this movie was scary and good make sure y'all check it out

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Leaving Neverland

This is ridiculous I don't believe none of this shit I also blame the parents why would you let your kids be alone with a grown man

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Deadly Class

It's a really good show I like it

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Jaws: The Revenge

Good movie now I'm never going to the beach again

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True Life/Now

True life is one of my favorite TV shows on MTV I'm glad they brought it back

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Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

this is one of my favorite movie of all time

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Never Hike Alone

This movie was so good this movie should have been at the movie theaters I was so scared I jump three times

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Last Man Standing: Season 7

I love this show so funny

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie was very disappointed they should have never made this at all

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I saw this movie 3 times I love it I don't care what anyone says

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Halloween Baking Championship

Update let's go it's not updating what's going on

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