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Calvin, SMH, you're such a douche!!! [Spoiler]I can't stand endings like this and especially when I can predict what is gonna happen..[/spoiler] makes it even worse that I was actually right!

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I agree with Barbie Klaus... I watched this not long after coming out and was expecting something treacherous. Ok maybe not that bad bc it does have Emma and Dave.. and MGK?? Anyway if you haven't yet taken the time out to watch this film it is worth the view and even not too far out of reach when you need something on but just for substance.

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Big Bear

Tyler Labine.. he just gets me, better yet I get him. This guy has me cracking up in ever one of his films.. Tucker & Dale, I mean that's a cult classic and supposedly gonna be making a second one. Besides my biased opinion when it comes to Labine, this film has Adam Brody and Joe Kern along for the ride and Brody, to me is hilarious! Kern as well but his role in this film isn't something that he has really played, that I've seen before any how, and seems kinda a bit forced or almost like he's trying too hard. The rest of the film tho is a nice, stupid, funny, good movie.. if that makes any sense.

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Public Enemies

In my opinion, the best mobster movie since the last best one. They say you could've recognized Dillinger just from his smile.

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I'd like to know how Jessica Chastain's character was able to pull and toss around all that dead body weight of Tom Hardy's character. I know, I know.. 'Matthew, it's just a movie'. However this movie might as well be a bio-flick. Just sayin. Been a while since I've watched this movie, but know the scenes all to well. All around a great movie.. gave it a 90 out of 100. Because of my question, and a couple of just irritating character spots by Mr Transformer himself, would've given it a 92 if it was possible.

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Gangster Squad

Sean Penn sure does know how to play "mobster boss" character. Been a while since I've actually watched this movie, but it's very action packed and almost guaranteed to be, what I have come to dub the genre as a, "Entertainment Casserole" type of movie. Getting a little bit of everything in a nicely layered casserole dish.

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Al Pacino shouldn't be playing any kind of role that involves him having to use a southern accent... Other than that the movie was tolerable. Plot was decent but predictable.

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The Secret Life of Pets

We are liberated forever... domesticated never!!!

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The Usual Suspects

This film is absolutely amazing.. I hold It close to my soul and not because of Kevin Spacey and Benicia del Toro are involved with a Baldwin brother... Because my late best friend first shower me this movie, and he has since passed away a few years after showing me and years ago.

He introduced it to me as a film that would "fuck my mind". The fact that countless shows have referenced this film in one way or another.... Not to mention it totally fucked my mind!

If you like plots where there are so many twist, its like watching a freshly rolled spliff, you need to watch this one. If you're over the age of 30 and haven't watched this film, SHAME ON YOU!!!

You'll quickly add this film to your all time favorites ave you too will pass it down to your close ones. I saw this originally in 2001-2002. Just finished watching it tonight for the "who knows how many times" this made. Hope you enjoy it as much as I

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Rick and Morty: 3x03 Pickle Rick

he'll do literally anything too not have a SINGLE thing to do with that devorce! right up there with Tiny Rick!

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Ill Manors

I thought that Ill Manors was another great film by Plan B. I'm not huge into UK/England/London gangster type movies like I was before but it seems they always have the same actors and always perform incredibly. I recommend this movie to anyone that thinks they've seen every movie and know just how things will end. NO spoilers from me people. You will just have to watch it to find out why I gave this 9/10!

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Girlfriend's Day

Do you happen to like dry, dark, & cheap comedies?! THIS would be the movie for you... especially to know what this all so amazing card, that this not so amazing card writer, had put in the "best card ever written". I can get down with a dry or dark comedy any day that ends in a 'Y', but there needs to be some kind of substance for my brain to wrap around... when/if you've seen this movie and the part that sticks out the most to you, like it does to me, are the "BumbFight" scenes. which one of them just happens to be the once very successful card writer's hero.... but he can't even walk up to talk to the homeless man. Netflix usually has a reputation for putting out of at least buying the rights to some really monumental movies. this isn't one of them. 4-10 (only because of the BumbFights)

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I Am Not a Serial Killer

The plot takes a while to develop into the full sci-fy/horror/thriller that this movie most deffenitly IS! The build up is needed very much, so we can get into John's mind. It was also a hit at the festivals, which usually is a good indicator. A very enjoyable movie to day the least!

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About to enter the world of X-Men: The Next Mutants Yeah.. You know what I'm talking about after you watch this..

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Tallulah is a heart toughing, comedic drama that's as thought provoking as it real. Page & Janney are terrific on scene together and recommend this film to anyone that is unsure and even question many of their life choices

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Small Crimes

i thought the film was overall a great watch. netflix original films are getting better and better it seems. ForeverBonkers said it right, the ending could of been a little better.

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