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Omicron Persei 8

The Flash: 4x15 Enter Flashtime

So the brilliant idea which could stop a nuclear bomb from blowing up Central City came from Iris's head and not from Barry's?! the guy who's brain can process information at or near the speed of light?! Why am I even ranting about this? she knows everything the plot needs her to know! Fuck me. bitch.

Saying that, this was a well done episode.

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The Flash: 4x16 Run, Iris, Run

Barry loses his powers....Again! At this point the CW writers are just reusing their previous ideas although the execution of it was more satisfying then I thought it would be.

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Arrow: 6x14 Collision Course

it's been ages since I watched such an intensed Arrow episode! The animosity arc is just outstanding! :D

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The Blacklist: 4x22 Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion (2)

oh, the two brownies finally kissed!

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Orange Is the New Black: 3x13 Trust No Bitch

Last 20 minutes or so of the finale are not enough to redeem season 3. I lost my interest.

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Marco Polo: 1x01 The Wayfarer

This episode had some excellent Cinematography and special effects. Expansive, Wide angles; Great Lines and amazing acting by the main cast. I wonder where the story will lead Marco. I am curious. :D

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The Blacklist: 4x17 Requiem

I could not pick a side. then again, perhaps, that was the whole motive of this episode.

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The Blacklist: 3x23 Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (2)

Agent Keen is alive! -_- damn it. can't blame the production crew, it's not HBO after all.

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The Blacklist: 3x19 Cape May

I think people do not appreciate how good this episode was. It was Miles apart from whatever this series had offered so far and that got me speechless. I loved that the producers decided to give the viewers a dive in Raymond's Psych. it was predictable, at least to me, nevertheless still entertaining.

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