to humanise those involved and what they were thinking as it all went down. Truly captivating and engrossing the whole time, while giving you direct access to the thoughts of those involved.

Also, given the way the events were treated UT Austin by immediately moving on it gave a sense of closure to those involved, and exposed us to heroes we didn't know existed, like the astonishing tale of Rita Starpattern.

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13 Reasons Why

This was a steamy pile of an out of control train wreck.

Poor and unintelligent writing, a pretty reckless approach to the subject material, and a whole character or utterly unlikeable and sympathetic characters.

Just avoid, no work the time.

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