Hill Valley

Justice League

Honestly thought it would be much worse than it was. Still was not very good though.

The Good:
They did a really good job with the rooftop scenes. Felt very much like a Batman movie.

The Bad:
Steppenwolf... who cares. I certainly didn't. He looked like he came from Jack the Giant Slayer.

The tone of the movie seemed backwards. Very serious in the beginning and then goofy at the end.

The Ugly:
Aquaman's one liners were horrendous. Other characters had a few bad ones as well but his were by far the worst. They made him such a cheeseball.

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Kong: Skull Island

Visually well done but almost every plot point felt forced.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The non Skywalker Star Wars we've been waiting for.

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I'll start by saying I never read the book.

The premise was fantastic. The show was well done. The acting was good as well. Sets, everything was well done. I just have one nitpick, the ending was predictable and boring. I wanted more from the finale but was left disappointed.

Worth the watch regardless.

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Suicide Squad

This was good. There certainly were some flaws and a few things that I would like to see changed but it was mostly fun. Despite what a lot of people are saying I enjoyed the Joker and an intrigued to see more of him and HQ.

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It's as stupid as expected but its got a few good laughs. Worth the watch for them alone.

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Faked me out. Had me thinking I was watching a horror/monster movie, instead it was just a love story. You tricky bastards.

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The Moaning of Life

This is An Idiot Abroad Lite. It's almost as good but it's just missing the 'Ricki comes up with a plan to mess with Karl' aspect, which was one of my favorite parts about that show. Still Karl goodness though.

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All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex.

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The Last Witch Hunter

I wasn't expecting much from this, but it exceeded my expectations. Certainly not great but good enough to keep me interested throughout.

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So even after hating the first movie, I still watched the sequel last night. In one simple word (again): Yuck.

A few thoughts:

The main character is a whining cry baby.

Every scene between her and her man is just crying or loving embrace or both.

Can the brother show some remorse for selling out his sister?

This time I'm stopping here. I'm not getting conned into watching more of this shit.

This is definitely not for me..

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One of the downsides of being so adverse to being spoiled that I won't even watch trailers... I get stuck watching something that a simple trailer inform me not to watch.

The review:

Pure angsty teenage girl drama-rama. Another dystopian society gone wrong and only the downtrodden underdog who also happens to be the chosen one can save the day, but this time, WITH LOVE! Yuck.

All that being said, am I going to watch the sequel? Ugh. probably, but don't ask me why.

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A Christmas Story

It's not Christmas without this movie playing on repeat ALL DAY

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Mike Tyson Mysteries

This show is worth watching even if it's just to hear Mike Tyson pronounce Cormac Mccarthy and chupacabra.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The chemistry between the turtles and their personalities were the best parts. When it comes down to it, that's all I'm really looking for in a TMNT movie. The villains and their motives were paper thin.

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The 100

If you can turn a blind eye to all the teenage drama (that just screams CW), then it's a decent show. Some of the writing is terrible but the overarching plot is decent as well as some of the ideas. I will say it had me at the edge of seat enough times to look forward to season two. Hopefully they step up their game and bring the show to the level I would like to see it attain.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If you stick with it, it's not a horrible show. It certainly has some ABC cheesiness, especially with some of the lines they spit out. Some of the plot points are weak, at best, as well. But after all that being said, its fairly watchable. They do a good enough job with the first season, as a whole, to feel complete, plus it gets bonus points for being in the Marvel universe and working with the movies.

If they could cut the season down to ~12 episodes it would be much higher on the 'must watch' scale but, as is, it sits at 'worth the watch if you like the Marvel universe movies'.

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47 Ronin

Visually ok... but that's about the best of it.

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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

Ugh. I loathe these competition shows so much. I just wanna watch them build the best creatures they can without all these stupid forced drama moments. It is infuriating.

I'm going to keep watching to see the creatures but when will this trend of manufactured competition drama shows change this obscenely overused recipe?

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The Iceman

The acting (especially Michael Shannon) was superb.

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What the hell is the right viewing order? I've heard Netflix actually has it right for once, so that's what I'm following.. not the order from here.

  1. Serenity (pilot)
  2. The Train Job
  3. Bushwhacked
  4. Shindig
  5. Safe
  6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  7. Jaynestown
  8. Out of Gas
  9. Ariel
  10. War Stories
  11. Trash
  12. The Message
  13. Heart of Gold
  14. Objects in Space
  15. Serenity (movie)

via http://www.netflixfixer.com/2012/09/firefly-intended-order-and-by-airdate.html

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

This was so bad that it made the first one seem better.. That's saying something. The whole ambiguous death of Duke. The butchering of the setup from the ending of the first movie. Cobra Commander was worthless in the movie. It was just terrible. To me it came off like they wanted a sequel, Tatum didn't want to do it, but got offered enough to do his one scene. Then they attempted to fix it with "star power" by getting the Rock and Bruce Willis. Yuck.

Read ketu's review.. It's better than mine.

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http://qntm.org/primer - Excellent recap of the movie to help get all the details straight.

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Room 237

This came off as the rambling of lunatics to me. Maybe I'm just a skeptic...

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Red Dawn

Left me wanting more of what they didn't include and less of what they did. Wasted potential.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Why does everyone hate on this movie? I think it's great. This, Elf, and A Christmas Story are must-watches every year.

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