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Caio Everton



Darkest Hour

I'm 10 minutes in the movie and I'm fucking crying of how beautiful and stunning the photography is!

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Captain America: Civil War

So, Winter Soldier is still in my #1 favorite from MCU. The main problem here was the scale, which I should have known it wouldn't be as near as big as the comics. And while the script wasn't bad, it wasn't not that great either. But the Russo Brothers are always setting the bar way up high in the directing department, so there's little competition in the MCU right know, and none in the DCEU (fuck WB for letting Snyder run their show).

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Jesus Camp

The pacing is slow but the topic is too important to ignore this doc. Just prepare yourself for some scary scary shit.

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Beasts of No Nation

Talk about feeling like a complete pile of shit of a human being. Fuck.

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Safety Not Guaranteed

Sweet nice movie. Not mainstream but not hipster also. Great acting and writing. :D

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Rock of Ages

Great music, solid cast, and flat-but-enjoyable script. Do not take it too serious and you'll got a fun movie. :D

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1/3 awesome awesome give me some more + 2/3 wait, am I still watching the same movie? + 3/3 crash & burn. The script just u-turns, the pacing becomes boring, the characters stops developing and bad CGI steps in. That's just sad and disappointing.

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The Grey

The pacing, oh the pacing was gooood!

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Nitro Circus: The Movie

It's just too damn short! Gimme more Nitro! The 3D was awesome. :D

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Side by Side

Fucking amazing. A must see.

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Funny People

Yes, it is longer than it should be, but it's a pleasant surprise. Great acting from Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen.

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Step Up Revolution

The dancing and music are great, the rest it's just really lame.

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Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

It's just too short!

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Cars 2

In some ways, it's better than the first one.

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Fucking great movie. 10/10.

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The Dark Knight

Flawless movie. In every way.

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