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Fighting the System

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
I promise I'll check 'em out.

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If i had to pick out a few which are definitive "escape the system" movies it would be:

THX 1138 (
First movie ever made from George Lucas. About a man who starts a secret relationship in a totalitarian society where everything is controlled by the government.

The Astronaut Farmer (
About a man who despite all odds wants nothing more than to go to space in his own self-made spaceship. Eventually he succeeds even though NASA tries to stop and eventually ignores his accomplishments.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (
About a prisoner who is bored and acts crazy to be send to the insane asylum. There he tries to inspire his fellow patients and rebel against the head nurse.

Brazil (
About a man who in a dysfunctional totalitarian regime tries to fight against the bureaucracy of the system (i think, its a movie from Terry Gilliam, so half of it didn't really make any sense to me).

Trainspotting (
Its about escaping the system and normal every-day (Scottish) life through drugs, alcohol and sex.

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+++++ A MUST SEE +++++

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Total Recall

What is the name of that one movie (I believe it was with Ryan Phillippe) were they had these bio-ports on the back of their neck (kind of like in Matrix)?

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Puuhhh that's a lot to chew ;D

In "Fight Club" or "V" they brought the whole shit down.
In "Into the wild" Christopher McCandless had the courage to get completely out of the system.
That's the stuff I am looking for!

"Malcom X" & "Erin Brockovich" fought for justice, but they are still inside the system.
So the thing is ... were do we draw the line here, hmmm???

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Any suggestions?

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