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The Wire

One of the best shows ever made for sure

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Escape from Pretoria

an ok movie, awesome story on a least known side of anti apartheid struggle.

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Too Old to Die Young

it's a really wonderful show: good photography, awesome script, good acting and music, but: it has too much slow times and pauses. it has an overwhelming excess of it. it taints a pristine show. sadly.

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Chicago Fire: 5x01 The Hose or the Animal

what flag was that one on the back of Kelly's truck? looked like Portugal's national flag.

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The Last Kingdom: 1x08 Episode 8

meh. was expecting a lot more. lets see if season 2 brings better ending to this

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San Andreas

the babe saved the CGI and the cliche script.

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Mr. Robot

fingers cross, it won't be cancelled. not great but very cool show.

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Jupiter Ascending

this could've been a great movie with a good story, but it's neither. only he cgi where kinda interesting, other than that, its a bad movie. mila, sean and eddie are really good actors, but in this movie the script was so bad, and the cut, and the fight scenes, that not even them could save the movie.
if you like cgi, it's an ok movie. if you want something to deliver you from boredom its a borderline movie. other than taht, stay th f***k away from this.

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Inherent Vice

it was a bit of disappointment. kind of on par with "the master". superbly shot. nice camera movements. great photography. but, excessively long cast, utterly confusing story, letting boredom settle, which is always kind of bad. and in the case of pt anderson, sad. since he's a magnificent director.

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superb kitano. one of his best.

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The Hurt Locker

still can't understand why this deserved an oscar

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Northmen: A Viking Saga

i was like: meh. get over it.

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awesome show (:

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